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a different take, much better for remixing (kof kof) :)

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when the people standing next to me decide that they cant take anymore
and the people far away from me are already lined up at the shore
youve seen the worst but i can tell you that the worst theyve seen is worst of all

thats why they heed the call to fight their holy war but all of them are whores in an unholy war

i feel just like a whore in an unholy war

when i think of all the chances thAT WEVE HAD TO PUT AN END TO WAR AND WE JUST CLOSED THE DOOR
and though ive given it some thought ive always known that i could give much more i feel just like a whore in an unholy war

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gather ye rosebuds

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the electric dervish

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ok, so this is kinda raw, and certainly not for the faint-hearted. If you like it rough and dirty and have a thing for furious tabla drumming, check it out, though!

Alright, I followed up on Tahooey's suggestion and added a voiceover, courtesy of the windows screenreader and, of course, lots of distortion -- in fact so much that I'm not sure if you can still understand.

So, just in case, here are the lyrics:

Do you believe ideology commands the laws of nature?

Guess you have to if you still buy their crap.

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i got this one half finished, but i have to get to work so this will have to do for today...

ok here it is with the second half in there... hope u will enjoy! -T

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Can't find my way home

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man i didn't get much time to make noise today - and my dylan cover was too rough , so here's something different. don't mind the voice, i am a little sick this week.

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Been A Tough Year For Me

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blowin in the wind

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The Lonesome Death of Orio Palmer - Electronic remix by Scrubby

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a collapsing sky scraper killed chief Orio Palmer
as he radioed down to the fire commander
from the 78th floor of the 2nd twin tower
to report two small isolated pockets of fire
as below him the other firefighters climbed higher
burdened by their equipment but refusing to tire

ah but you who philosophize, disgrace,
and criticize our fear
take the rag away from your face
cause now ain't the time for your tears

it's been more then 6 years since that terrible morning
and we're told that it's time to move on and stop mourning
but the real perpetrators get to laugh and grow older

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open your eyes

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ok that was awesome scrubby - mmm enjoying those sounds. anyway, here is a track i made.. Embarassed
mp3 link

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