The Indian Connections

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Who knew! Post 9/11 poll showed India and Israel most keen...

...for the U.S. to respond militarily as opposed to treating the event as a crime.

Cited here:

In fact, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, there was a worldwide consensus that 9/11 was a monstrous crime, and that those who committed it should be brought to justice. Gallup International revealed this via a poll conducted in 37 countries, conducted within a week of 9/11. The first question it asked was whether the U.S. should respond militarily, or by seeking extradition and trial. In all but three countries, overwhelming majorities said that the U.S. should pursue extradition and trial.

The exceptions were particularly instructive. Two countries with overwhelming majorities in favor of war (more than 70 percent) were Israel and India — countries that have spent decades unsuccessfully trying to suppress terrorist attacks through military means. “Hey, it hasn’t worked for us,” their people seemed to be saying, “but you should try it, too, so we don’t feel like such fools in our isolation.”