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The Emperor's New Clothes (S. O'Connor) by gReTavo

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one of my personal faves, and so apropos for the 9/11 truth movement...

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12V flying potion

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This one's based on the same synth setup as 12V disco, but is chock full of elevating pads -- trancy electro, if you will. For full effect, I'll need to make it quite longer so it can peak more slowly -- but alas, 2mb wouldn't do, anyway, so I'm upping right away. Turn up the volume!

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rites of spring

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well, I would describe this as mellow round dance sort of tune -- unusual, but sweet. thought it would make for a little laid back easter celebration -- and remember: easter originally is a pagan fertility festival, not a commemoration of some poor rebel being crucified ;-)

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atari attack!

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Punk meets prodigy meets pulp fiction meets electro. Yay! Though, going by my last entry, you're not into this kind of sound, right?

PS: Upped a much better mix.
PPS: Upped basically final version -- rocks!

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Train to Burma

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This can be in the "Dream 12" Scrubby style section. Sweet Dreams.

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12V disco

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More electro -- pump up the volume, turn down the lights, mount your mirror balls and enjoy the ride! <3

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It Ain't A Burden

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I was making my way
Back in 2001
Working Towards A job
A Wife and a son
but when i woke up
it all changed on that day

I was right out there with everyone
if we know who did it let's send in the guns
but something wasn't right
Something seemed so strange

So ring it out like an old church bell
Scream it out loud "WE DON'T WANT THIS WAR"
It ain't a burden
We've beaten back lies before

So pull em' down and wave your arms
Carry your signs and honk your horns
It ain't a burden
We've beaten back lies before

So I left that life

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Dream 12

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A real dream for real people.

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The Truth On That Day

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The Truth....On That Day
As we gazed, and we're horrified
All victims....hurt deep inside
What went wrong?

Six years....worth of tears
And the lies....that vilify sweet inside
Let the Truth Be known...

We've all seen....the buildings
With people....still in them
Demolished....where no chance...of living....was given
So I sing one day...with our faith...
The Truth Will Be Known
Through A Song....
The Truth...On That Day

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Twelve Strings of Eros

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Something from the wine cellar tapes to remind us of the beauty of life.

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