the electric dervish

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ok, so this is kinda raw, and certainly not for the faint-hearted. If you like it rough and dirty and have a thing for furious tabla drumming, check it out, though!

Alright, I followed up on Tahooey's suggestion and added a voiceover, courtesy of the windows screenreader and, of course, lots of distortion -- in fact so much that I'm not sure if you can still understand.

So, just in case, here are the lyrics:

Do you believe ideology commands the laws of nature?

Guess you have to if you still buy their crap.

Do you believe supervillains can't afford camcorders?

Guess you have to if you're terrified by a dead man's rap.

 Do you believe rehearsal follows imagination?

Guess you don't if you mistake apathy for serenity.

Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

Oh don't be silly, the mafia's just a whackjob's fantasy.

Tremble before the almighty toilet!

global channels full of shit, inhabited by rats.

 Al-Qaida, Al-Qahira -- makes no difference

 bomb 'em all to shits.

On this side of the fence, ignorance can still be bliss.

 ...but I guess karma's still a bitch.


PS: Tweaked some -- listen and tell me if the voice is sufficiently intelligible, please!