Excellent Book Confirms Official Hijacker Story a Sloppily Crafted Myth

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From Amazon:

Hijacking America's Mind on 9/11: Counterfeiting Evidence

by Elias Davidsson

A large body of literature discusses the preplanned destruction of the Twin Towers and of WTC Nr.7, while mainstream media have extensively reported about the reluctance of the Bush administration to investigate 9/11, the destruction of criminal evidence from Ground Zero and other facts suggesting a government cover-up. But they all stopped short of connecting the dots.

 Four features distinguish Davidsson's book from the rest. He provides:

- The definite (or ultimate) demonstration that there is no evidence of Muslim hijackers

- Evidence that at least two of the four aircraft were still airborne after the alleged crash time

- The most exacting and comprehensive analysis of the phone calls said to have been made from the aircraft

- The presentation of a theory regarding the nature of the phone calls

Here, readers are presented with numerous examples where U.S. authorities suppressed crucial information, appear to have forged and planted evidence, attempted to intimidate witnesses and publicized deceptive and mendacious reports. Such conduct would not have taken place if U.S. leaders had been acting in good faith, felt compassion towards the victims of the mass-murder and considered themselves accountable to the American people. This was an unprecedented propaganda coup.

While this book concentrates on a relatively narrow aspect of 9/11, there is a need to address a far larger picture, including the facility with which entire nations were deluded within hours to believe in what can be designated as a surreal legend. For the official 9/11 narrative — had it not been systematically and intensively promoted by all major media — would have been good stuff for a book on religious miracles.


About the Author

Elias Davidsson has pursued research in international law, human rights law and international criminal law. He obtained a research grant from the Icelandic Red Cross for a study on the effects of economic sanctions on human rights and had a number of substantial articles in the field of public international law, human rights law and international criminal law published in peer-reviewed law journals.

Davidsson was born in Palestine in 1941, in a neighborhood of Jerusalem where Jews, Christians and Muslims lived in peace side by side. Th ese early years left a deep mark on him. He has since lived in France, Germany,the United States, Iceland and Switzerland.

In parallel to his professional occupations, Davidsson has for many years been involved in activism and research regarding social and global justice, peace, anti-racism and human rights. He is co-founder of the Association Iceland-Palestine and a supporter of a democratic State in the whole of historic Palestine for Muslims, Christians and Jews. He rejects the existence of a Jewish state as incompatible with human rights norms. His writings include articles on multinational corporations, the IMF and the World Bank, the Palestine question, Zionism, economic sanctions and international law.

In 2002, he started research on the events of September 11, 2001, and founded the Icelandic chapter of the 9/11 truth movement.

Book Review by

Graeme MacQueen

June 9, 2013

I am always grateful for new research relating to 9/11 that is based
on primary sources and that is meticulous in its use of these sources.
This is the sort of work that keeps its value for a long time and that
allows us to make solid progress. Davidsson's book fits this category.
This book is based on years of painstaking research, and it is a keeper.
Davidsson shows there is no solid evidence that any of the "hijackers"
hijacked anything on 9/11, or that they were even on the planes. His
proposed solution to the 9/11 phone calls, allegedly from the planes,
differs from David Ray Griffin's and, like DRG's, is necessarily still
at the level of hypothesis, but he forces us to reflect on the nature of
the calls and on their extremely peculiar defects. A very fine addition
to the evidence of lethal fraud on 9/11.



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Why can't you just accept that not everything is fake?

I for one am tired of having to defend my irrational faith in the official hijackers myth. Just because everything else about 9/11 and the subsequent wars has been a lie is no reason to cast doubt on a really plausible sounding tale of evil. I strongly urge all members of the truth movement to read the evidence for themselves: http://www.amazon.com/The-11-Report-Graphic-Adaptation/dp/0809057395

Or are you going to keep embarrassing us by denying those aspects of 9/11 that are so extremely well and graphically established?

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same comic book promoted by RM

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Yep, isn't that funny?

I'm thinking of doing a graphic comparison between the representation of Arabs and Muslims in that book to images of Jews from Nazi propaganda... It's that bad.

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Why do you deny my reality??

Look at me!!  If you prick me, do I not bleed comic book ink??

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one caveat so far...

The author unfortunately uses some research by Killtown and Nico Haupt (under the pseudonym 'Woddy Box, aka Ewing2001) either without knowing or not caring that they have long been considered disruptors in the movement. If in fact he fact-checked the information before using it and it checked out, so be it, but it's not good that he seems unaware of or unwilling to mention KT and NH's dubious work and activities in other arenas...