The Lonesome Death of Orio Palmer - Electronic remix by Scrubby

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a collapsing sky scraper killed chief Orio Palmer
as he radioed down to the fire commander
from the 78th floor of the 2nd twin tower
to report two small isolated pockets of fire
as below him the other firefighters climbed higher
burdened by their equipment but refusing to tire

ah but you who philosophize, disgrace,
and criticize our fear
take the rag away from your face
cause now ain't the time for your tears

it's been more then 6 years since that terrible morning
and we're told that it's time to move on and stop mourning
but the real perpetrators get to laugh and grow older
as the trail that they left fades away and grows colder
but the truth 'neath the rubble will continue to smolder
and though chief orio palmer will never grow older
there's something we can do to honor his courage
and that's to never forget what he did on that morning
and like him keep in mind what is truly important
that's to never give up and so let's never surrender
'til we've put out the fire started on that day in september

but you...whoooo...philosophize disgrace
and criticize our fear
bury the rag deep in your face
cuz the moment of truth's drawin' near