Obama: The Perfect Follow Up

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Since Obama has been elected I've noticed a theme. The same people who were calling me 'anti-American' for not supporting the war on terror in the name of revenge for 9/11 are now joining the same discussion that I've been having with you all since 2002. There is an influx of angry white racist men into the truth movement and it's concerning because these types bring 'their women' along with a whole slew of other negative baggage.

The government seems to have exhausted the 'Arab Terrorist' threat and I sense a shift in the war on terror from "Arab Terrorist" to "Racist Anti-Government Domestic Terrorist".

It's not a coincidence that two people I have known for years who live 5,000 miles apart have recently expressed a sort of angry desperation since Obama has been elected. I've basically lost 2 friends who I've helped inform on important issues like 9/11 Truth. Even when they clung to the theme of 'get the rag-heads for 9/11' I swam through their ignorant shit and kept trying.

Unfortunately they bring much baggage and I'm pretty sure the best idea is to distance one self from this. Rather then continue to 'help' them to see that even though it's great they see the corrupt government...the racism has to go. These guys seem to be playing right into the hands of the criminal government.

What better way to hide your corrupt enterprise then to elect a black man with an evil Arab sounding name. Just exaggerate the threat of the racist angry white guys who collect guns. You're either with the black president or the racist angry white anti-government guys...which is it?

During the Bush Administration the theme was "get the terrorists". These same angry white guys were frothing at the mouth to get the Arabs, get Saddam and Osama. "What? Are you with the terrorists?" They would say.

It's so convenient that the man elected would be named Barak Husein Obama. Sounds just like "Iraq Hessien Osama...I mean If you don't like blacks, we got you covered, if you just happened to have developed a healthy hatred for Arabs in the past 8 years...we got you got a bad guy you'll really like!

I use the term racist but I really don't think these guys are racists. They are pissed off and need a bad guy. I've dug into their 'racism' on many occasions and it's pure ignorance and anger...not true 'hatred' for a particular race or group. But who knows what irrational people will do when pushed to the brink. And we all know that they will stand by when the object of their anger is the target of the government. Like I said, these same people didn't like 'the rag heads', the object of the US goverment's war on terror. I've had to totally distance myself from these guys because their rhetoric is extremely violent and hopeless.

I also don't think a bunch of organized angry white guys pose any threat to society or the stability of the government.

That's the point though. The government is all too willing to exaggerate the threat of racist anti-government militias ala Tim McVeigh just like it did with the 'Arab Terror' threat. Back and forth.

This is probably not news to anyone here. In the context of false-flag terrorism it only makes sense to shift the 'threat' away from the Arab Terrorist to allow a 'cooling off' of rational folks who have been screaming and clawing to get the word out about the racist anti-Arab war on terror and the false-flag attack on 9/11/2001.

I wouldn't be surprised if the FBI has a few 'stings' in place that resemble the Toronto and Miami Al Quieda terror cells. These 'terror cells' were actually run by the government. In both cases the only suspect with access to terror weapons and terror money was the government agents.

If the fanatical and criminal United States government decides to allow one of their little 'stings' to complete their theatrical mission, we should all be ready to call the spade immediately in all places. The sooner an event is known as a false-flag the less time it can be used as leverage against the people.

Anyone else had to deal with this? I've had to distance myself from old friends because in their 'solutions' are just extreme, violent and bizarre to me. I am amazed that people will skip all options and go right to the '...they didn't plan for 'mericans to be armed like we are'.