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For all its problems with the insincere among its ranks, the real truth movement is the one peopled by the vast, honest majority who believe the events of 9/11 must be subjected to the closest scrutiny possible if we are to learn from this dark chapter in world history. This site is for every real "truther" out there.


"If telling the truth marginalizes you, then that is the place to be. After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center. This is the politics of truth."

E. Martin Schotz

"I've had enough of someone else's propaganda... I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole."

Malcolm X

"I am a passionate seeker after Truth and a not less passionate enemy of the malignant fictions used by the "Party of Order", the official representatives of all turpitudes, religious, metaphysical, political, judicial, economic, and social, present and past, to brutalise and enslave the world; I am a fanatical lover of Liberty; considering it as the only medium in which can develop intelligence, dignity, and the happiness of man..."

Mikhail Bakunin

"Tell all the Truth but tell it slant-/Success in Circuit lies/Too bright for our infirm Delight/The Truth's superb surprise/As Lightning to the Children eased/With explanation kind/The Truth must dazzle gradually/Or every man be blind-"

Emily Dickinson

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Origins of the Middle East Conflict - The McMahon–Hussein Correspondence

McMahon–Hussein Correspondence

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Bizarre Dramatized 9/11 Film "Insured Freedom" Tries to Deflect Blame From Zionism

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Dietl, Bo


Bo Dietl

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Slingshot Hip Hop

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Online Selections From: The Zionist Connection II: What Price Peace? by Alfred M. Lilienthal

Online Selections From:

The Zionist Connection II:
What Price Peace?

by Alfred M. Lilienthal

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New 9/11 Curriculum to Push Racist Official Fairy Tale on Children

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Why Would Rupert Murdoch Want Victims' Pre-9/11 Phone Records?

This has me puzzled, or at least intrigued. First, what did they hope to find out by "hacking into" the victims' and their relatives' voicemails? Second, why is their nothing in these articles about just how they would go about accessing those voicemails? The former NYPD turned private investigator was apparently asked to get them the relevant phone numbers, suggesting the papers could then use those to obtain the phone records themselves--through whom exactly?

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The Origins of the Middle East Conflict - Later Developments

from Zionism, Israel, and the Arabs by Hal Draper (Jewish American socialist 1914-1990)

Chapter VII

This article is a somewhat condensed and edited version of a talk given
in Berkeley shortly after the outbreak of the Third Arab-Israeli War,
dealing with the historical background of the conflict but not with the
current situation, which was discussed separately.

We have just seen War No.3 in the tragedy known as the Israel-Arab
conflict; and we find ourselves in the position of being unable to cheer for

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Berlet, Chip

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Action Alert! Fraud Judy Wood's Book Gets Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews on Amazon


VERY telling of one of the ways the perps and their apologists are hoping to confuse people. The book not only has a slew of 5 star reviews, its Amazon sales rank is a respectable #20,000 or so. We need to come out in force to repair the damage!

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Clarke, Richard A.

The following is the prepared testimony, on March 24, 2004, by former counterterrorism adviser Richard A. Clarke, to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.

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Were Israel and/or India Behind the Assassination of Pakistani President/Dictator Zia?

An assassination that also (allegedly inadvertently) took the lives of the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan and the general in charge of the U.S. military mission to Pakistan? So said the U.S. Ambassador to India at the time. But is this story on the up and up?

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Outlandish to Claim 9/11 Victims Fake? Not So Fast!

That's funny. I'm doing some research into Kevin Fenton and found this:


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More Linking Patsystan to "al-Qaeda"

Somewhere, a fat man just creamed himself... but really--Newsweek-Pakistan? Bwahahaha!



A Story to Kill For?

Journalist Saleem Shahzad’s posthumously released book
has some explosive disclosures.


By Khaled Ahmed | From the July 8‚ 2011‚ issue

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Was Hannah Arendt an Anti-Zionist?


Hannah Arendt: From Iconoclast to Icon
by Ralph Seliger
April 15, 2011

Arendt sharply criticized Zionism, but from within.

Hannah Arendt, the renowned German-Jewish political philosopher and liberal polemicist, has obtained icon status since her death in 1975. Roger Cohen can write a New York Times column entitled “The Banality of Good” (May 4, 2010) and before we even read the piece, we know whom and what he’s referring to.

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Veitch, Charlie

Some dude who claims to have *been* a skeptic convinced of the explosive demolition of the WTC but that he changed his mind after speaking to a few people...


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Judy Wood was on Gary Null recently...


and a friend of mine, after hearing the interview, was going to run out to buy her new book. after cautioning him, i did a little research and found this:

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Netanyahu, Benjamin

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