Manny Badillo Endorses Book Insinuating Islamic Role in OKC Bombing

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Got this mass mail from Manny Badillo:


Happy New Year All,

Hoping for continued Health, Happiness and Progress in all our
endeavors. Wanted to offer a link to a Final Report that i feel offers
an excellent example of what could be the 'comprehensive reference work'
our research community desires as a result of our collective efforts.
After reading the latest update from the Toronto Hearings, please review
the "Final Report on the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building". This
report was completed and published three weeks before Sept 11th, 2001. i
have a copy of this report - it's huge, more than thorough, and does 
great justice to the Oklahoma City 'state crime against democracy'. &

Maybe the filmmakers of 'A Noble Lie' have a copy or two that can be
sent to the authors of our historical 9/11 report in the making? Thank
You all for everything you've accomplished and will accomplish this year
in pursuit of our goals, for my family, and countless others.

Sincerely and with Gratitude,



Here are some excerpts from the reviews:

 The OKBIC does, however, support reporter Jayna Davis' claim "that Iraqi
(sic) terrorist Osama Bin (sic) Laden had financed the Oklahoma City
bombing" as presented in her book, The Third Terrorist. The OKBIC does
not offer any definitive evidence demonstrating a Muslim connection,
other than rumors and innuendos, which begs the question: Why would the
government not pursue a Muslim connection if indeed one really existed?
In fact, immediately after the bombing, the FBI hunted down a possible
Muslim suspect as he traveled overseas and had him searched and
returned to the United States. And that was only one of the leads
initially pursued exploring the possibility of Muslim involvement. Yet,
the OKBIC repeatedly implied, without foundation, that the government
did not pursue the possibility of Islamic terrorists.

another reviewer:

In hindsight, some observers wonder whether the devastating 1995 attack
was both precursor and connected to the Sept. 11, 2002 attacks on New
York and Washington which took more than 3,000 lives.

This research--conducted by the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation
Committee, and funded by private citizens--raises many unsettling

For starters it provides clear evidence that U.S. Federal
authorities never found all of the perpetrators of the Oklahoma City
attack, that they did not pursue every lead, and that they did not
utilize all available physical evidence. Substantial evidence surfaced
that dozens of crucial eyewitnesses were neither interviewed nor called
at federal trials.

In October 1995, Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key
petitioned the District Court of Oklahoma County for a Grand jury to be
formed to investigate the bombing. His petition was denied in February

Nevertheless, an FBI agent swore in an affidavit included in this
volume that Abraham Abdallah Ahmed, a Jordanian-born naturalized U.S.
citizen detained by American Airlines security personnel in Chicago on
April 19, 1995 met the description of one of the male suspects seen
running from the scene of the bombing. Ahmed flew from Oklahoma City to
Chicago after the bombing. The FBI man further swore that Ahmed's
luggage, which continued to Rome, contained several car radios,
substantial amounts of shielded and unshielded wire, a small tool kit
and other tools. While these could be used for everyday work, they were
also "consistent with use" for "explosive devices." Ahmed was requested
to appear before a Grand Jury, but had fled.


Had complete work been done in 1995, might 2001 have been prevented? 


Read more about Jayna Davis and here anti-muslim claims here:

Anyone else have a problem with Manny endorsing this BS?