Yeah, We're Still Here!

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Just a quick note to let everyone know that despite the lack of activity on the WTCD blog, the truth movement continues its work (not everything of note happens in public, you know!)

The tenth anniversary was a time to pause, reflect, and ultimately RESUME! The passing of Prof. Lynn Margulis, an exemplary public intellectual and scientist, was a sobering reminder that every truther will one day leave the movement. We owe it to those who have done so much to help the cause of truth to not let their work be in vain by reaffirming our commitment to do our part for this most important effort.

As we go forward, let's be determined to work smarter as well as harder. Let's continue to subject the more "mainstream" truth venues to the strictest analysis and criticism and constantly explore those issues we find to be neglected. Let's flesh out the legal landscape before us, as well as the cultural one, and keep our eyes on the prize--a full public accounting of the real events of 9/11 made known to every citizen of America, in a responsible yet uncompromising manner.

Onward truthers!