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There is no question that 9/11 is ALL ABOUT Muslim terrorists and the criminal BUSH/CHENEY OIL CABAL. 

Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington 

By Paul Sperry

As Americans continue to worship at the altar of cultural diversity and endorse religious tolerance for tolerance sake, Muslims masquerading as "moderates" have insinuated themselves into the very fabric of American society, taking advantage of our blind trust and gaining footholds in our education system, government, workplace, law enforcement, and military. In this startling book, investigative journalist Paul Sperry uses revealing new interviews and classified documents to courageously explain how, for the past thirty years, these Islamist extremists have been covertly working to destroy our constitutional government and the Judeo-Christian ethics on which our nation was built.

Their goal, according to Sperry, is to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Quran and turn America into an Islamic state. And, as Sperry details point-by-point, they have been unwittingly aided in their sinister aims by the politically correct media, government, and citizens, who don’t fully understand the dangers of the Muslim faith.

"Infiltration" explodes the facade of moderation and patriotism that Muslim scholars, imams, clerics, businessmen, and other leaders in the burgeoning Muslim community in America have conveyed in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In reality, the Muslim establishment that publicly decries the radical fringe—represented by al-Qaida’s brand of Islam known as Wahhabism, the official religion of Saudi Arabia—is actually a part of it. The only difference is that they use words and money instead of bombs to accomplish their goals.

Now, thanks to Sperry’s peerless research, piquant prose, and forthright presentation, their cover is blown. He will not only make readers forget nearly everything they’ve been told about these "moderate" and "mainstream" leaders, he will expose the true agenda of these "moderate" and "mainstream" leaders, and he will explain the full scope of the dangerous threat of Islam in America.

With everyone still on edge after 9/11, this book will garner wide interest, appealing specifically to people interested in current events and/or religion. Additionally, the book will appeal strongly to women whose roles, values, and rights are greatly threatened by fundamentalist Islam.


Crude Politics: How Bush's Oil Cronies Hijacked the War on Terrorism - (Hardcover) 

By Paul Sperry

Product Description

Is the "war on terror" declared by the Bush administration just a cynical and immoral subterfuge for securing needed Mideast oil, as leftists and anti-war activists claim?

Or is America's ongoing military response to the horrendous attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, not only justified, but motivated totally by compelling national security concerns with no admixture of any other agenda, as administration cheerleaders claim?

Or, does the truth lie somewhere in between? And if so, exactly where?

"Crude Politics: How Bush's Oil Cronies Hijacked the War on Terrorism" makes the unsettling case that the Bush administration, though engaged in an unavoidable and moral war on terror, also tried simultaneously to secure future energy production in the terrorists' home turf and ended up compromising America's national security interests.

While the United States was still reeling from the horror of Sept. 11, 2001, says "Crude Politics" author and investigative journalist Paul Sperry, Bush administration diplomats were resuming talks with Pakistani officials over gas and oil pipelines in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Ultimately, the U.S. seized the opportunity of the war-on-terror as a reason to oust the Taliban -- the major obstacle blocking plans for the precious pipelines linking Caspian reserves to hot Asian markets. Indeed, the book documents how the Bush administration tailored the war on terrorism around oil interests in the Caspian region, and to a lesser extent, in Iraq.

With journalistic integrity and painstaking research, Sperry enlightens readers on:

  • How commercial gain within the current oil-friendly administration has undermined America's war on terror


  • How our safety has been jeopardized because of an overriding effort to charge ahead with a new "Silk Road" through Afghanistan and Pakistan, making the capture of Osama bin Laden a secondary concern


  • The nature of war and the politics behind the major decisions being made in the current administration, including those regarding Iraq and other "axis of evil" countries


  • Bush's behind-the-scenes operator for regime change in both Afghanistan and Iraq -- former energy consultant Zal Khalilzad.

Paul Sperry is a veteran Washington, D.C., investigative reporter whose reports on national security issues have been picked up by virtually every major news agency in the world. Sperry's journalistic courage and integrity are backed by years of experience, including extensive reporting and editing on national affairs, economics, manufacturing, real estate, and general business coverage.