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In August, STV wound up not buying Sartor's company. Nevertheless, during the time his firm was negotiating with STV Sartor attended an unusual meeting between the PA and STV to discuss the transportation hub - a project the PA predicts will net STV and partners a stunning $302 million.

That works out to $503 per square foot for a 600,000-square-foot transportation hub. In comparison, the architect hired to complete the 2.8 million-square-foot Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle got about $22.50 per square foot, sources said.

Besides the transportation hub, STV and partners were hired by the Port Authority to design an underground vehicle security center, WTC streets and infrastructure, and aspects of the performing arts center, the Freedom Tower and the September 11 Memorial.

The most expensive contract went to a joint venture, Downtown Design Partnership, to design the hub. DDP consists of STV, another engineering firm, DMJM Harris, and architect Santiago Calatrava.

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