Gold & Cheri Audio Interview

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What do you all make of this interview? It seems just a little ironic to hear Gold demand 911 Truther's stop demanding things.

I've posted a few of the questions asked to Jon Gold by Cheri Roberts below. The text might not be verbatim but it works.

Jon Gold & Cheri Roberts Interview

Cheri Roberts Says -
How would you advise people in the 911 Truth Movement to maybe withhold from their activism what their personal theories are?

Cheri Roberts Says -
"There's a lot of Disinfo out there, as we all know, and you for one have been one of the biggest champions in debating these people, probably the other thing you're very well known for. Like people like Screw Loose Change. But not just them. Were talking about the Jim Fetzers and Judy Woods.

How can we as a truth movement reach out to their base? How do we disenchant them as apposed to write them off?

How do we reach these people that maybe frequent Fetzer's site or anyone else we deem disinfo? there's some questions on Pilots For 9/11 Truth....These people have do we get them to come back into the fold of real truth and information?"

Jon Gold Response -
"I can guarantee if you start showing them the plethora of hit pieces over the years that (inaudible) the information that they are peddling maybe some of them will come to the realization that I shouldn't be pushing this information because it's being used against us."