911 Truth Seekers Continue To Call Out The Fake 911 Truth Movement

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Each time I re-visit 911Blogger I notice more and more people calling out the Fake 911 Truth Movement. Here's an interesting exchange between Jon Gold and Robert Rice at 9/11 Blogger.com.

The exchange is in response to an interview of Lt. Anthony Shaffer by Alex Jones. Jon Gold, a known anti-controlled demolition and LIHOP specialist, starts us off.

Jon Gold Says

He essentially just dropped...

A bombshell.

And then...some credibility building by Gold for himself...

Jon Gold Says

I'm talking to him now...

About it. Non-Able Danger related... the thing that stood out to me was the fact that a Commissioner told him that each Commissioner was there to cover up for different people/organizations.

Two guesses of mine...

Lee Hamilton = Dick Cheney
Thomas Kean = George Bush

Now that's the Jon Gold I know. This guy relentlessly attempts to make himself appear important by name dropping and associating himself with 'the family members' to maintain 'credibility' within the movement. These associations actually hurt Jon Gold's credibility. especially considering that he's a known anti-controlled demolition LIHOPPER and he's voicing strong support for another extremely LIHIOP scenario presented by Anthony Shaffer.

To counter this I'm sure Gold will be posting a blog entry concerning "The Family Members" within 24 hrs.

Next we have an interesting response by Robert Rice. Rice echoes my own concerns about Able Danger and Anthony Shaffer.

Robert Rice says:

I cannot be the only one to recognize the significance of the very name of the operation, which was to follow and establish a capable or ABLE "danger" operating in the USA.

How can Shaffer have been completely removed or departmentalized from the true nature of what he was tasked with, given his credentials and sphere of operations..?

I see him as a type of spin doctor, with Alex Jones as part of a strange controlled opposition..

That it was left out of the 9/11 Report yes, is very significant - but what of the operation itself - was it not to ENSURE that there was a patsy "grid" in place, so as to allow for the successful execution of the 9/11 event itself?

So as a good guy, perhaps, as one who MAY have unwittingly been directly involved on the periphery, or even on the outer edges of the inner circle, at least for the LIHOP elements - of course he's going to try to use this book release to try to distance himself in history. However, given his credentials, what he was involved in and who he worked for, I have my doubts as to his true standing in relation to the 9/11 event and other similar such "black-ops" and psy-ops..

At the very least he knows way way WAY MORE than he's saying, so on that basis, I don't trust him, nor support him or his CIA vetted book release.

Also, why didn't AJ ask him any hardball questions?

Makes my spidey senses tingle, this story, that it may represent part of an elaborate controlled opposition spin to counter the movement of the 9/11 truth movement and there's Alex Jones eating it up and just loving it, as the somewhat narcissistic, megalomaniacal personality that he is.

Sorry, but I have to call these things the way I see them.

What's so disturbing about this, imho, is the fact that this guy was actually involved, in one way or another, in setting the stage for the 9/11 event, and controlling, to a large degree, the surrounding framework by which these hijackers were indentified, and then guarded until the nasty deed was done as per Zelikow's script.

So it's eery I think to hear an actual participant in 9/11 being interviewed by AJ and hailed as some sort of advocate for our movement for real and authentic 9/11 disclosure.

And his book will be edited by the CIA..

C'mon people, open your eyes.

Notice that RObert Rice actually apologizes to the 911Blogger community for questioning Lt. Anthony Shaffer and Able Danger. It is my view that discourse and thought control are the motivations behind the fake 911 Truth movement. I too felt the need to apologize to the 911Blogger community when asking the most common sense questions regarding so called 'bombshells' like Able Danger and Steve Alten's bombshell 911 Book The Shell Game. This apology says so much about 911Blogger.com and how it's used to control discourse.

Later Jon Gold responds to Robert Rice and double checks that we all made a note that he's some kind of 'buddy' with Lt. Col. Anthony Shafer and Able Danger.

Jon Gold Says
A "spin doctor" would do something like this. Tony and I have chatted a lot, and he openly supports my efforts. From everything I can see, he is a good man. We have disagreements about the war, etc... but I don't doubt his sincerity.

Give me a break. So let me get this straight..."Tony" supports the anti-controlled demolition LIHOP efforts of Jon Gold? And Jon Gold is buddies with Tony Shaffer, someone who's testimony actually re-enforces the Islamaphobic Myth of 911?

Is that really that surprising to anyone?

Last I'll leave you with the obvious questions left on the table for Tony Able Danger Shaffer and one that blows his Al Queada baby right out of the water. What about the controlled demolition of WTC Building 7?

Robert Rice Says

Just as long as you realize that the very operation (Able Danger) that he was spearheading, was utilized to ENSURE that the 9/11 black-op/psy-op could be faciliated, in other words that he was directly involved, although it's possible his op COULD have been utilized for this purpose unbenownst to himself, in other words that he was so compartmentalized that the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing.. Regardless he did serve to help set up and monitor the framework within which the crime of the century and mass murder, was perpetrated. But at most, this guy was only one step away from the perps themselves, and I don't mean just the hijackers.

What are his thoughts about the manner in which the twin towers and building 7 were destroyed? What does he think of that?

Gold and 911Blogger in general surely realize that Able Danger actually re-enforces the fake Islamaphobic explanation about the attcks on 9/11/2001. The real question is why must people apologize to the community when voicing these concerns?