Charlie Rose interviews Larry Silverstein

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Although this interview is from more than 6 years ago (Thursday, February 27, 2003), it seems that not many people have seen it. In this hour long interview, Larry Silverstein is asked some interesting questions about why he bought the WTC center, his plans for rebuilding, where he was on the fatefull day, etc., and his reactions and expressions are interesting, to say the least. AT 4:42 in the video When Charlie Rose asks Larry "Where were you on 9/11?", Larry seems to have been taken a little bit by surprise and kind of stumbles over his words as he explains that he just happened to be home that morning instead of being up at the top in "Windows of the World Restaurant", where he admits that he usually would have been and was in fact every single morning since he bought the WTC towers 6 weeks prior on July 26th: "My mornings were spent usually at a breakfast meeting at Windows, an eight o'clock breakfast meeting at the top..." His justifications for attempting to collect $6.7 Billion by claiming 2 seperate terrorist attacks that are worth $3.35 Billion each is a bit amusing.

At 4:42 in the above video Larry is asked, "Where were you on September Eleventh?". Listen to it and notice how he reacts. he seems a little bit defensive. The video below takes that part and slows it down to see his facial expressions better.