My Big List of Facts

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I've been refining this, pouring every ounce of my soul [8473 oz. to be precise -gReT] into it and I think it's time for people to compliment me for all my work.

The Facts Prove Bush Did 9/11!

#1 Bush was the president on 9/11.
#2 Al Qaeda told Condoleeza Rice they were going to conduct an Attack on America.
#3 Arab Muslim terrorists known to be working for al Qaeda hijacked four planes on 9/11 and flew them into buildings and the ground.
#4 Cheney told NORAD not to shoot down any of the hijacked planes--Norman Mineta heard him say this.
#5 The August PDB said bin Laden was going to attack America. Bush already knew this and told people not to try to stop bin Laden.
#6 bin Laden's family is rich and does business with Bush's family
#7 the family members
#8 the Pakistani ISI wired $100,000 to Mohammed Atta
#9 holocaust denying no-planers use divisive terms like LIHOP
#10 Sibel Edmonds knows a bunch of stuff about Turkish lesbians
#11 the family members