Dear Mr. President

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Year after year Dr. Ahmadi Nejad, the president of Iran, comes over to the United States and tries to talk some sense into Americans and it's leaders. He routinely goes on CNN for interviews in the face of a country that seems determined to bomb the shit out of his country, Iran.

Time to give thanks:

Contact The President of Iran

If you feel like sharing, reply to this thread with your message to the President of Iran.

"Mr. President I want to thank you for addressing the topic of the 9 11 attacks on Sept. 23 2010 at the UN meeting in New York City. Many Americans have dedicated their time and focus towards the cause of exposing the truth about the 9 11 attacks. We know that this was not the work of extremist Muslims. This lie was cast on us and we are not sure what to do about it. Im not a believer in any religion but I would like to disregard that fact for just a moment. If there is even the slightest possibility that a prayer could change the current push for war with Iran I will right now make that prayer in the name of all Gods that are believed of. I pray that the United States will not attack your country. We the millions of Americans who admit these facts regarding 9 11 and war do not know how to stop this out of control beast that seems hell bent on attacking yet another Muslim country without justification. We do not have a voice in the media and it seems inevitable that the US will attack Iran in the future. "