Introduction and Statement of Principles

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We hold that the attacks of 9/11 were perpetrated by as-yet-unknown actors whose intent was to provide a justification for a pre-existing agenda. In short, their goals include establishing dominance over a strategically important region at the expense of the rights and lives of the people who call that region home.

WTCD is run by and for individuals who recognize that much of the online discourse pertaining to the real nature of 9/11 (what most people refer to as "9/11 Truth") is dominated and controlled by individuals who are working against the ability of the truth movement to arrive at the fullest possible accounting of those events. Fundamentally, we recognize that the efforts of this minority are aimed at limiting the scope of 9/11 skepticism to issues that do not challenge any underlying presumptions about the legitimacy of the so-called “war on terror” – in essence, to preserving the myth of an “Islamofascist menace” even as the historical narrative of 9/11 is revised.

Specifically, we feel that the following issues deserve a more open, vigorous, and rational debate than is welcomed on many sites which purport to forward the cause of 9/11 Truth: whether the planes used on 9/11 were actually the flights alleged, whether the alleged hijackers were onboard and in control, whether the damage to the Pentagon was indeed caused by a large commercial jet. In addition, we are committed to an unflinching investigation into the role played by the state of Israel and its partisans in the attacks. With regard to the latter, we categorically reject any claim or insinuation that either Jewish people in general or ordinary Israeli citizens have any responsibility for or derive any benefit from illicit actions by the state of Israel or its partisans, whom we call Zionists.

We reject all forms of racism and bigotry; therefore, we have a zero-tolerance policy on the site for rhetoric which promotes hate or violence. However, we are careful to differentiate between hateful rhetoric and the reasoned discussion of subjects which – like 9/11 – are considered off limits to skepticism by many. We seek understanding and through it peace for all people regardless of “race,” religion, or nationality. Thus, we remain uncompromising in our efforts to discern the reality behind the screen of propaganda that has been used throughout history to divide humanity for the sake of the narrow interests of the powerful few.