Tever Talks To Kids (About 911)

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Caught this today....terver talks to kids about 911...



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just watched this- ha!

I don't know if the folks who made it think they're mocking us or what, but that was pretty funny.  The moon landing hoax exposed especially--I've been breaking that one to a few people and they have pretty much the same reaction as these kids.  Funny thing is when I was a kid I wanted for so long to be an astronaut.  Fool me once, can't get fooled again!

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Gretavo, did you say that you don't believe

that we (NASA) landed on the moon?

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I've pretty much come to that conclusion for various reasons. It's been forty years almost since we supposedly did it, and did it several times. And nothing remotely close to it has been done since? By anyone? When it was apparently so easy to do with technology that was a joke compared to what exists now? AND they "lost the films"? Yeah right. :)

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interesting topic

Maybe this is like that South Park episode (is it mockery or a limited hangout?) 

Though I did find in the past that talking about 9/11 it's better to not support moon hoax theories, since to some, disqualifies one as a conspiracy nut.

Plus things like this: http://www.redzero.demon.co.uk/moonhoax/Mirrors.htm have made me more agnostic about the moon landings.

I'm still waiting for something to make me equally agnostic about the WTC demolition... but honestly i think no such thing will ever surface.

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That link: bs

Irrespective of the fact that unmanned probes could easily have planted a small device without any human nearby, the moon -- as anyone can confirm from experience -- reflects light all on its own. Plus, lasers lose focus, too -- 300.000 km out, that fine line has become a mess several hundred meters wide. Mirror or no mirror -- not much of a difference, really!

Anyway, what did it for me -- irrevocably -- was this:

Is this how pioneers returning from mankind's first visit to an extraterrestrial object, which happened to come with boundless glory, would look? NO FUCKING WAY! There's a reason adept liars are picked for public interaction these days, you know...

PS: Sorry, fucked up the layout once again. I'll go and default disable rich text right away!

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yes, that vid pushed me over the edge...

...too. Also the simple and verifiable fact tha simple fact that the moon's bright side (where the missions all allegedly landed, one spending three days) is 400 degrees fahrenheit. That's enough to cook a turkey. What miracle air conditioning/cooling technology existed back in 1969 that could run on batteries (or off of a veeery long extension cord!) that could keep averyone alive? There's no air of course but the rocks would all be 400 degrees and they would transfer the heat to anything they touched, including the lander. In any case, all doubts about this will disappear as soon as someone replicates the feat, which doesn't look like it will be anytime soon since no other country seems ready to duplicate the incredible technology of 1969 in 2007...

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So you're all a bunch of tin foil hat conspiracy wackos, eh?


Ha! Gotcha! I just didn't wan't to show my hand till I knew it was safe. I mean, you gotta be careful these days about where you come out of the closet. Especially if people already know you are a conspiracy nut job who actually believes that not only 9/11 was a hoax, but, god forbid, that the holocaust was a hoax? Then on top of that you go and say something crazy like the moon landings were a hoax! Someone might just grab you and haul you off to the looney bin...or to one of those secret torture camps, you know. After all, it is WE who are "Incubators of 9/11 Conspiracies and Disinformation" that "recruite on the Internet and who had pledged allegiance to al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden," according to Chertoff's gut, ya know.

 But, I already learned about the moon landing hoax last year. What sent me over the edge was the photo/video fakery - shadows going in wrong directions and a square studio light reflecting off the astronaut's visor, etc. I think I got infected with the post9/11HoaxAwakenitis virus, which makes me skeptical of all historical narratives now. I have an advanced state. I don't believe a single word the government or media or history books say anymore. Nothing. Nada. I am hopelessly infected, I think.

 Anyway, I'll buy your moon landing hoax if you'll buy a chemtrails conspiracyWink

 Here's a picture of the chemtrails over Santa Cruz yesterday:



  Is it a deal? Ok, I already bought the moon landing hoax, but still...




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You're in Northern CA, right?

I am totally repelled by the chemtrails stuff, mostly because the people who are really into it in Portland are severe assholes, but let me add a few caveats.

1.  I'm not saying you're an asshole.

2.  I think someone should do a careful analysis in regional differences in 'chemtrail' or suspicious contrail perceptions.  I know one argument is that they have changed considerably compared to what people remember, and maybe they have in some places, but I can distinctly recall seeing large, persistent contrails in Portland as a child -- and what I see these days is not different in any way I can tell.  Maybe that is not the case in a place like New Mexico, where they seem to think they are very different.

3.  I have a friend who is a professional pilot (and a Truther) who thinks the argument is without merit. 

Sadly, I do think the moon landing probably didn't happen.  I don't put too much weight on the argument about no one ever doing it in the years since then -- since there are valid reasons for not wanting to put stuff down a gravity well and then have to haul it back out, when maybe you can do the same thing just fine in orbit.  A truly viable space station would be a much better investment than a lunar outpost -- at least until we're ready to start strip-mining and enslaving the natives.  I take the radiation arguments and the argument about Armstrong being a clearly depressed recluse more seriously.

These days, more and more material is going in my "known unknowns" file, and I'd count the moon landing as one of those topics. 

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You really need to use one of the cute-tiny-kitten-in-tinfoil-hat pics if you want to go that route.  Like they do at DailyKos.

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i don't worry about so-called chemtrails

What's the big deal? Has a chemtrail ever killed anyone? Is it not possible that they are caused by a new kind of jet fuel additive? Or are just created on purpose to make people paranoid? Since they presumably would affect anyone and everyone including whoever is responsible for them, how bad can they be if in fact they have a nefarious explanation? I'm all about being skeptical about everything now too, but I still have to use my judgement to decide what things are not worth worrying about. Until it is somehow proven otherwise I'll consider chemtrails to be at most a harmless weird thing, like RIchard Simmons...

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fist full of steel

If that gut talked tom my kids like that I would have give him a fist full of steel.
The whole video just sounds like he just visted alex jones web site and took a little from rense.com
the writers who wrote that scipt knows whats going on they are just trying to make a joke out of some truth
its TV they dont call it programing for nothing
oh yea Anthrax fist full of steel great cd

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i think there was some split screen action...

going on so that when he said the really inappropriate things it was actually without the kids there. Still, whoever agreed to let these kids be involved in and used by something like this apparently checked their ethics at the door to life...