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Dear Mr. President

Year after year Dr. Ahmadi Nejad, the president of Iran, comes over to the United States and tries to talk some sense into Americans and it's leaders. He routinely goes on CNN for interviews in the face of a country that seems determined to bomb the shit out of his country, Iran.

Time to give thanks:

Contact The President of Iran

If you feel like sharing, reply to this thread with your message to the President of Iran.

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New 9/11 Destruction Video Begs The Question: What Destroyed These Vehicles?

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How Do You Respond To LIHOP?

A wave of LIHOP is coming. More and more people are waking up to 9/11 Truth. They are having trouble getting beyond this idea that the "Muslim Threat" and it's officially defined relationship to the 9/11/2001 attacks are purely mythical and part of the deception that occurred on 9/11/2001.

The following is an exchange between myself (JESSE), a Fox News Junky (BART), and an open-minded lefty (MARY).

BART sent out an e-mail to his list of about 20 or 30 buddies, including me, talking about:

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Mountains To Sea Trail - Hike For 911 Truth?

What if you could do something in the name of 911 Truth that would could easily be preserved for generations to come? What if you could do something that only a handful of people have done and do it in the name of 911 Truth?

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Israel budges by allowing Jelly And Tater Chips Into Gaza

Israel budges! Gaza can now import soda, juice, jam, spices, shaving cream, potato chips, cookies and candy without the fear of getting shot in the head! Thanks Israel!

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Saw this on 9/11Blogger and it wasn't getting any discussion. I watched it and then looked over God.TV for a few hours.

I'm not so much interested in the interview with DRB as much as God.TV.

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Able Danger The Movie

I stumbled onto the Able Danger (the movie) website this morning. Until today I wasn't aware of the movie.

Plot Summary


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Sander Hicks For...Controlled Demolition?

This is a change of tune for Sander Hicks. Interesting considering Hicks was once a loud anti-controlled demolition 911 Truther. I guess things do change.

Posted by Orangutan (
1,000 Architects and Engineers Call for Grand Jury into 9/11!

1,000 Signatures from “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth)” to be Submitted Today to Congress—Petition Cites New Scientific Evidence of Explosive Demolition at WTC

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Dawn Vignola’s Account vs. CIT’s Methods by Erik Larson

From their apartment, Dawn Vignola and her roommate Hugh ‘Tim’
Timmerman saw American Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, September 11, 2001.
Shortly afterward, they gave witness accounts to local and national TV
media. In 2007, they were interviewed by Citizen Investigation Team
(CIT), who attempted to discredit their testimony. I interviewed Dawn
and her husband, Dan Ferrigno, January 5, 2010 at that same apartment
and found them credible; they talked openly with me, their accounts
have not changed since they were first offered, and I saw for myself

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The Stars Don't Care About Iraqis or Afghans?

I'm reading that over 100,000 Haitians died in the recent earthquake. Last night many channels on the TV were showing "Hope for Haiti Now", a celebrity fund raiser for victims of the earthquake.

Here's an article if you're interested:
"Hope for Haiti Now"

Hey celebs...what about Iraqis and Afghans? Don't these people deserve a fund raiser?

Deaths in the Iraq war.

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Treason In America - March 6 & 7, 2010

Treason In America - Mach (sic) 6 & 7, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010 - 9am -6pm
Sunday, March 7, 2010 - 10am- 5pm

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Gold & Cheri Audio Interview

What do you all make of this interview? It seems just a little ironic to hear Gold demand 911 Truther's stop demanding things.

I've posted a few of the questions asked to Jon Gold by Cheri Roberts below. The text might not be verbatim but it works.

Jon Gold & Cheri Roberts Interview

Cheri Roberts Says -

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911 Truth Seekers Continue To Call Out The Fake 911 Truth Movement

Each time I re-visit 911Blogger I notice more and more people calling out the Fake 911 Truth Movement. Here's an interesting exchange between Jon Gold and Robert Rice at 9/11

The exchange is in response to an interview of Lt. Anthony Shaffer by Alex Jones. Jon Gold, a known anti-controlled demolition and LIHOP specialist, starts us off.

Jon Gold Says

He essentially just dropped...

A bombshell.

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Why people believe in conspiracies?

After a public lecture in 2005, I was buttonholed by a documentary filmmaker with Michael Moore-ish ambitions of exposing the conspiracy behind 9/11. “You mean the conspiracy by Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda to attack the United States?” I asked rhetorically, knowing what was to come.

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Revisting Some Israeli Links To 9/11

What state sponsored the 9/11 Attacks? Much time has been spent by the criminal US Government to blame the attacks on 9/11/2001 on this exaggerated threat of 'Extremist Islam'. Like wise, the fake 9/11 Truth Movement seems just as hell bent on re-enforcing this and rabidly blaming fanatical "Muslims" for the attacks on 9/11. With spotty evidence to support the case, both of these camps ignore or downplay potentially ground-breaking information that could point to the true criminals on 9/11 2001.

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'FOOTNOTE 44' - More Fake Truth?

911BLOGGER.COM, the home base of the Fake 9/11 Truth Movement, is relentless! After reading about Sibel and the evil Poppies of Afghanistan I found this 're-post' of a statement apparently by the team. It's a re-post from Myspace to 9/11blogger then to here.

(Re-posted from MySpace)

'FOOTNOTE 44' - Seeking Funds For Important New Documentary

Dear Fans:

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Obama: The Perfect Follow Up

Since Obama has been elected I've noticed a theme. The same people who were calling me 'anti-American' for not supporting the war on terror in the name of revenge for 9/11 are now joining the same discussion that I've been having with you all since 2002. There is an influx of angry white racist men into the truth movement and it's concerning because these types bring 'their women' along with a whole slew of other negative baggage.

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The seven signs of terror

The seven signs of terror, according to Nevada's Department of Homeland Security:

1. Surveillance -- watch out for people standing around surveying or taking video or pictures.

2. Information gathering -- be on the lookout for people requesting maps of blue prints of buildings.

3. Testing security -- terrorists may watch to see how long it takes emergency responders to get to a scene.

4. Planning

5. Suspicious behavior

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