More on 9/11 Blogger Censorship

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So, about a month and a half or so ago, purged at least 4 people without explanation and the moderators greeted our many polite e-mails, in which we asked them to direct us to an offending post which violated any rules, with deafening silence.

Myself and Adam Ruff exposed the farce on Kevin Barrett's show.

Recently, Loose Nuke has attempted to PRETEND to address the mounting criticisms from the many people over there (from genuine truthers like Mike Zimmer, Dave Nehring, LillyAnn, Bruno, Alison, and others) by simply posting a blog entry reiterating the site rules, and pretending as if the people who were banned were guilty of violating the said rules.

Of course, Loose Nuke's blog entry avoided the real meat of matters, much like NIST avoided the real meat of matters when it declared that it found no evidence that the fires at the WTC had melted the steel.  Of course, the real issue NIST avoided was that DUH! We KNOW that the fires could not have melted the steel, but nonetheless, the steel had melted.

And with the 911blogger issue, the real issue is that we were never pointed to any offending posts prior to being silenced --- we were quietly silenced and with no explanation.  And of course, we were always mindful of the rules and were careful to never break any.

Interestingly, my account was not completely closed, but my comments go into a moderation queue and then never get published.  Here are eleven examples of comments I've submitted since being put on the moderation queue, and none of these thoroughly innocuous comments have been approved.  These screenshots are of the "preview" feature which allows a person to see what the comment will look like in its published form.



As I'm sure everyone can see, there is nothing divisive, offensive or in any way a violation of's site rules, yet none of these comments were approved for public viewing.

Now, theoretically, isn't the purpose of the "moderation queue" to weed out the posts by some people which could be considered offensive, insulting, or spreading bad info?  And then if the submitted comment checks in clean, then it should be approved?

This is proof that 911blogger engages in blatant censorship and, in a very cagey way, the moderators, Erik Larson (Loose Nuke) in particular, hide behind the mask of "civility."

I'm creating this blog entry for the record.