LIHOP Shills: Jesse Ventura's Fake Truth Kool Aid is Deeee-LI-cious! Drink up!

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So over at 911Blogger, the LIHOP shills, including True Faction regular Zombie Bill Hicks are scrambling to dismiss the legitimate criticism of Ventura for seeming to backtrack from advocating controlled demolition to advocating LIHOP in a nationally televised interview. For example, we get some common sense questions like these:

trained demolitions expert
from his Navy Seals days..?

And yet, he states that at most, they knew in advance but ALLOWED the event to take place, abeit that's still criminal negligence and aiding and abetting in conspiracy to commit mass murder..

Is he off the CD aspect now, to as to appear more "reasonable"..? Is that it?

I don't get it..

Submitted by Robert Rice on Wed, 10/13/2010 - 8:01pm.


I don't get it either
but after watching this man he must have his reasons. I do not want to speculate what his reasons are but he does know 9/11 was an inside job and that the three buildings came down by controlled demolition. You can count on that. Perhaps he will drop a 9/11 truth bomb in the near future after he gets everyones attention.

Submitted by 9-11 Joe on Wed, 10/13/2010 - 8:27pm.

Cue the shills...

Cmon guys........
.....this is Jesse Ventura. He's been pushing all aspects of 911truth on MSM more that any other pop personality. He's written a book and has a TV show that advances the cause. And you're questioning him?

The media loves him and he keeps getting invited back to these shows, which if I were to speculate, is one of the reasons why when asked about his "conspiracy theories" he doesn't come out of left field with nano-thermite or explosions before the planes hit, etc.

And what DOES he say? He says all that people know about 9/11 is what the government and the media tell them. He's slamming the media right to their face. Jesse loves a fight -- a man who loves the ring. He's also someone who's not accustomed to losing. It was a body blow directed at MSM and Stephanopoulos didn't like it at all.

I love watching Jesse to see how he's gonna catch these shmucks off-guard. Jesse fights to win, and he's smart about it.

Go Jesse.

Submitted by 911Peacenik on Wed, 10/13/2010 - 10:07pm.

Yes indeed, this is Jesse Ventura. The same Jesse Ventura who first did the rounds in the 9/11 truth circuit to build up cred by supporting the case for explosive demolition, only to later discredit the movement in his pathetic "Conspiracy Theories" show by inviting OCT supporter Van Romero on to demonstrate "super thermite" made by mixing thermite with paint and brushing it on to a piece of steel. Anyone familiar with the research into the red gray chips in the dust knows that the idea of painted-on thermite involved nano thermite in a sol gel form, not regular thermite mixed with paint. Are we to believe Ventura is just that stupid?

In the recent televised interview, Ventura incorrectly claims that the "August PDB" warned of planes being hijacked and flown into buildings. Since he was in theory supporting a LIHOP case only, this flub makes his entire premise easy to dismiss based on this incorrect statement. So, not only is he pushing LIHOP now, he's doing it in a slipshod manner. Sucks, huh? Not to Zombie Bill Hicks! He just wants everyone to "remember" that "Nico Haupt invented the term LIHOP" and that "LIHOP really is MIHOP when you think about it."

I see a lot of love
for Nico Haupts special little divisional creation in this thread. You guys eat it right up.

Something no one seems to understand: Had the protocols in place that day been allowed to run their course, the attacks would not have been (as) successful.

Something no one seems to understand: If 9/11 was allowed to happen, then people in certain positions MADE it happen by obfuscation and malfeasance, not to mention pure criminality. Thus..

Something no one seems to understand: lihop IS mihop. NOW: (lihopmihop) is divisive in that it takes a group of people (9/11 activists who want a new investigation) and divides them along totally made up lines.

Who gives a shit if Person A thinks the buildings were blown up and Person B does not, but both want a new investigation?

(lihopmihop) causes people to lose sight of the ultimate goal and stand against each other. Stupid bullshit.

Submitted by zombie bill hicks on Thu, 10/14/2010 - 9:55am