Was Steven Jones Deliberately Sabotaging the AE911Truth Press Conference With Talk of Manmade Earthquakes?

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The case could well be made. While I don't doubt that research has probably been done into provoking earthquakes through strategic explosions, and that Haiti may have been a rehearsal for a more significant event, perhaps targeting Iran or others, this was not the time or place to bring it up, imho. I say this with the full awareness that many people think we are wrong to discuss the holocaust and even the moon landing as possibly staged/exaggerated events, but the difference as I see it is we do not do it in the middle of an event that the entire truth movement is pinning its hopes on and being asked to promote heavily. It seems we have tolerate Jones and his idiosyncracies for a long ime because he had been one of the only voices in the wilderness. It may well be time to disavow him, especially if he expands his interest in manmade weather and other natural phenomena into the realm of chemtrails, which we have also seen rearing its head on sites like 9/11blogger from certain users. We can be pretty certain that governments have throughout history spent time and money on some pretty harebrained schemes because, well, you never know, but to treat each and every one of those possible projects as definitively existing in serious useful forms with no good science or evidence to back up the claim is a pretty obvious example of perfidious harm of a cause through faulty arguments, and Jones with his "Jesus in America" research seems like a prime suspect for being a source of such perfidious harm.