Clapping for Tinkerbell

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"It is reminiscent of the scene from Peter Pan (by Scottish novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie [1860-1937]) when the faerie, Tinkerbell, swallows poison intended for Peter. Peter then gets the audience to demonstrate its belief in faeries by clapping in order to restore her to life." -John Weir

The 9/11 truth version of clapping for tinkerbell is "Clapping for LIHOP" by praising Jon Gold to show that you believe in fairy tale hijackings by "eeevil arab moozlimssss"... Every time Jon Gold threatens to quit the movement, for example, he is fishing for praise that will look like evidence that he is well-regarded and that LIHOP is a reasonable, non-racist position to take despite all the evidence against it. In the original context, people feel pressured to clap lest they be guilty of killing the good faerie Tinkerbell. In 9/11 truth, not praising Jon Gold and applauding his efforts at promoting a scenario where George Bush and Dick Cheney allowed or otherwise induced "al Qaeda" to attack America is said by some to be "divisive", the idea being to make people feel pressured to state as frequently as possible how much they appreciate "all that Jon Gold has done for this movement", even when they don't mean it. The more people in the movement are asked to "clap for Tinkerbell", the more you know that the real, mainstream truth movement is moving away from what the fake movement leaders want them to believe and promote.

UPDATE 2/1/10: It took him a while, but here he is, looking for some applause!

We Need A 9/11 News Site Run By Veterans

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Jon Gold

Joined: 29 Apr 2007
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:14 pm    Post subject: We Need A 9/11 News Site Run By Veterans Reply with quote

Of this movement.
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zombie bill hicks

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The problem is a lot of veterans don't even deal with the movement anymore..

But Im all for a new site. Thats all I need to jump ship..
9/11 is like an elephant thats already run over us, and its moving away .. Now, what's more important, an elephant thats running away from you, or several angry elephants who are running toward you?

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Jon Gold

Joined: 29 Apr 2007
Posts: 755

PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

zombie bill hicks wrote:
The problem is a lot of veterans don't even deal with the movement anymore..

But Im all for a new site. Thats all I need to jump ship..

I want a site I don't mind sharing with other people. That site which shall remain nameless is an embarrassment to me. When I think of all of the work that made that site that shall remain nameless the most popular 9/11 Truth site on the planet, and then I look at it now... in its current condition, I get nausea.

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Joined: 19 Oct 2007
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It'll be up within the week if I can rally the troops. We've been working on it for too long. The premise is a bit different than 'other sites' as it is specifically intended to positively reflect on the movement.

As stated above, the veterans are all busy with other things. It's a work in progress and will continue to change after launch. As I'm involved, you can be assured that moderation will be strict and we won't be posting crap. Others involved are equally discerning.

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So far....

this time, he seems to be staying "dead." We shall see...

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well, he has to wait for enough people to clap...

but who wants to spend all their credibility capital clapping for LIHOP these days?

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I must say

I'm a little weirded out by this whole chain of events. If anything, I thought it might eventually be the more MIHOP end of the 911blogger pendulum that would "revolt" and create a brand new news site. But ever since Reprehensor left, discussion of CIT's work (which totally destroys the hijacker myth) has been permitted much to the dismay of people like Truthmover, Gold, ZBH and others. Jules says he's largely behind this new site in the making, but he already created and that site never really went anywhere. He says the new site will be intended to "reflect positively on the movement" but anyone who looks at "truthmover" posts at TA knows he's one of the most negative balls of energy out there.

gretavo's picture

who knows...

It would be great if the insane clown posse at truthaction all made a new LIHOP friendly site centered around Jon Gold's cult of personality (such as it is.) But let's face it--they've tried it before, with truthaction, truthmove, and lord knows what other failed ventures and they must surely know that NO ONE CARES.

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Gold is so pissed off that he failed in his attempt to convince the blogger team to ban yours truly. He was thinking that my so called "sockpuppet schtick" would universally outrage the team and that would be the end of me. Unfortunately the whole thing backfired, LeftWright became aware of the "cold war" between the two sites and actually extended an olive branch to try and come to some sort of understanding. Then, when Gold posted off topic comments confronting me about "insane hussein," I complained to the blogger team and asked for the comments to be deleted. Much to Gold's chagrin, they WERE deleted. The team also deleted a comment by Wolsey which was a personal attack on me. This further infurated Gold. I think it's my presence at blogger that finally caused him to 'implode.' :p

And I think it was seeing my name on the Byron Pitts thread that pissed him off to create that truthaction thread today. (After I came back after being gone a few days.)

I was just perusing CIT's forum. I had forgotten just how either clueless or shameless Gold can be.

casseia's picture

You gotta ac-cen-tu-ate the positive...

This is from Truthmove (bearing in mind that "Truthmod" is the other moderator there, but "Truthmover" -- Jules -- agrees with this perspective and that this "positive reflection" on the truth movement was written TODAY -- that is, the same day that the new pull-it-out-of-our-veteran-asses site was proposed/announced):


If you had an opportunity to speak publicly for 20 minutes at a high profile 9/11 Truth event - what key points would you hit?

I would excoriate them for allowing their "movement" to be hijacked by dis/misinformation agents, whackos, right-wingers and libertarians. I would tell them that I don't want to be associated with what this movement has become. Basically, I would tell them that, on the whole, they are pathetic, irrational, irresponsible, paranoid, ignorant, losers and pawns. I would say that if there are people among them who are better than this, I challenge them to stand up and show themselves and CLEARLY disassociate from the majority segment of this counterproductive movement. I would challenge them to stand up as radical environmentalists and compassionate humanists, and if they refused I would scoff at them and never look back.

If you had to distill 9/11 Truth down to the most salient key points for a newbie audience - what would those key points be?

I'm not interested in doing this anymore. I did this with this website and with many, many fliers, presentations, conversations, etc. There is only so much you can do in the face this level of willful ignorance and massive, well-funded subversion of reason and truth.

From personal experience, "9/11 truthers" are narrow-minded, undisciplined, and ineffective activists. Only perhaps 1 in 100 is someone I would trust to do more good than harm to the cause of truth and justice.
Posted 3 hours ago #


gretavo's picture

what do they have against librarians?

I would excoriate them for allowing their "movement" to be hijacked by dis/misinformation agents, whackos, right-wingers and librarians

casseia's picture

Typically not snappy dressers...

You know, the New York Truth crowd sets the fashion bar pretty high.

gretavo's picture

truthmod and truthmover

9-11 Family Guy's picture

AMEN, brothers!

Do these pants make my ass look big? Would you tell me if they did?

gretavo's picture

looks like the other shoe dropped, eh?

does the True Faction "re-takeover" at blogger mean the new "Site Run by Veterans of This Movement" isn't going to be made after all?? :(

Adam Syed's picture

As LillyAnn said in a comment at blogger

"Are they trying to get rid of us so Jon Gold can come home?"

Adam Syed's picture

Oh, funny!

gretavo's picture

yes but...

ok that is pretty funny--you could always count on dicktater for a laugh amidst the noise of his other posts. but isn't it "ye of the penis potato"? I mean, he's not "taterdick"...

P45's picture

Dicktater gold

Post #4

Still makes me chuckle.

casseia's picture

No comment

Adam Syed's picture

"every time" is two words, Jon

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I applaud your tenacity to continue evidential arguments long after many others like myself would either have given up or degraded into ban able / censored comments. I wrote a comment(Censored there copied here somewhere) in support of you when you were attacked for your socks etc, as the situation in regard to this site, irrelevant attacks , and apparent bias by site focus inevitably leads to such deviousness (Asymmetrical Blogging).

I also believe that the CIT line is an important discussion/ valid research, and that the way it was excluded and framed at 911B was wrong.

However, although you might have been the final straw, I dont think you should portray events at 911B as a victory for you or CIT's evidence.

If it is true as LW suggested , that the most divisive issue is what happened at the Pentagon( I would have thought lihop/Terrorist myths) then I have to say that I think it is undesirable, as I do not consider that 'line' to be anywhere near as conclusive or damaging to the OT than WTC Demolition. If, as I have argued elsewhere , volume alone (advertising) = promotion of the 'best evidence' (in the absence of any other selection or promotion), then the comparative importance of the Pentacon has been massively overstated. On this point alone I would have to agree with the muppets.

14 or even 50 eye witnesses can be subject to memory flaws/ suggestive influence /mis interpretation, misrepresentation
or even bribes. Arguments on both sides of 'CIT' acknowledge this, so whilst useful,and a valid indicator,I cant support the claim that in the current incarnation this evidence 'proves' the OT/hijacking myth wrong , whereas I believe CD does, and is also an easier and more motivational 'Sell'.

Adam Syed's picture

I'm trying to stay a step ahead of the perps

After all, at WTCD especially, isn't there the suspicion that the perps and gullible MSM might eventually acknowledge 'secondary devices' at the WTC (i.e. when ae911truth reaches 10,000 or 100,000 architects and engineers) but try to blame it on the Evil Muslims? Remember, William Rodriguez has even said he saw one of the "hijackers" in the building months before the attacks and has said he felt sure that the guy was "casing" the towers.

Bombs in the Pentagon, though: THAT can not be spun onto the Evil Muslims. Forget about "flyover," the real incriminating evidence they're gatekeeping against is BOMBS IN THE PENTAGON. For me personally, the north flight path has been proven to my satisfaction. Though I do understand what you mean about eyewitnesses and the power of suggestion, suggestive influence, and how it's possible for lots of eyewitness accounts to be false. I don't think that the 14 could essentially all be wrong in the same way though. Granted no two witness drawings of the flight path are exactly the same, but imagine: You and thirteen others are staring straight ahead. You all see a plane fly over and past yourselves to your left. Now, when questioned later, one person might point to his ten o'clock position when asked to point up to where the plane was. Another person might point to the 11:00 position. Maybe another points to 9:30. But none of them point to the 2:00 position. Do you see what I mean?

Thanks for the support. My friend from Cincinnati 9/11 truth also submitted a comment in support of me that never got posted.

Allende Admirer's picture

Ok Fair enough.

There should be multiple lines anyway, but my point against the muppets and you is not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Personally I think If MSM ever gave up the ground to explosives, it would be fatal to Silverstein, as it was well documented that the NYC port authority denied permission to demolish the towers on several occasions due to asbestos risks.(Haliburton were responsible for the Asbestos abatement) and facing massive costs to dismantle both towers brick by brick from scaffolding, as the towers were redundant and inefficient and had to be demolished soon anyway.They lost a crucial court decision before 9/11 when the insurance companies were absolved of the liability to pay for the asbestos abatement.

Let alone who had access to nanothermite technology, or the 8 years that the MSM and governments vilified the 911 truth movement. If you offered me the Official 911 truth 2.01 right now, I would jump at the chance to use that against them and go on the offensive with momentum.

gretavo's picture

clapping for jon gold...

This is in reponse to his pointless arrest in D.C., in his apparently first antiwar protest nearly 7 years after the invasion of Iraq and 9 years after the invasion of Afghanistan.  Guess what? Some of us were protesting the invasion of Iraq before it happened.  Where was Cindy Sheehan before she was personally affected by her son's death?  Where was Jon Gold?

Jon Gold...bravery and courage

Stay strong bro. There are millions supporting you and getting ready to step up the TM efforts.

We are right behind you!!!

and from these millions lets see thousands visible in the street

and from these millions please lets see thousands visible in the street with banners, flyers, DVDs etc

Yours John


This from Josh at Peace of the Action dot org...

"Saturday March 20, 2010: Jon was marching and protesting at White House alongside Cindy Sheehan at anti-war action sponsored by ANSWER COALITION's "MARCH ON WASHINGTON." As of 1am Monday morning we believe that Jon is still being held in Washington DC Central Booking. Peace of the Action ( has a lawyer actively working in support of Jon's release."

Do you have

More information on the circumstances, why he was arrested, what he is being charged with? Why Jon Gold and not Cindy Sheehan? Were there others arrested as well?

Good to see you in DC, Jon-

hope you're doing well and to see you soon


more of this please

Although I don't always agree with Jon Gold and the information he encourages others to focus on, I do believe that non-violent civil disobedience that results in an arrest can be a good thing for 9/11 Truth. Good Job.


Body language

Jon's body language spoke peace. He is a large, muscular, powerful man. He comported himself with great dignity and strength - while at the same time showing no physical resistance or tension in his body. His body language was the embodiment of powerful, peaceful, non-violent resistance.

Great job Jon.

Love to you from unseen multitudes round the world.


Hat Tip to Jon Gold

Thanks for your courage and hard work.



Both are operative words, here. Everyone should take note.

Jon's commitment is obvious. I'm rethinking my own.


Jon Gold walks the walk. Thanks Jon!

Thank you Jon.


Rock on brother

Thanks for continuing to provide us all with a with a great example to go by.

Jon Gold walks the walk. Thanks Jon!

Thank you Jon. Thank you.

Jon the Golden Heart.

We love you, Jon, all of us! And thank you. Words are insufficient.


Jon "walks the walk"

You are a true patriot Jon!


supportive advice

I give this advice here as some who has been arrested over 30 times in civil disobedience.

I give it here because you won't talk to me.

I hope you won't assert in court that you should be found not guilty because you were only exercising your first amendment rights rather than protesting. It's lame to assert one isn't protesting when one plans to get arrested. This is the approached used in 2005 by Cindy and others arrested at the White House. You exercise your first amendment rights regularly here on blogger. You were planning to get arrested. I'm GLAD you were planning to get arrested. Don't be less than courageous.

I know you have a full time job. They won't give you a sentence your first time.

Well done Jon

"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that numbers of people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience. . . Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem." --Howard Zinn, "Failure to Quit", p. 45

“All progress stops in the contented man. I'm for agitation. It's the greater factor for progress.”
- Mother Jones

The time has come, or is about to come, when only large-scale civil disobedience, which should be nonviolent, can save the populations from the universal death which their governments are preparing for them.
- Bertrand Russel

But remember that if the struggle were to resort to violence, it will lose vision, beauty and imagination. Most dangerous of all, it will marginalize and eventually victimize women. And a political struggle that does not have women at the heart of it, above it, below it, and within it is no struggle at all.
- Arundhati Roy


Thank-you Jon, and thank-you John Bursill also

That is a very powerful succinct 50 seconds of YouTubing for 9/11 Truth you got there with Jon Gold dedicating his arrest to Robert McIlvaine Junior and the 2972 others who died during the not yet criminally investigated mass murder of September 11th 2001. The list of family members on is also impressive, and it augurs well to see how many medical colleagues have also joined the site ! We must MOVE the masses this year!

Dr Beeth in Brussels


Thank you for standing for what is right and just Jon. We are behind you 100%

You never walk alone ;-)

You never walk alone ;-)

Great Words and Composure

John, you said the right things and you kept your composure. We need more of this.
Thanks Matt




Jpass's picture


Hhaha. Yea it's pretty goofy if you ask me. You didn't post my second comment on that thread:

There is some things lacking

I can't help but notice there is a total lack of any 9/11 Truth related signage, t-shirts or anything. Really it's just a video targeted at other Truthers. I'm told there is news footage of the arrest. Now THAT would be something to get emotional about.

Maybe there is more to this video but there is nothing visible that screams 911 TRUTH !!!! Personally, I'd have a sign that says "RE-INVESTIGATE 911!! STOP BLAMING MUSLIMS!!!

And one more thing...

Goldenheart? Am I the only one that sees all the overly gooshy support of Gold to be a little much? Goldenheart? Really???

It's good, I'll give you that. But it's not THAT good. But this is an inside video for insiders like us at What we need is news coverage with 911 Activists being arrested with 911 Truth signs and banners.

Adam Syed's picture

Let's all abandon Steven Jones' work everyone...

gretavo's picture

Jon Gold: "We need new scientists"

Steven Jones responds: "We need new dishonest attention-whoring fat bastards."

this was also very funny at the original April Fools thread on 911blogger (nice to see truthers in good spirits still able to appreciate the absurdity of the OCT and its defenders:)

I know I'm a few days late, but...

...I too am now an ex-truther. I never thought of the explosive power of Mr Coffee machines. Just imagine. At least 2 Mr. Coffee machines on each of 110 floors, (one regular, one decaf). That's 220 Mr. Coffees exploding with mind-boggling force. Those towers just didn't stand a chance of remaining upright in the fire-storm of detonating Mr. Coffees.

Submitted by keymanwst on Sun, 04/04/2010 - 9:50pm.

WTC got creamed!

Let us not forget, when the pressure builds inside those little plastic non-dairy creamers, they really pack a wallop when they explode, too. Not too mention that the powdered version, (which incidentally contains nanosized particles of synthetic incendiary cream kernels, aka SICK) self-ignites in the presence of airborne coffee.

Submitted by milongal on Mon, 04/05/2010 - 6:46am.

gretavo's picture

new Jon Gold photo!

I'm going to see what I can do to enhance the quality so as to make out what's written on that 9/11 wrist strap (which he is no doubt using to spare us all the gruesomeness of his handcuff scars...)

gretavo's picture

any guesses?


gretavo's picture

got it

Adam Syed's picture

Apparently they're making a small deal

about the fact that Yours Truly wrote a (very well written if I do say so myself) 5 star review (under my Kameelyun moniker) on Amazon praising the new book "Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides."





Seems to have already died down though --- they're back onto casting doubt on Jones' et al's dust sample findings.

juandelacruz's picture

Nice book review! I also

Nice book review! I also like the joint smackdown of jimd's LIHOP at

Adam Syed's picture

Hey Jon,

If you're going to attack me, at least learn how to spell "charlatan."

casseia's picture

Hey Adam

We wanted to include you under the CIT node since you're definitely one of their most vocal proponents -- could you describe yourself in a comment on that Book Page? And maybe do Aldo and Craig?

Adam Syed's picture

Hey LillyAnn, apparently Gold thinks...

Apparently Jon Gold thinks you and I are the same person.

"LillyAdam is funny."

Even though I have never ever had multiple accounts at 911blogger (something he can't seem to get through his head), he thinks I have multiple accounts there to promote myself.

I think Gold's comment is in response to where you said:

I feel honored to be a part of this "hidden" group. Stefan, Adam Syed, Adam Ruff, Alison, and Bruno, your courage and authenticity is my inspiration. Thankyou!
Are they trying to get rid of us so that Jon Gold can come back home???

Gotta admit that did give me a chuckle!

Apparently man and fish can coexist peacefully, but not Jon Gold and supporters of CIT!  He seems to be disgusted to even share the same planet with you, me, Bruno, Stefan, Alison influence device and the rest.

For the record "LillyAnn" (not her real name) and I spoke on the phone a month or so ago for a couple hours; she's brand new to the movement and she's in Vegas.

Glad to have you in the fight for truth and justice LillyAnn!  Smile

Lillyann's picture

LillyAdam??? Mmmmmmm

Should we feel flattered to be so joined?? Was he being funny or stupid or is he thinking I don't really exist? This has been an amazing few days at blogger. The Steven Jones thread has evolved into the whole hidden comment thing. I honestly can't imagine myself being there if you and these other brave hearts were not.
I must remind you that I am "brand new" to CIT, but I am around three years deep into the truth movement. I look at my being here in this vital cause as being a synchronicity, it simply happened to me one day or I happened into it!! But I do love being here and I will stay as long as it takes.
Is 911 blogger hopeless, I still feel like there is plenty of lively discussion and news there.? I don't cling to any one place, however, so I'll just feel my way there.
I am coming here more, getting plenty of good information as well as some light-heartedness.

Jpass's picture

I'm there

I participate there but like you I don't cling to any one place.

Lillyann's picture

thanks Jpass!

I appreciate all of your posts there and I love how you dont back down to difficult dissenters.

Adam Syed's picture

"Controlled Demolition (Opposition) Central"

Jon Gold says:

Sad how nothing is mentioned on blogger about Kagan's nomination for Supreme Justice, her role in covering up the Saudi Royal's possible invovlement in the 9/11 attacks for the Obama Administration, the 9/11 Families being furious with her nomination, etc... I guess that tells you all you need to know about Controlled Demolition (Opposition) central.

Funny Jon, I guess you missed this:

But more interesting is the fact that he implies that promoting controlled demolition is some kind of controlled opposition.


By the way Jon, is this you anonymously posting over at Screw Loose?

Adam Syed is among the worst the twoofers have to offer. He uses "sock
puppets" to go around promoting himself as some kind of twoof hero. He
promotes CIT, Holocaust Denial like you said Pat, etc...

The sockpuppy sentence is straight out of the facebook comment posted above, in addition to other posts of his over the past 4 months.  The "like you said" also sounds like him.

I do not deny the Holocaust and neither does the book I reviewed on Amazon.  That book does question the veracity of a specific murder weapon in addition to the fact that mainstream scholars have revised the numbers down over the decades, Majdanek being a classic example.  Nuremburg trials: 1.5 million dead at Majdanek, Raul Hilberg in 2003: Fifty Thousand.

To "deny" the holocaust in the truest sense would be to claim that the Nazis never killed any Jews (and others) at all, that there were never any mass shootings, that people were never forced out of their homes against their will, that the Nazi regime was benevolent and acceptable, etc.

casseia's picture

I bet you don't think 9/11 happened either!

But we all saw it on teevee!

Lillyann's picture

Casseia, Adam

You help me to get it and laugh all at once! Thanks!

gretavo's picture

he's baaaack... thanks for clapping!!!

And has obviously been reading--or as they say when we read, "lurking at" WTCD...

Jpass's picture

wait for it...wait for it....

Jon Gold Said....
Another thing has shied away from are people that think the Zionists are responsible for all of the world's problems. The Pharmaceutical, Oil, Tobacco, Alcohol, Defense, etc... industries might have something to say about that. It is the same thinking as Hitler. This is the 9/11 Truth Movement. Not the anti-Zionist movement. The anti-Zionist movement does things like help to make sure the Palestinians aren't driven out of their homes, and that the people of Gaza are taken care of. A noble cause that should be supported by everyone, but it is not the same as 9/11 Truth.

Wait for it... WTCDemolition to be named soon at

So Jon is saying that he and 'shied away' from 'hitler logic'?

Which 911 Truthers do you think Jon is referring to who 'think the Zionists are responsible for all of the world's problems'? Who here uses the 'same thinking as Hitler'?

Or maybe Jon could point out to us where all these 911 Truthers who think like Hitler and think Zionists are responsible for all the worlds problems congregate?

This is the double standard that exists. Some people, like Jon Gold, are allowed to toss around hyperbole and opinion and never have to actually back it up or get censored for it.

Some people are allowed to conflate any focus on Israeli involvement in 9/11 with the idea that 'Zionists are responsible for all the problems in all the world and universe possibly even the problems in heaven and hell.

Gold and others claim to be protecting the movement from being wrongly accused of hating Jews. They say "we don't want the main stream to wrongly accuse us of being Jew Haters" but then turn around and use the same tactic on fellow truthers.

On another note...I thought Jon Gold was convinced that was 'compromised' and that's why he left?

gretavo's picture

I guess he changed his mind...

...with the last round of bannings/post deletions? Maybe he considered it enough "clapping for tinkerbell" for him to reward 911B and the movement generaly by "coming back to life?" Maybe he realized that no one actually cared, except maybe to be relieved, that he left in the first place?

Allende Admirer's picture

Ahem! Well, as I called it 4


Well, as I called it 4 weeks and 2 days ago....

Jon is the master of putting people off 911 truth , either by his lihop evidence or his condescending stupidity.

To have him sitting out of 911 blogger (His best chance of an audience) was just a waste of opportunity. With 911 blogger obviously compromised now to any activist with powers of insight, they can either wait for blogger to become as obsolete as Truth action, or they can cash in their last asset (Blogger) and use it to launch a last offensive to cause as big a split/ division as they can. This is the explanation of the anti zionist accusation which I expect to be front and center right across blogger now to try and split the movement & cause more noise & distraction from irrefutable evidence.

Lillyann's picture

Jon Gold has come home!!

After being out on the battlefield or war activism! He was just too busy with IMPORTANT work for the whole country, now he's "free at last"!!
And he's getting a nice, warm welcome home from LS, John Bursill, YT and others. "Thankyou for your courage.....the way you represented us here ....your actions and words inspire me. ... Jon, thanks for showing what it means to be an American. ...thanks for fighting for all of us handled yourself beautifully.."
And one brave soul (Robin Hordon) refused to start clapping!
"What an absolute delight it has been..for Jon Gold NOT to have been dominating and managing the 911blogger community, for these few months".
YT responds, ..."this sounds like crazy talk..."
Hahahahahaha!! This is funny!!
Robin was heavily voted down and I wouldn't be surprised if that post cost him his voice at blogger.
How coincidental to have so many banned prior to Jon's Homecoming. Now he gets to dominate once again and nobody is there to challenge him. Unbelievable!
911blogger is becoming more irrelevant with each passing day.

gretavo's picture

well, it's relevant in that...'s becoming pretty clear that it's being used as a tool of the cover-up, whether whomever is ultimately in charge is OK with that or not.

juandelacruz's picture

They had to silence all the

They had to silence all the critical thinkers before Jon Gold would reappear.

I hope Robin Hordon would realize that is a disinfo tool that needs to be outed. Lending them his credibility only furthers their LIHOP agenda.

Annoymouse's picture

I hope Robin Hordon would realize

that this site (wtcdemo) exists and is not just banned and lost from any community of real truthers

Lillyann's picture


Yes, a 911 TRUTH site operating as a cover-up of the TRUTH of 911 is no small thing.

Keenan's picture

Robin Hordon exposes Jon Gold and 911Blogger as frauds

Soon to be banned Robin Hordon decides to rip Jon a new one and tell it like it is - that Jon Gold and 911Blogger have been censoring information about Israel's involvement in 9/11, and that Jon Gold is helping to destroy the movement from within, similar to what happened to the peace movement. Robin reveals that he warned Cindy Sheehan about Jon Gold's destructive agenda.

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What an absolute delight it has been...

...for Jon Gold NOT to have been dominating and managing the 911blogger community for these few months.

We have made such significant progress in directions that the collective 9/11 Truth Community's sensibilities have seen fit to proceed.

A commonality between Jon Gold's involvement in the latest peace action in WDC and his involvements with 911blogger you ask?...each has dwindled in the average person's participation because of Jon Gold's involvement.

Jon Gold's retirement from the 911blogger scene has long been anticipated...and hopefully this his last entry because we have some unbiased work to accomplish!

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA
Submitted by Robin Hordon on Wed, 07/14/2010 - 1:52am.

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Uncalled for

First of all, this isn't Jon's blog. It was posted by one of the moderators of this site who also attended the Peace of the Action activities in DC. Second, it's fine if you don't like Jon but this sounds like crazy talk:

"A commonality between Jon Gold's involvement in the latest peace action in WDC and his involvements with 911blogger you ask?...each has dwindled in the average person's participation because of Jon Gold's involvement."

Are you actually blaming Jon Gold for a low turnout at Peace of the Action?
Submitted by YT on Wed, 07/14/2010 - 4:26am.
Show "Totally called for...and predicted..." by Robin Hordon

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Totally called for...and predicted... have had to be paying very close attention to understand this pathetic story...and I expect that you haven't, nor has to do with why the peace movements have been disabled over the years-from within...thankfully, I was able to inform Cindy about the negative energy...just like I warned her a while ago that if Webster Tarpley was involved, she shouldn't be...nothing personal here at all...nothing personal with Tarpley either...soley for what's good for UNBIASED truth and an OPEN 9/11 website...something that 911blogger continues to have A LOT of trouble with...and its all tied together...and Chomsky is a very, very well hidden gatekeeper...with most people thinking that he is the exact opposite...yet gatekeeping is what Chomsky does...again, had to have be paying close attention to the peace movements "why dysfuntional" scene...had you been, you would have figured it out and have commented on the discussion in a supportive way...big irony here...

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA
Submitted by Robin Hordon on Wed, 07/14/2010 - 8:48am.

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I have been paying attention

I remember when you accused Jon of being a Zionist, and censoring information pertaining to Israel's possible involvement in the attacks. I also remember seeing you reference "Manhattan Jews," and being called out on your seeming bigotry with no response from you. Now, if anyone else reading this can make heads or tails out of what Robin just said in reply to my very simple question, please let me know.
Submitted by YT on Wed, 07/14/2010 - 9:04am.

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slight correction

it was "Madison avenue jews". So essentially, he was echoing a common statement from Stormfront.

such an endearing term, ya know?
Submitted by zombie bill hicks on Fri, 07/16/2010 - 2:00pm.
Show " have missed it..." by Robin Hordon

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...but is is interesting what you think that it was...and what you haven't missed... was Massachusetts Ave Jews and I was referring to the "little gatekeeping for Israel street theater" that Chomsky and Derschowitz have been co-starring in for 30 or so years...

...and along the way they each helped dissemble the peace movements...

...with one of them actually being a mentor to that very movement...

I should have stated the Massachusetts Avenue Jewish Americans, but then again, I really don't call blacks African Americans any more, so I choose to be at least consistent. I'm not into the "political correct speak" anymore because I finally figured out why it was all put into place in the first place...and lo and behold, it shows up on this very thread...who would have guessed?... other than me of course. And if you want to roll "old reliable"..."He's an antisemite."...don't care anymore...I'm standing with Norman Finklestein [sp].

After all, I'm writing on 911blogger...another gatekeeper for Israel so what OTHER comments could there be made...comfortably?.

Its just the way it is on blogger...and its certainly not very hard to expose this outfit at any time chosen. It can be done almost at will on a thread...and especially so if one has a hard copy of what gets censored by 911blogger gatekeepers. Its pretty obvious indeed.

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice...IE:

This the ONLY way the peace movements in the USofA will ever cooperatively deal with the I-P issue...because it ain't gonna happen from inside their existing and compromised peace? organizations [not Cindy's POTA...Cindy has exposed the democrats as warmongers], nor will it ever happen via 911blogger...but it WILL happen from other countries from around the world...someday...

See, I remember Joan Baez' words about the peace movements in the USofA...and she was right on then...and the peace communities are proving her completely correct once again.

Cindy and Joan are REAL peace matter where war and killing are happening on earth...and no matter what the color of the skin or religious bent...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA
Submitted by Robin Hordon on Wed, 07/14/2010 - 5:56pm