Gold Says He Tried to Buy 911blogger

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Presumably in order to make it a "safe space" (as the lefties say) for Zionists (supporters of a Jewish state in the former Palestine) and fake truthers (folks who accept on faith elements of the official narrative and/or use them strategically, particularly those which tend to deflect attention from Zionist participation and emphasize the Islamic terrorism mythos).

From a thread at TruthAction

Jon Gold
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Thu Sep 17, 2009 7:01 pm
I'm done with No moderation, no banning of obvious trolls, etc... I am never posting there again. I will stick to my site, and do my own thing. Unless another 9/11 Truth site opens. It's a fucking shame. I'm sure that will make A LOT of trolls happy.
Yea, you've heard me say it before... but I'm done. Way to go Justin for fucking up the most popular 9/11 Truth site.

I may take a break altogether. Lord knows I've earned it, and the racism and bigotry that is focusing on me has taken its toll.

and in this adjacent post:
I offered to buy from Justin, but he's not selling. That site has gone to shit in a matter of months.

So back some months ago, when Reprehensile "welcomed" jkeogh (Justin) and Orangutan to the "moderation team" he was not being altogether transparent. It is significant when a major site changes hands -- is bought or sold. It is important to know WHO owns the sites that we use and promote. (Gretavo owns this one.) If Gold is correct in what he implies here, Justin Keogh now owns 911blogger. I see also from the "faq" page there that LeftWright is now a moderator.