911Blogger Front Pages Video Featuring Mega-Disinfo Shill David Shayler

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And Jon Gold posts LIHOP piece (I know, big shock!)

The Shayler video is apparently a slick production and for anyone who fails to read the dissenting comments on 911B will probably seem like a great resource. Problem of course is when they email it to all their friends, someone will discover that David Shayler thinks missiles disguised as planes with holograms hit the towers and that life on earth was brought here by aliens. The poor fool who sends the video then gets mocked by his buddies and never touches anything remotely resembling a 9/11 truth video, site, book, etc.

Gold's latest is a text about how Republicans are so wrong to put the blame on Clinton for not doing enough about al Qaeda, because Clinton was very much aware of the Islamofascist threat, and it was Bush who in fact should be blamed. Not the Mossad for demolishing SIlverstein's buildings, or Silverstein for asking them to. Bush--for being so cozy with al-Qaeda supporting Pakistan and the Saudis for giving birth to "most of the hijackers".

Jon Gold is on record saying that he is not sure if WTC7 was actually demolished, and that controlled demolition of the twin towers, if true, is not good evidence to present to people. He also argues that even if the towers WERE demolished, this should not lead us to suspect that the owner of WTC7 and leaseholder (for the 6 weeks prior to 9/11) of the twin towers had any knowledge or involvement in the crimes. He also routinely downplays the mountains of indicators of Israeli involvement and promotes the "Patsystan" angle, suggesting that because some Pakistani intelligence guy allegedly ordered someone alleged to be Omar Said Sheihk to allegedly wired $100,000 to Mohammed Atta, alleged to be the hijackers' ringleader and that because said intelligence guy was meeting with American officials in DC he must have tehrefore "financed the 9/11 attacks". All this based on a single ambiguous statement by an FBI official and rampant unfounded accusations and rumor-mongering by the Indian press (Pakistan is of course India's arch-enemy and also despised by Israel because they are the sole Islamic country to possess nuclear weapons.

Pointing out these problems with Jon Gold's assertions is the reason that I, Real Truther (aka gretavo) was banned by 911blogger. The owner of that site explained to me quite explicitly that because Gold (a user with a history of sending coercive and abusive private messages to other users who made the mistake of defending me and criticizing him) had been a contributor to his site for so long and had done "so much" to help the cause that trumped in his view any consideration of what I believed to be the truth. After being warned not to reply to each others' posts or comments Jon Gold did just that and was not penalized, whereas I was warned, based on a comment in reply to that onslaught by Jon Gold and his friend and also longtime contributor to 911B user DHS, that one more violation and I would be banned. A couple of weeks later I was banned without warning or comment for reasons that were never provided.

I explain all of this not out of bitterness or sour grapes but because I think it's important that people know the dynamics at play at 911blogger so that they can come to their own conclusions about how reliable and credible the users and site admin there are.