The Many Methods of Mass Deception

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"to present an ostensible diversity behind which lies an actual uniformity."

Josef Goebbels on the goal of effective propaganda

Misdirection, for instance.  Doublespeak, newspeak, false dichotomies, logical fallacies, bogus paradigms, etc.  How are people kept so confused?

By now most people involved in 9/11 truth movement have become familiar with a number of tactics of disinformation that are routinely utilized by some to make our task more difficult. The most obvious of these methods (for their sheer absurdity) involve making absurd claims that are then attributable to the movement as a whole by its critics. Examples include the claim that no planes hit the towers and that the towers were destroyed with the aid of "directed energy weapons" based in space. These are perhaps the most obvious such attempts and as such some may wonder how effective such tactics are when it is so hard to imagine anyone seriously believing that a movement as widespread as that of 9/11 truth could be based on belief in such things.

It is important to understand that methods such as this are only part of a much more elaborate, subtle, and largely misunderstood effort at manipulation of the early stages of the truth movement. Of course if only the most overt methods of disinformation were being utilized in the attempts to derail real truthers in their quest then it would hardly be necessary to point them out, and one would be faced with the imponderable situation of a group of conspirators clever enough to have succeeded at covering their tracks for over 5 years but at the same time relying on rather transparent means of suppressing the truth beyond the complicit silence of the mass media.

Indeed, the reality is that the conspirators have been and continue to be fairly successful, all things considered, at suppressing the truth. One reason for this is that their campaign of disinformation is more vast and more complex than most people realize at first. I say at first because many others, like me, have learned over time to identify the deeper layers of this über-conspiracy.

The nature of the deception is such that it would be difficult to spot with just a quick review of the current state of the movement. It is through the investment of much effort over a long period of time that certain patterns become apparent and it is an assessment of those patterns that I wish to provide.