India and Israel, Partners in Crime?

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Couldn't help but think back to my time in the Harvard peace group--the main activists included two Indian nationals.  When I forced the group into having a discussion about 9/11 after a being ignored for months, they were the main ones arguing against controlled demolition of the WTC.  One was in biochem and the other in physics--not exactly dim bulbs.

Very interesting article in the NYT, especially the part in the excerpt below about the nuclear biz... very frightening too that our politicians are selling out our strategic assets for their political gain.  Because, you know, when Iran develops nuclear technology it's for weapons, but India and Israel of course just want the technology for the energy.  Yup. 

How does this happen?  Money?  The media?  Both?  Why do I get the feeling that our "friends" Israel and India will be making sure that we DON'T become friends with any Arab or Persian Muslims or Chinese?

In Jews, Indian-Americans See a Role Model in Activism

One instance of Indians following the example of Jews occurred last year when Indian-American groups, including associations of doctors and hotel owners, banded together with political activists to win passage of the United States-India Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation Act, which allows New Delhi to buy fuel, reactors and other technology to expand its civilian nuclear program.

"Indian-Americans have taken a page out of the Jewish community's book to enhance relations between the homeland and the motherland," said Nissim B. Reuben, program officer for India-Israel-United States Relations at the American Jewish Committee and himself an Indian Jew.

The American Jewish Committee, like some other Jewish groups, has worked with Indians on immigration and hate crimes legislation. It has taken three groups of Indian-Americans to Israel, where they have met Arabs and Palestinians, as well as Jews.

Many Indian-Americans, like the Godhwanis and others with the India Community Center in Milpitas, Calif., have taken an avowedly nonsectarian approach in creating institutions. But among Hindus, who are a majority in India and among Indian-Americans here, some assert that a vital bond they share with Jews is the threat to India and Israel from Muslim terrorists.