Tonight on Masterpiece Theater: 911Blogger

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For a while now has been straddling the fence dividing LIHOP from the real truth movement, on the one hand making clear that they approve of controlled demolition of the WTC as a linchpin of the 9/11 truth movement and on the other remaining an outlet for fake truthers like Jon Gold and Erik Larson, formerly active members of the apparently defunct Truthaction.

One of the latest entries in the ramp up in hype over the so-called "28 redacted pages" is this interesting post over at 911B:

I say interesting because it's clearly part of a script designed to lead truthers to think it possible that in addition to the damning (and likely false) accusations implicating Saudi Arabia in the attacks, the 28 redacted pages might also include evidence of Israeli malfeasance. It seems this is being done in order to pique interest in the bogus LIHOP scenario the redacted pages are designed to bolster, given how thoroughly discredited the LIHOP position is in the face of the by now iron-clad proof that the WTC was rigged for demolition, making the allegedly hijacked planes practically irrelevant.

The LIHOP-promoting fake truthers have grudgingly accepted that to maintain a semblance of credibility, once in a while they have to pay lip service to at the very least the mere possibility that the towers were demolished. The post linked to above shows that they are even resorting to hinting Israel may have played some minimal role within their LIHOP scenario, as if to attempt to win over those who rightly suspect far deeper and more disturbing Israeli connections than merely not sharing intelligence on Arab terrorists.

Are they really this desperate? This disconnected? This enamored of their own BS that they think this will work? I support the release of the redacted pages if only to prove that they don't implicate Israel at all, since they most likely amount to nothing more than a mountain of lies, possibly adorned with half-truths, about the owners of a f*** ton of oil.

Will the real truth movement leaders ever catch on and speak out about the effort to use the cause of 9/11 truth to drum up war-crime-enabling anti-Arab and anti-Muslim hatred? Against this atrocity propaganda?

Will we, in short, never learn?