911blogger.com Thinks You're Very Stupid

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Simple one first:

9/11 Truth in the WSJ?

The answer to the title of this post that reprints a post at Op Ed News is no.  The "articles" referenced by the writer of the original, Josh Mitteldorf, are actually press releases obscurely posted in a back corner of a website published by Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal.  As Mitteldorf tells us:

So what do you make of these two articles, published last week and the week before on the Market Watch page of the Journal?  I'm flabbergasted. 

I'm not flabbergasted.  I'm willing to bet that the only people on earth who saw those press releases on Marketwatch, from PRNewswire via Comtex are those who managed to catch them moving swiftly down the column including every other press release, and those who were alereted via the fake truthers to their existence.  Anyone can write and submit a press release and chances are it will find its way onto a page such as Marketwatch where very few people will see it.  To even hint at suggesting that this is "9/11 Truth in the WSJ" is akin to screaming "Hey, stupid person, look at me, I'm a shill who's up to something!"

Next up is:

New NSA docs contradict 9/11 claims: “I don’t think the Bush administration would want to see these released," an expert says...

Now when I see NSA docs, I imagine "documents from the National Security Agency".  That NSA is of course the super secret agency of the US Gov that is even more secretive than the CIA.  No, this is the National Security Archive--a program at George Washington University in D.C., about a block away from the State Department HQ and lord knows what else, funded by foundations from the Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller and MacArthur in addition to a slew of others not known for their dedication to "fighting the power".

Of course the documents are sure to incriminate or implicate George Bush, because "an expert" says she doesn't think Bush would want the documents released!  Who's the expert you ask?  Why none other than Barbara Elias-Sanborn!  Yes, the very one!!  Who is she you ask?

Barbara Elias-Sanborn is director of the Afghanistan, Pakistan and Taliban project. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania studying International Relations, Security Studies and U.S. Foreign Policy. In addition to national security issues, serving as the National Security Archive’s FOIA Coordinator from 2003-2006, Barbara also remains interested in issues of government transparency and access to information.

She received a B.A. with Honors from Brown University in 2002 majoring in International Relations and Modern American History completing an honors thesis entitled “Lessons for the U.S. War on Terrorism from Vietnam.” In 2002 she was awarded the Samuel C. Lamport Prize in International understanding from the History Department at Brown University.

In other words, the "expert" was a junior in college (three whole years out of high school!) when 9/11 happened who between September 2001 and June 2002 became an expert on the lessons of Vietnam to the War on Terror.  No irony, presumably, or quotation marks around "War on Terror" in her thesis title...  Barbie, as I 've decided to call this expert, is no more an expert on the War on Terror than "Egypt Scholar" Eric Trager is an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now, if you still haven't figured out what these folks are really all about, and why their work is being promoted by 9/11 truth-denying mainstream sources as well as ostensibly pro-9/11 truth sites like 911blogger and Jeff "Shure" Hill's 9/11 Justice and Accounatbility Research Think Tank, then let's just say that 911blogger.com is not the only one who thinks you're very stupid.