Controlled (Fake) Truth Site 911blogger Scraping Bottom of Blame Bush Barrel

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One needn't read the actual post--the URL says it all. The insinuation is of course that the entire Bush family was in on 9/11--if your name was Bush, you knew al Qaeda was being allowed to attack America and that you would be safe. A Bush cousin was on the board of directors of a company with a minor security contract at the WTC, so naturally he gave the order to shut down all the security at the WTC. Bush himself said "I saw a plane hit the building" so naturally he had closed circuit pay per view for the entire event like the satanic owl worshipper he is. Never mind that in mangled Bush English he may have meant that he saw a plane *had* hit the building or *that* a plane hit the building. Alex Jones knows that it's much more likely that Bush was admitting before a live audience and television cameras to his evil voyeurism.

Let me be clear, I don't like or respect Dubya one bit. But you know who actually hates him more? Zionists. Thy hate that he was the first president to call for the creation of a Palestinian state on "their" land. They hate that as an oilman he has reasons to be less than hateful of Arabs and Muslims--he's especially tight with Saudi Arabia, which--dontcha know, funded and trained the mostly Saudi hijackers! And so, the other group that won't be sending Bush any Christmas cards is of course the fake truth movement.

That's the truth.