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The owner(s) and associates of condemn every form of racism and intolerance directed at anyone and believe that whatever role Zionists or the State of Israel may have played in the events of 9/11 does not reflect on Jewish people generally because the State of Israel and the Zionist movement are not bona-fide representatives of the world's Jewish people. 


LIHOP/MIHOP/ZIHOP: A continuum of progressively more damning claims as to the veracity of the established narrative of 9/11, that it was a surprise attack by "al Qaeda", allegedly a loose network of Islamic terrorists led by Osama bin Laden. 

LIHOP stands for Let It Happen On Purpose and suggests that the Bush administration knew that al Qaeda was planning an attack and let them carry out in order to advance their own agenda in response. 

MIHOP stands for Made It Happen On  Purpose which suggests that the Bush administration actually planned the attacks themselves and carried them out using al Qaeda or other assets. 

ZIHOP is not a literal acronym but refers to the suggestion that American and Israeli Zionists (supporters of the state of Israel--*not* Jews per se--in fact many are not Jewish, see also the definition for Zionist below) were the primary architects of the attacks as a manner of justifying even closer cooperation from America in promoting Israeli hegemony and promoting a global political alignment on the side of and in the model of Israel (brutal suppression of human rights in the name of 'security').  It is possible that Zionists had hoped to frame Palestinians for the attacks (as evidenced by the statement of an Israeli agent arrested in the U.S. on 9/11 to his arresting officer "We are not your problem, we are Israeli.  Your problem is our problem--the Palestinians are the problem") and that unwilling to either play along OR expose the truth, the Bush administration decided to blame Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda instead.

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useful distinctions

Hi G,

For the benefit of the new readers, I just want to point out that MIHOP does not refer to the US Government as a whole and ZIHOP does not refer to the Israeli state or government as a whole in their participation in 9-11.

The distinction is important because when analyzing events, one may think for example that some actions related to 9-11 hurt or rather set back the interests of the US Government, so one may mistakenly conclude that it could not have been MIHOP. But that is because MIHOP only refers to a subset of the US Government, and their interests do not align completely with that of the US Government as a whole nor for the US State in general. The same can be said of the Israeli government's involvement, only a subset of which was likely involved in 9-11.

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Extending the discussion further

The root organization behind 9-11 is very hard to tease out. Although investigations by truthers to date have pointed strongly at US Government and Israeli Government involvement. It is inadequate analysis to take the public pronouncements of either state on their motivations and actions and to analyze solely within that context.

9-11 was not the deed of a regular state acting in it's own interest. What we see of a state, led by a president or an Prime Minister and their cabinet, and supported by legislators or parliament likely did not plan and execute 9-11.

A shadow government and in 9-11's case, a shadow multinational organization likely was responsible for this event. 9-11 and related events around it transcend what a normal government can do. It crosses governments within a state (Bush-Obama, Olmert-Netanyahu) and across states.

With the exception of a handful, almost all states are silent about 9-11, even if truthers have unearthed that it is a farce, a charade, with truthers meager
resources. It is likely some states know this by now, but choose to remain silent given their interests and for others, perhaps their complicity.

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To flesh this out a bit more, to me ZIHOP refers to the contention that the perpetrators of 9/11 intended to support Zionist ideology by staging a false flag attack that would have the effect of making Americans believe that their interests are aligned with those of Zionism--i.e. To make a common enemy out of Arabs and Muslims, the two groups that provide the most opposition to Zionism. Zionism is simply the belief that Jewish people are more entitled to live in Palestine than non-Jewish people, including those who were displaced by force from their ancestral homes. Objecting to Zionism does not mean objecting to Jews making their home in Israel/Palestine, or considering it their ancestral homeland, for the vast majority of anti-Zionists it means that no current or former resident of Palestine should be denied the same rights.

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Bush not involved

It is indeed unlikely that there was at some point a cabinet meeting, presided by Bush, where the attacks were explicitly planned. More likely is that it was indeed a LIHOP from the side of Bush, where secret services tell Bush in advance that some unspecified attack against the US is likely to happen soon, even including a date and time. The real masterminds were not direct members of the government, but (zionist) elements within PNAC ('Inside job'). The dirty operational work was done by the Mossad. ('Outside job'). The Mossad agents can simply leave the country.

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Dubya has always been eminently blackmailable

Cocaine, AWOL, take your pick. I take that into account when speculating as to what role he may have played. Bill Clinton is another one who ceased being his own man at one point (when he discovered his sex chats with Monica were being recorded.) Lord knows what they have on Obama...

Also, I think only some of the PNAC signatories would have been complicit, the rest were probably roped into PNAC in order to provide potential scapegoats to deflect blame from the real perps.

Cheney, Rumsfeld, and all the other career revolving door (between industry and govt) folks also know that they are vulnerable to any determined investigator wishing to expose their past corruption.

There are ideologues and there are amoral opportunists looking to make a buck or two billion...

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You banned someone for posting a link after typing "Israel did it"?

Before dropping a link to my own work in the hope that I too will be banned, let me remind you of the quote you so admire - the one that adorns the home page of this little corner of the Internet, where political correctness seems to have taken precedence over both free speech and the truth:

"If telling the truth marginalizes you, then that is the place to be. After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center. This is the politics of truth." - E. Martin Schotz

Crimes of Zion

Surely a simple disclaimer that the views of the guests do not necessarily represent those of the host would've sufficed. Forced silence and marginalisation are attributes of the status quo: archaic, redundant, exclusivist. It has no place in the ever-emergent new order.

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yes I did.

I also explained why I did it, leaving the offensive post up. If you hadn't noticed, most people and websites that advance the view that Zionism was behind 9/11 are full of bigotry and disinformation. Do you think that's because most of us who can see the obvious ties are in fact bigots or stupid? Nope. It's because Zionists themselves are behind most such anti-semitic (or more accurately anti-Jewish) material as a way of putting into practice Nietzsche's dictum that "the most perfidious way to harm a cause is to defend it deliberately with faulty arguments." I don't claim to know whether any given person who posts that tripe here is a Zionist agent, but the fact is that if someone, knowing what this site is about proceeds to post such material or links to such material here, then they may as well be a Zionist agent--if they aren't they are clearly not intelligent or wise enough to avoid doing the Zionists' work of tarring their opponents as ignorant bigots and as such I will not allow them to have what amounts to a key to post without moderation, simple as that. And for the reocrd, I can only ban registered users--I have no intention of blocking anonymous comments, just reserving the right to moderate them. In any case, I checked out your site(s) and do not at this point have any reason to think you are up to no good or dangerously sloppy, so I posted your critique and link. As you can tell (though you'd be a fool to take my word for it) I allow critical comments by anonymous commenters as long as they are at least somewhat thoughtful and not (overly) abusive. More than you can say for lots of other, seemingly more popular, 9/11 truth sites I could name.

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...I will never forget how shortly after 9/11 while arguing against Zionists on the New York Times Middle East online forum (who were trying to make the case that 'no one can anymore deny that America and Israel's interests are now one and the same',) one Zionist seriously suggested that I could make a lot of money as a writer for certain Zionist groups. I forgot how exactly I responded but he reassured me that he really wasn't kidding. My experience over the years has born out that reassurance.