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"Wouldn't it be simple if 'official sources' never made mistakes, if TV, WWW & newspapers contained only unbiased presentations of the truth? Wikipedia+ is a tool for those of us who know that life is not that simple."

"Wikipedia+ is a tool for Wikipedia users unhappy with only a single narrative. It is an open source browser extension which augments your Wikipedia experience. After looking at the language and page name Wikipedia+ silently checks the alternative websites you have chosen to see if they contain relevant information. If so, it displays a notification containing links to the matching pages, so alternative points of view are only one click away."

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Israel did it

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not a great source

In fact it looks to be specifically designed to make us look like the "jew-haters" they like to falsely claim we are. The stars of David over the pictures in the section "9/11 Investigation in Zionist Hands" is probably the most obvious allusion to Nazis (who forced Jews to wear yellow stars of David). The producer of this black propaganda (i.e. disinformation) made his or her stars blue like the one on the Zionist Israeli flag, perhaps to allow for a meek defense of "it symbolizes Zionist that way, not Jew!", which perpetuates the myth that anti-Zionists merely use Zionist as a code for Jew. In terms of the actual content, it mixes true and damning stories such as the "dancing Israelis" with nonsense like the "confession overheard in a Jewish cemetery" story that floated around briefly a few years ago. For those unfamiliar with the various anti-semitic tropes, one holds that Jews have a habit of meeting in cemeteries to plot against their gentile neighbors. This would be obvious only to experts on anti-semitism, which means the author is either a genuine jew-hater or an expert on jew-haters capable of producing properly coded propaganda. Genuine jew-haters these days tend not to be masters of subtlety, so my money is on this being a poorly crafted disinformation piece.

Thanks for playing, Jameson.