Bruno Bruhwiler, lead organizer of WeAreChangeLA, falsely accused of making a Terrorist Threat, faces 4-5 years

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One of our fellow truth activists, Bruno Bruhwiler, is in need of financial help for his legal costs. If he loses his case and gets railroaded to prison on bogus charges, he faces 4-5 years in prison, and all of us as Americans will face a further erosion of our first Amendment rights.

It has been decided, we are going to trial by jury. I was offered to sign a false confession on more than one occasion, but I refused. If I’m going to prison, then 12 jurors will send me there.

November 2, 2010
Bruno Bruhwiler

Writing this article is a challenge. It’s tough to dodge pertinent issues that need to be saved for the trial. We can’t announce to the world all of the weaknesses of the other side, because then they will get a ‘heads up’. I’ve got such a powerful appeal already in the works, but I can’t go around telling people what that is.
Basically, I was ordered out of the court for shaking my head. That’s a ‘face crime’ in George Orwell’s book ‘1984?. The arresting officer had no authority to arrest me out in the hall. He fabricated charges against me after keeping me handcuffed for an hour. When I went through the booking process the officers brought up that I am a leader of the organization WeAreChange. I can only conjecture that the arresting officer looked me up before he pressed charges; hence, the Felony Terrorist Threat charge. As you can see near the end of this video from WeAreChange Colorado ( ), officers of the law have been instructed to determine whether or not anybody they detain is a terrorist.

I am facing 3 baseless charges. 2x Felony Resisting Arrest, and 1x Felony Terrorist Threat. The prosecution only has perjured statements by an officer who is always under oath. The badge they wear means they are under oath. The judges have violated my due process rights at just about every hearing.

It has been decided, we are going to trial by jury. I was offered to sign a false confession on more than one occasion, but I refused. If I’m going to prison, then 12 jurors will send me there. I stand by my rights to due process, and my rights to dissent against tyranny at all levels of government.Allison Margolin who is partnered with her father, Bruce Margolin, now represents me. She got the misdemeanor contempt of court charge dropped in the Preliminary Hearing for lack of evidence. The prosecution announced that they also conceded to drop one of the felony resisting arrest charges for lack of evidence, but Judge Denise McLaughlin Bennett refused to let the prosecution drop the charge. An attorney in the Margolin law firm said, “In my 20 years as a defense attorney, I’ve never seen anything like that.” The disrespect and disregard that the law enforcement officers, the judges and prosecutors have shown for our justice system is alarming. They are trying to put me away. If I lose this case, I could go to prison for as much as 4 or 5 years.

I am lucky to have so many people around me who care about me, and who care about the need to push back against tyranny. We have been collecting overwhelming evidence to secure my freedom on multiple fronts. Unfortunately, for us to use the justice system takes money… lots of money. The primary reason I wish I wasn’t in court the day I was falsely imprisoned is because I find it difficult to ever ask anybody for money, especially during these hard times. We have not asked for money in the past several months because I wanted us to have a definite need before I asked. We now need the money.

My attorney needs another $10,000 to go to trial. I believe Allison Margolin will fight on all fronts for me to secure my freedom. I need conservatively another $3000 to go on the offensive against the corruption displayed by the officers of the courts. This case is now about more than proving my innocence. This case is about helping in the struggle to expose the corruption in our justice system. Plus, I am still about $9,000 in debt to those who loaned me money to bail out of jail. Please donate any amount you can. We have a learned a lot during this ordeal. In the meantime, at WeAreChangeLA we have been organizing two or more large street actions each month, having film screenings, and doing what we can to support other truth activists and to spread information.

Thank you everyone for all you do. We’re all making a difference. Special thanks to my brother, Jay Blaq at

Bruno Bruhwiler

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Thanks for posting this

Thanks for posting this here, and letting me know. During my short lived 911blogger activation before being silenced there, whenever someone needed to stand up against the mob rule there, he was always on message IMHO.

I also admired the way he could dismiss protected idiots there with a couple of polite well chosen words, when I would be sucked into their flame wars at length.

Since this prosecution kicked in, he has not been so active against the fake truthers at blogger, but I am sure he doing his best for the cause elsewhere, and so I will reach deep in my pockets for this one.

BTW at the head of the page of the link above to 'we are change' is this :.

"Followers in the anti-war movement do not realize that by accepting the [government’s] 9/11 explanation they have undermined their own opposition to the war. Once you accept that Muslim terrorists did it, it is difficult to oppose punishing them for the event. [Anti-war activists] do not understand that if you grant the government its premise for war, it is impossible to oppose the war.” - Paul Craig Roberts

Well said by PCR and a well chosen header by Bruno.
This is much more succinctly put that my argument that 'fog of war' mentality means that Lihop is damaging to the motivation of people in the truth movement blah blah.

Amusingly, Loose Nuke tried to condescendingly argue for pages with me that to suggest such logic was absurd, and it did not exist, wheras the chief idiot has to my knowledge never commented on the point (not through lack of trying on my part).

Fair winds Bruno! and here is a good one for old times sake.

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PS: WOW , somehow I missed

PS: WOW , somehow I missed this:

I remember this discussion turning to censorship/bannings with Jpass and Lillyann's comments, but I missed the bit where Loose Nuke and the rest of the 'prefects' tried to undermine Bruno's 'terrorist' charge claim(and thereby Bruno himself-a prolific critic of their illogical positions at blogger.) When easily dismissed by Bruno. Loose Nuke erases his defamation from history, and then, en mass, the pack have the nerve to demand an apology from Bruno for having called them out, deflecting attention from unfounded maliciuos intent aginst him. I wonder if the origional attack survived anywhere to see who said what?

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yep, I was just about to mention this

You beat me to it. Yea, the way the usual suspects at 911Blogger and TruthAction treated Bruno since this whole bogus legal situation started was shockingly vicious and irresponsible, and hypocritical. Imagine if the tables were turned, and one of their own (members of their clique) had been treated as badly as they (supposedly fellow truth activists) treated Bruno? I think we all know the absolute shitfest that would have ensued.

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confronting the fakes

Anyone ever think of doing videos on the 911 Truth fakes like Sander Hicks and Jon Gold, etc. ?

These entities perpetuate myths about 9/11 including the incredibly destructive lie that "Muslims" pulled off the attacks on 9/11. allow these myths to circulate with real 9/11 Truth research. For example, at the most pivotal moment in the history of 911 Truth Controlled Demolition research...on the 5th anniversary of the 911 Attacks...Sander Hicks was vocally apposing focus on this area of research while simultaneously pushing hard for people to focus on his anti-Muslim opus "The Dr. Graham Report".

Likewise, Jon Gold was vocally apposing Controlled Demolition research while simultaneously pushing for focus on the Muslims with his newest version of the myth that some Muslim named Omar Saed Shaek was the master mind / paymaster of 9/11. I was actually placed on moderation at 911Blogger for arguing with Jon Gold about these exact points.

Let's imagine an alternate version of "The Graham Report" where Dr. Graham sees 4 Jew-looking names on boxes at a Mr. Rubinstein's house. Dr. Graham sets up a fake meeting to investigate the sneaky Jew looking guy who just moved into town.

"OMG!!! Jew looking names on boxes! A Jew last name!!! Did the Jew drug me?"

If you've read The Graham report...then follow Sander's narrative in your head but replace Muslim and Arab with Jew.

I would be justifiably shunned if I were to produce an equally shaky hit piece that demonized Jews instead of Muslims.

But in the fake 911 Truth world...anti-Muslim myths are allowed to coexist with real truth. The authors are elevated in status among other 911 Fakes. The impression is that 911 Truthers are not even able to identify the demonizing of Muslims from within the movement.

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we should totally do it... fact, we should all be pitching in on various projects--if real truthers can't organize themselves and work together as well as the fakes then we're in trouble!

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Whatever happened?

Whatever happened?