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The following is a recent exchange at 911blogger. Note how quickly the shills backtrack. They announce with great fanfare that AA77 skeptics are oblivious to evidence like bodies of passengers still in their seats. Then they provide a pic from the Moussaoui trial showing what is either a gory dummy or a real (albeit fake looking) body of a person with nary an airplane seat in sight. Hey, shills! No one is denying people were in the Pentagon and got killed by whatever happened there. We are disputing that AA77 or any large airplane crashed into it. So where ARE the pictures of the passengers still in their seats? Did the shills just make that up? I mean, if AA77 really crashed into the Pentagon, WE WOULD EXPECT TO SEE PASSENGERS STILL IN SEATS RIGHT? So why didn't those intrepid Pentagon CSI photogs manage to snap any pics of them? Ohhhhhh, I see.

It is a little bit weird that

It is a little bit weird that the attack piece is so deferential to the official dogma of the no plane hit the pentagon people. If the evidence was really so overwhelming then why is it failing to generate consensus the way convincing and conclusive evidence usually does? The reason is that the evidence being provided is riddled with problems, not the least of which is its failure to cohere with available photos and eyewitness accounts. Nobody should feel threatened or bowed by this attack because it is just another inevitable step toward mainstream respectability for the movement, and a sign that we are getting there. With the path laid out for the most promising lines of inquiry I think some of the folks are becoming nostalgic for the good old days of rampant speculation. Either that or there is some cointelpro shit going on. Either way the truth is winning the day. And seriously people, just look at the pictures of the plane engine parts and plane crash victims still strapped in their seats. These photos plus the eyewitness accounts and the fact that AA77 never reached its destination should make this issue a no brainer to any halfway reasonable person. And in my opinion the famous five frames depict the crash. We knew that winning the information war would not be easy and proceed in a straight line.
Submitted by Vulich on Wed, 10/27/2010 - 1:01pm.

I've never seen the photo

I plane crash victims at the Pentagon still in their SEATS? That's hard to believe, given the nature of the supposed impact there..

The parts strewn around I have seen, and it still doesn't convince me that a Boeing 757 was responsible for the initial impact damage and lack of lawn damage leading up to the wall, prior to the outer wall collapse. No Boeing hit there and no person who's really LOOKED at it could possibly draw that conclusion.

The problem again is with the eyewitness accounts who saw a Boeing at the scene, and no I'm not saying there wasn't one there, which to me supports "the flyover" scenario, but again, not the best way to approach our campaign I agree, since it's ripe with apparent speculation and conjecture, and, therefore with reasonable doubt.
Submitted by Robert Rice on Wed, 10/27/2010 - 1:08pm.

Pentagon victim photo

MOD EDIT replaced extremely graphic embed of Pentagon victim with link.

[relinked image. -gReT]

Now, I am not exactly sure this depicts a plane passenger strapped in his seat, and it isn't claimed in the exhibit text either. But I do know this is the picture commonly referenced when this point is made. I am sorry for posting this, this is a distressing picture, but we should not avoid any questions that are asked when it comes to the Pentagon.

And Robert, about a hundred witnesses saw a large commercial airliner crash there. You should study the effects on objects that collide at high speed and kinetic energy. The physics is complex, and not intuitive. Were there much more plane parts at the WTC than at the Pentagon?
Submitted by SnowCrash on Wed, 10/27/2010 - 1:33pm.

You know I need to be careful

You know I need to be careful here and qualify my assertion. I cannot say that I know this to be a passenger strapped in a seat on reflection, but the photos are from the crash scene and many argue there are no bodies at the crash scene
Submitted by Vulich on Wed, 10/27/2010 - 1:34pm.

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hmmmm... is that a tray table?

omg it is! and it was not returned to its full upright position!!

so, does this corpse have a name I wonder? a rare collectible WTCD pencil eraser to anyone who finds it!

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maybe they meant this pic...

"And seriously people, just look at the pictures of the plane engine parts and plane crash victims still strapped in their seats."

-911Blogger user Vulich

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never again...

...will I doubt the usefulness of securing your seatbelt in a plane crash!

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Snowcrash' leaves no doubt he is a complete fraud

As of 12/10/10, fake truther 'Snowcrash' over at the LIHOP-conrolled site 911Blogger continues to dishonestly peddle this disgusting disinformation that this gruesome photograph above somehow proves that "passengers still strapped into their seats" were discovered in the Pentagon on 9/11. Even more, 'Snowcrash' has the gall to accuse anybody who calls attention to this dishonest disinformation tactic of being "psychopaths" (

This is a tactic known as


'Snowcrash' of course NEVER addresses the facts or logic. Instead, using the well known tactic of emotional blackmail, along with the equally discrediting tactic of pretending to be gullible to believe unverified claims of government authority, the same government authority that 'Snowcrash' asserts has lied about all the other major parts of 9/11, it is implied that this picture is too emotional for anybody to question the claims being made about it. So, even though:

1) This photo has not been authenticated as to where it was taken, and

2) Even if this photo is proven to have been taken at the Pentagon on 9/11,

3) It has not been proven to have been an airplane passenger, and, even more importantly,

4) Where is the friggen airplane seat?

'Snowcrash' still is attempting to claim that this photo proves what it cannot possibly prove.

'Snowcrash' and all the other fakes at 911Blogger, just keep doing what you are doing. If you think that utilizing EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL to peddle your disinformation about the Pentagon attack in which at least 90% of the truth movement can see with their own eyes that it is physically impossible for a 757 to have disappeared into the first floor of the Pentagon as per the official myth, you are simply exposing yourselves as the total frauds and fakes that you are.

Nobody but the tiny clique of fakes who control 911Blogger and TrueFaction thinks you people have any credibility left.

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hear hear

Emotional manipulation is a huge part of their stock in trade--evident in 9/11 itself AND in the fake truth movement, which is simply an extension of the 9/11 crimes.