Is Cosmos Living Out a Double Identity, as an OCT Supporter As Well As A Truther?

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by Adam Syed


One character who was portrayed on the film United 93 was Mark "Mickey" Rothenberg.  A wealthy salesman, he was allegedly en route to Taiwan via San Francisco on business.  According to the official story, as endorsed by the United 93 film, Rothenberg was stabbed to death early on in the hijacking, and this event serves to support the boxcutter narrative.

Interestingly, the person who goes by Cosmos, aka YT, and founder of, has for the longest time claimed to be the nephew of "Uncle Mickey." We can hear it straight from the horse's mouth on this video at 6:30:

And on this video at 0:49:

There are plenty of other youtube examples, and also it is in print here:

Now, after doing a little citizen investigating, we find that Mickey Rothenberg also has another nephew who is quite the official story supporter.  His name is Andrew Bernstein, and we can find an online interview with him here:

Excerpts from the article:
Mickey Rothenberg died on United Airlines Flight 93 on September 11, 2001.

Andrew Bernstein, Mickey’s nephew, was kind enough to speak with Sheldrake about September 11, his reactions to UNITED 93, and touched on the coverage/Talkbacks swirling around the film here on AICN

AICN would like to offer out sincerest thanks to Andrew for sharing his time and thoughts, and to Sheldrake for his overtime coverage of both Tribeca and The Howard Stern Film Festival.

Andrew’s a Creative Executive at Paul Schiff Productions, a production company in Culver City with a term deal at Sony.  [Cosmos is an "artist and musician."]

SHELDRAKE: Ok. Let’s start at the day this all happened. Were you in California on September 11th?  [Cosmos is a Bay Area person.]

ANDREW: I was actually a senior at Penn State... Oddly enough, it’s about an hour’s drive from the Shanksville field, where the flight hit the ground. And, you know, it was a devastating morning. I remember waking up and getting phone calls, then I turn on the TV and there are the Trade Center towers, on fire, and I spent most of the morning with friends. We were in tears, crying, no one was going to class, the whole campus was shut down. And I remember hitting kind of a wall, where I was accepting it all. And just at that moment, I got a phone call from my mother, saying, we’ve got some terrible news, and I said, I know! I’ve been watching the news! And she said, well, it’s worse. You’re uncle was on one of the flights.



[Cosmos, on the other hand, claims to have found out about Mickey a full two days after the event.]

Anyway, some other online articles which talk about Rothenberg's nephew Andrew Bernstein include the Guardian:

Andrew Bernstein
Nephew of Mickey Rothenberg

As the one family member who works in entertainment, I like to consider myself someone who can step back and look at United 93 objectively. As a piece of cinema it is extraordinary, truly a work of art. It doesn't fall into the conventions of the typical Hollywood movie and tastefully memorialises a crucial event in American history.

Of course, when you are actually watching the film you can't help but respond to it on an emotional level. My uncle is believed to be the first passenger who was stabbed and killed on that flight, so that was clearly an issue in terms of how my family reacted to the way he was portrayed on screen. Fortunately [director] Paul Greengrass was careful to show that what occurred on the plane was part of a collective effort. This was not just a small group of people who stood up and did something amazing. This was everybody. So my family now accept that my uncle's early death was his own unique role in the crisis. He was the catalyst for the other people to stand up and do something. That is his legacy.

And finally Variety:

Andrew Bernstein, whose uncle died on flight 93, said, "Some people say,'How can you do this? It's too soon.' And we say 'It's not soon enough.'"

Now, with the information presented thus far, one might ask: Could it be that one nephew of Rothenberg is a well known truther and founder of the "Eleventh Day of Every Month Until Justice" campaign, while another nephew of the same person is a wholehearted supporter of the OCT and was even treated to a private screening of United 93?  Or could it be that Andrew Bernstein IS Cosmos?  Could the same person be living a double identity, that of OCT supporter Andrew Bernstein and of 9/11 Truther as Cosmos?

It gets stranger, though.

Quite recently, Cosmos has begun to claim that Mark "Mickey" Rothenberg was not actually an uncle at all, merely a family friend.  It is not clear exactly where he first claimed this, but it was talked about in July at the site

Cosmos apparently said "Mickey" was his uncle but then admitted he wasn't actually even a relative--just "like" an uncle.

However, there may not be an online posting of this admission by Cosmos, but it doesn't matter, given irrefutable evidence from his own new web site, presented below.

Cosmos is one of the "editors" at the new website  The site went public on August 18, but a GoogleCache snapshot exists of what the site looked like on August 11:

Cosmos is an artist and musician whose uncle was murdered in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

(Screenshot for when the cache eventually changes:)

Compare that shot with the current version:

Cosmos is a survivor of Mark Rothenberg, a family friend who was murdered on September 11, 2001.

Here's a courtesy screenshot of the current version, in case it gets changed again (this shot is from Aug. 30, 2010):



It seems that Cosmos has fairly recently decided, for whatever reason, to change his relationship to Rothenberg.  The question is, Why?  Is it possible that he realized he hadn't covered his tracks thoroughly enough, and that people might question his identity?

More than any other 9/11 truther of whom I'm aware, Cosmos sure doesn't want most 9/11 truthers to know his real name.

Incidentally, given that Andrew Bernstein was used as fodder to sell the hijacker/hero/boxcutter story online, it is quite interesting to note that Cosmos, when inside the Ground Zero Memorial store with Jon Gold, went out of his way to condemn the United 93 movie and the official story of what happened, dismissing it as propaganda:

However, Cosmos has not gone on the record to question specifically what happened to Mickey, and exactly how he died.

At the very least, ladies and gentlemen, the credibility of Cosmos is now in serious doubt.  For many years he claimed family member status of a 9/11 victim, and is now unequivocally on the record as changing his story.

Why would a person lie about being a 9/11 family member?