Is Cosmos Living Out a Double Identity, as an OCT Supporter As Well As A Truther?

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by Adam Syed


One character who was portrayed on the film United 93 was Mark "Mickey" Rothenberg.  A wealthy salesman, he was allegedly en route to Taiwan via San Francisco on business.  According to the official story, as endorsed by the United 93 film, Rothenberg was stabbed to death early on in the hijacking, and this event serves to support the boxcutter narrative.

Interestingly, the person who goes by Cosmos, aka YT, and founder of, has for the longest time claimed to be the nephew of "Uncle Mickey." We can hear it straight from the horse's mouth on this video at 6:30:

And on this video at 0:49:

There are plenty of other youtube examples, and also it is in print here:

Now, after doing a little citizen investigating, we find that Mickey Rothenberg also has another nephew who is quite the official story supporter.  His name is Andrew Bernstein, and we can find an online interview with him here:

Excerpts from the article:
Mickey Rothenberg died on United Airlines Flight 93 on September 11, 2001.

Andrew Bernstein, Mickey’s nephew, was kind enough to speak with Sheldrake about September 11, his reactions to UNITED 93, and touched on the coverage/Talkbacks swirling around the film here on AICN

AICN would like to offer out sincerest thanks to Andrew for sharing his time and thoughts, and to Sheldrake for his overtime coverage of both Tribeca and The Howard Stern Film Festival.

Andrew’s a Creative Executive at Paul Schiff Productions, a production company in Culver City with a term deal at Sony.  [Cosmos is an "artist and musician."]

SHELDRAKE: Ok. Let’s start at the day this all happened. Were you in California on September 11th?  [Cosmos is a Bay Area person.]

ANDREW: I was actually a senior at Penn State... Oddly enough, it’s about an hour’s drive from the Shanksville field, where the flight hit the ground. And, you know, it was a devastating morning. I remember waking up and getting phone calls, then I turn on the TV and there are the Trade Center towers, on fire, and I spent most of the morning with friends. We were in tears, crying, no one was going to class, the whole campus was shut down. And I remember hitting kind of a wall, where I was accepting it all. And just at that moment, I got a phone call from my mother, saying, we’ve got some terrible news, and I said, I know! I’ve been watching the news! And she said, well, it’s worse. You’re uncle was on one of the flights.



[Cosmos, on the other hand, claims to have found out about Mickey a full two days after the event.]

Anyway, some other online articles which talk about Rothenberg's nephew Andrew Bernstein include the Guardian:

Andrew Bernstein
Nephew of Mickey Rothenberg

As the one family member who works in entertainment, I like to consider myself someone who can step back and look at United 93 objectively. As a piece of cinema it is extraordinary, truly a work of art. It doesn't fall into the conventions of the typical Hollywood movie and tastefully memorialises a crucial event in American history.

Of course, when you are actually watching the film you can't help but respond to it on an emotional level. My uncle is believed to be the first passenger who was stabbed and killed on that flight, so that was clearly an issue in terms of how my family reacted to the way he was portrayed on screen. Fortunately [director] Paul Greengrass was careful to show that what occurred on the plane was part of a collective effort. This was not just a small group of people who stood up and did something amazing. This was everybody. So my family now accept that my uncle's early death was his own unique role in the crisis. He was the catalyst for the other people to stand up and do something. That is his legacy.

And finally Variety:

Andrew Bernstein, whose uncle died on flight 93, said, "Some people say,'How can you do this? It's too soon.' And we say 'It's not soon enough.'"

Now, with the information presented thus far, one might ask: Could it be that one nephew of Rothenberg is a well known truther and founder of the "Eleventh Day of Every Month Until Justice" campaign, while another nephew of the same person is a wholehearted supporter of the OCT and was even treated to a private screening of United 93?  Or could it be that Andrew Bernstein IS Cosmos?  Could the same person be living a double identity, that of OCT supporter Andrew Bernstein and of 9/11 Truther as Cosmos?

It gets stranger, though.

Quite recently, Cosmos has begun to claim that Mark "Mickey" Rothenberg was not actually an uncle at all, merely a family friend.  It is not clear exactly where he first claimed this, but it was talked about in July at the site

Cosmos apparently said "Mickey" was his uncle but then admitted he wasn't actually even a relative--just "like" an uncle.

However, there may not be an online posting of this admission by Cosmos, but it doesn't matter, given irrefutable evidence from his own new web site, presented below.

Cosmos is one of the "editors" at the new website  The site went public on August 18, but a GoogleCache snapshot exists of what the site looked like on August 11:

Cosmos is an artist and musician whose uncle was murdered in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

(Screenshot for when the cache eventually changes:)

Compare that shot with the current version:

Cosmos is a survivor of Mark Rothenberg, a family friend who was murdered on September 11, 2001.

Here's a courtesy screenshot of the current version, in case it gets changed again (this shot is from Aug. 30, 2010):



It seems that Cosmos has fairly recently decided, for whatever reason, to change his relationship to Rothenberg.  The question is, Why?  Is it possible that he realized he hadn't covered his tracks thoroughly enough, and that people might question his identity?

More than any other 9/11 truther of whom I'm aware, Cosmos sure doesn't want most 9/11 truthers to know his real name.

Incidentally, given that Andrew Bernstein was used as fodder to sell the hijacker/hero/boxcutter story online, it is quite interesting to note that Cosmos, when inside the Ground Zero Memorial store with Jon Gold, went out of his way to condemn the United 93 movie and the official story of what happened, dismissing it as propaganda:

However, Cosmos has not gone on the record to question specifically what happened to Mickey, and exactly how he died.

At the very least, ladies and gentlemen, the credibility of Cosmos is now in serious doubt.  For many years he claimed family member status of a 9/11 victim, and is now unequivocally on the record as changing his story.

Why would a person lie about being a 9/11 family member?

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Keenan's picture

Holy crap!

Good find, Adam. I've always wondered why Cosmos, who, on the one hand, claims to believe in primarily MIHOP positions on 9/11, has blatantly and unequivocally allied himself with all the LIHOP frauds on TrueFaction and Blah-ger, and provides one of the last refuges for these scoundrels. This strangeness with the whole nephew thing, combined with his history of sock puppetry on GNN, seems to provide further consistency of Cosmos' apparent tendency to lead double lives...

Keenan's picture

Andrew Bernstein

According to the AICN writeup linked to above, Andrew Bernstein is a Creative Executive at Paul Schiff Productions, a film production company in Culver City, which is near Los Angeles.

Cosmos, on the other hand, has apparently lived in the San Francisco Bay area during the last 9 years since 9/11, and is credited with starting the Northern California Truth Alliance. As Culver City is at least 450 miles, or a 7 hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area, it would appear highly unlikely that Andrew Bernstein and Cosmos are the same person.

Doing a Google search on ["Andrew Bernstein" "Paul Schiff Productions"], the search results do not bring up any more information on this person, beyond what Adam posted on a couple of blog sites, and the original AICN article.

gretavo's picture

maybe Cosmos and Andrew B. are cousins...

...who have never met, like the Chertoffs? :)

This is some great reporting, Adam. Just add it to Cosmos' rap sheet...

gretavo's picture

found A. Bernstein!

Cosbos's picture

word to ur uncle, Y$T!

ima smoke a huge bowl in honor of "Uncle" Mickey right now, yo. an to all u hataz, when I talk about my "Uncle" Mickey like I did at a recent conference down under I *always* say "Uncle" instead of Uncle, so people are clear that he wasn't really my uncle, just a family friend. anyway, peace-pudding-shizzle-pops--im out.

Keenan's picture

always wondered what "YT" stood for...

Anybody know why "Cosmos" uses this "YT" handle, or what it refers to? And yes, Adam, Cosmos does seem to be strangely secretive about his true identity (while having no problem being a total hypocrite in regards to not respecting other people's anonymity). You'd think that if someone was purporting to be family member status of a 9/11 victim, they'd want to use their true identity, for status. Also, by claiming to be a specific family relation to a specific 9/11 victim, they must know that people will attempt to track down and verify which family member they could be, and that they will eventually be busted if they are a fake. What a pathetic fraud this character is, and definitely not the brightest bulb in the box. His low IQ makes me doubt he could be an actual agent, but there is no doubt he is a total fraud.

Jpass's picture


It means "Whitey" like the color. Check his 25+ usernames out from GNN. One is Whitey.

gretavo's picture

GNN is such an Op

from Wikipedia

Guerrilla News Network, Inc. (GNN) was a privately owned news web site and television production company that declares as its mission to "expose people to important global issues through cross-platform guerrilla programming." [1] This is accomplished through the production of original articles, reporting and multimedia, as well as republishing of commentary and news articles from a number of sources including other progressive commentary sites, mainstream news agencies, and blogs. GNN also hosts blogs for registered users and a discussion forum, and may in the future feature collaborative user-driven investigations and user-submitted photo- and videojournalism. The company also produces feature documentaries, books and music videos.

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2.5 Books
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6 References

[edit] Background
GNN was founded in 2000. Their headquarters are in New York City and they have production facilities in Berkeley, California. GNN has produced a series of award-winning short web films about such subjects as the CIA's involvement in the drug trade during the 1980s and genetically engineered foods. They also have produced two feature documentaries, numerous music videos, and one book. GNN's web site,, is user driven; users/contributors receive a free blog page. GNN allows submissions of original content in the form of 'articles.' These must be wholly original, sourced, and accompanied by a photograph or illustration. GNN publishes submissions based on a voting system, wherein users/contributors who have had more publications on GNN have more voting weight. Submissions with enough votes are published to the front page, while everything else remains on its creators page until getting enough votes. GNN also publishes headlines.

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As of January 11th, 2010, the site directs all page requests, with the exception of links to uploaded PDF's on GNN's servers, to several slightly different though similarly stylized "goodbye" pages. There is no place or means to log in.

GNN is now closed both to the general public and members/contributors and page requests now result in a black screen with the phrase:

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The current page is a countdown counter to October 19, 2010 21:41:00 which is the expiration date of the domain name registration.

gretavo's picture

GNN=doomsday cult?

Lord knows what kind of wackos they've been grooming behind that iron curtain--beware truthers! Not only will the mainstream pretend GNN were a bunch of 9/11 truther nuts, but the LIHOPpers will find a way to spin whatever happens almost as if they knew beforehand what was going to happen!

gretavo's picture

oh, and their voting system...

that determined what got published on the front page would seem to have been ideal for people with multiple accounts to decide what got front paged....

gretavo's picture

fraud on top of fraud

Not only has YT/Cosmos falsely claimed to have an uncle who died on 9/11, he claimed as his uncle someone who was allegedly on United flight 93, which almost certainly was not a real flight that took off that day. The people alleged to have been on that flight were probably used as the basis for fraudulent claims on the victim compensation fund the taxpayers funded to prevent lawsuits from getting at th etruth of what happened, who was to blame, etc. YT/Cosmos may or may not be on the take via his "relationship" to this likely fake victim, but simply by being deliberately ambiguous about his relationship he is crapping on the graves of every real victim of 9/11 and their families. They just don't come any lower, shadier, or slimier than YT/Cosmos. I have it on good authority too that he was believed to be the go-to guy for drugs at the Arizona 9/11 (and "Eric Williams' holocaust denial") conference that he attended with Jon Gold, where the two of them spent a good deal of time bad-mouthing yours truly (when they weren't listening to Jim Fetzer speak!)

Keenan's picture

So, he is a black rapper from Louisiana

Wow, this guy gets around. Great research, Getardo ;) I see that you have taken after the intrepid investigative skills of Cosmos' TwooFaction crew in sussing you out as a "CIA agent" by utilizing unnamed, un-sourced unverifiable random intertube rantings, and using the same credible methodology to sus out the real Cosmos. Bravo!

gretavo's picture


these are not mere intertube rantings. as far as I know YT/Cosmo's activities at the Arizona conference have not been discussed in much detail anywhere online, but they have been discussed, as they were not said in secret. I'm not saying that I know YT/Cosmos to have done anything illegal there. Stupid and irresponsible truthing? Yes, for one he was there spreading hate against me (all the way back then, when I'm pretty sure I was still posting on truthaction.) I have no idea if he actually *was* the go-to guy, but it is true and verifiable that someone there was under the impression that he was. YT/Cosmos himself can fill everyone in best, I'm sure.

Keenan's picture

Just to clarify,

I was only referring to the black rapper from Lousiana link as an example of random intertube rantings and weak associations. I have no doubt that the reports of his Arizona shenanigans are factual and should be exposed as more examples of Cosmos' hypocrisy.

gretavo's picture

Fake 9/11 Victim Family Member Cosmos/YT Busted, Starts Sweating

"Admit nothing, deny everything, make counteraccusations"

"This tactic turns hit pieces to our advantage."

YES, exactly! That is the purpose of the Hit Pieces section and I'm excited about it.

"So, we need to remember that these Sunstein-esque 'academic' analyses have a specific psychological attack built in: sowing division and distrust among 9/11 truthers. If you can get truthers to accuse each other of being "agents" and "infiltrators", attention shifts from the message over to the messenger, and the perceived worth of 9/11 research will then rest upon how far it diverges from the official account, not upon the accuracy, diligence and verifiability of the research."

Everyone needs to read that 50 times.
Submitted by YT on Sun, 08/29/2010 - 7:56pm.

Oh YEAH, Cosmos? Isn't that what you and your friends are doing here?

And didn't you or one of your comrades write an email to my employer calling yourself "Anthony Bale" and complaining about me to them? Yes, I'm quite sure it was someone from truthaction who did that, and I'm happy to report that it was given the circular file treatment. So what motive could YT/Cosmos have for claiming to be against "snitchjacketing" and engaging in it himself? Um, maybe to cover for his own reprehensible fraud?

Keenan's picture

'Cosmos' responds with denials and obfuscation

What a pathetic liar this 'Cosmos' is. Check out his weak attempt to obfuscate the issue:

Cosmos said...

Yes, Mark Rothenberg was known to me as "Uncle Mickey" when I was growing up. I don't speak about Mickey much, but usually when I do I'm careful to point out that he was a close family friend, not a blood relative - specifically for the purpose of heading off the kind of smear that Barrett is engaging in here. That's why I've never referred to myself as a "9/11 family member", despite the fact that Mickey was, for all intents and purposes, family.

My bio is available here:

Aside from that, I'll let my actions speak for me!

August 30, 2010 7:34 PM

Sorry, Cosmos, but you have not "been careful to point out that he was a close family friend, not a blood relative", by any means. You have been doing the exact opposite. Why are you pretending that your dishonest behavior is not on record for all to see? You must be really sweating and red as a beat now as your game has been exposed and your credibility capital has been bankrupted. How pathetically lame you are, 'Cosmos'.

gretavo's picture

the question is...

is he really "careful to point out that he was a close family friend"? I haven't seen evidence of that. I guess exploiting a *fake* uncle who died on 9/11 *is* better than exploiting a real uncle but the problem is with the exploitation itself. YT/Cosmos poses as a "superactivist" in an attempt to drum up enough donations to sustain his truth-disruption activities. That he does so by advertising his association with a 9/11 victim (of the dubious "plane passenger category) is what is particularly distasteful about this person. That he doesn't actually GET ANY donations is what is so pathetic about him. He's getting more pimping for "his" new little site on 911blogger than a [insert inappropriate analogy here] and it is still going to fail. Real truthers are no longer rare--they are the majority and anyone following the truth movement can figure out what's what. We (real truthers) won a while ago--everything since then has just been seeing things through to a responsible conclusion.

Annoymouse's picture

the question is...

Don`t you have anythong better to do?

Keenan's picture

'I'll let my actions speak for me!"

This is a statement from Cosmos that I wholeheartedly agree with. We should definitely let Cosmos' actions speak for him. Here are just some of Cosmos' actions that should indicate what kind of character and lack of integrity constitutes the sum total of this 'Cosmos' fraud:

• Continues to provide a forum that is used as a platform for unsubstantiated gossip and baseless accusations against hardworking 9/11 truth advocates who don't happen to share his LIHOP clique's positions

• Has lied about being a family member status of an alleged 9/11 victim

• Has snitchjacketed his critics while hypocritically denouncing such behavior

• Has disrupted 9/11 events and participated in smear campaigns agsint people who are not part of his LIHOP clique

Others here can add many other examples of Cosmos' behavior that should help us to assess his character, utilizing the old and true adage "Ye shall know them by their fruits."

gretavo's picture

Adam, I wonder...

...given that you admitted to using sock puppets at 911blogger (arguing that they were so obviously fake it was OK) and, if I remember correctly, admitting it probably was not helpful, can you clarify for our critics what your feelings are now on sockpuppetry in the truth movement? Don't mean to put you on the spot, just thought we might pre-empt the braying from the 'Faction...

Adam Syed's picture

sock puppets


Not quite. I did not "[admit] to using sock puppets at 911blogger." I admitted to the fact that over here, I posted as "insane hussein" (from this account at which I'm currently logged in) and that was primarily because of the cold war between the two sites.

Now, I own up to the fact that I engaged in some immature behavior using that alias over here, by way of praising myself (my 911blogger posts) in the third person. The reason I was basically doing that was to let off steam; I admit that on the CIT threads over there, seeing my completely logical and rational comments get voted down into the cellar took a bit of a psychological toll on me, and I knew that since that faction lurks here, that it would jerk their chain to see those over-the-top posts praising Adam Syed. Admittedly, in hindsight I realized that all it did was make me look silly when caught, and I regret that.

But I've certainly never used, let alone admit to using, multiple accounts on the same site.

I did post for the longest time at 911Blogger as "kameelyun," but that account was one in the same with the account that was later renamed to Adam Syed. The reason I changed it was because I had reached a point in my truthing evolution where I decided it would be best, for a number of reasons, to use my real name, particularly as I was criticizing anonymous bloggers like Arabesque trying to speak for the movement. Anyway, when the change was made, I clearly stated that I was the person who was known as kameelyun, in a prominently viewed comment that actually got plenty of up votes.

So, my position on sock puppets: Obviously using 5 or 6 or 25 accounts at the same site, in order to have conversations with ones' self and create the impression there really are many people posting, is totally uncool and unacceptable.

gretavo's picture

fair enough, but I want to be clear...

"Now, I own up to the fact that I engaged in some immature behavior using that alias over here, by way of praising myself (my 911blogger posts) in the third person."

This was always the biggest problem afaic. Call it immature behavior if you will, I call it credibility-damaging behavior. Good truthers know what a field day fake truthers and others have with anything they think can be used to distract or discredit. Sorry if I got any specifics wrong but the basic facts are as I remember them--you admitted to talking about yourself in the third person online in a way that you yourself admit was not particularly convincing. You did not gain anything from this except perhaps a momentary cathartic release. Our critics now collectively judge us based on their--not your--interpretation of your actions. I think you make good contributions to the truth movement, Adam, I just don't like having to worry about you going Fetzal on us is all.

gretavo's picture

oh and this...

When you apologized to Jon Gold at 9/11 blogger,did you really have no better way to respond to this?


But the individuals that post on WTCD do not care about this cause. They care more about me than this cause. Reprehensor did the right thing by banning those individuals. Perhaps loosenuke can post, again, the site where Reprehensor explained himself. All I know is that it wasn't censorship. It was being responsible.

I'll accept your apology, but listen to every word in this interview.
Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.
Submitted by Jon Gold on Thu, 01/14/2010 - 9:13pm.

Good, I'm glad you accept.

One of the things that leads to tempers boiling which can result in negative personal things being said, is the inability to agree to disagree.

When people disagree to disagree, nothing productive ensues.

When people agree to disagree, things can move forward.

The fact that I have an account at WTCD does NOT mean I endorse or support everything that's posted there. But other people have posted some good stuff there. It was there, for example, that I found out about Rodriguez' story of seeing one of the hijackers in the WTC months before the attacks, which I suspect might be ground work for the fall back of "al Qaeda planted the explosives."

Incidentally, Paul Tassopulos e-mailed me the link to the Roberts - Gold interview a few nights ago before it was posted here, and I have listened to the whole thing.

In principle, I absolutely agree with you that "bad info" should not be promoted. Where we have so far "disagreed to disagree" is on what we consider bad info. Because you're so positive in your own mind that CIT is "disinfo" and that anyone defending them should be automatically suspect, which would include me, this has led to tensions. You have accused my defense of CIT's work as "tacking on years to this cause." It is of course your right to believe this and my right to disagree.

Once again, agreeing to disagree is a good thing and absolutely necessary when working within a large movement which is bound to have many different points of view and differences of opinion.

After all, anyone who watched Jesse Ventura's final episode last night knows that all of us only have 2 more years to live anyway. ;-)
Submitted by Adam Syed on Thu, 01/14/2010 - 10:29pm.

As far as I'm concerned...

Anyone that brings attention to that site should not be trusted. Period. Since you have been shown countless times by me, Erik, and others that the information you are promoting with regards to CIT is "bad info," and still continue to promote it, I have to question your intentions. I do not trust you Adam. I accepted your apology because it is the "right thing to do," but that doesn't mean I think you should continue doing what you're doing. Please STOP what you're doing, because it's not helping, and it's taking up valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere.
Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? The facts speak for themselves.
Submitted by Jon Gold on Fri, 01/15/2010 - 9:01am.

Adam Syed's picture

Ah, now I understand

why you took exception to that, upon rereading it.  I said

The fact that I have an account at WTCD does NOT mean I endorse or
support everything that's posted there. But other people have posted
some good stuff there.

Yes, I probably should have proofread that better since it comes across as implying that I'm distancing myself with everyting you yourself post or promote, or virtually everything.  That's hardly the case.  I've enjoyed much of what you've written over the years.  There are instances where  I can't say I agree with you or endorse a particular personal theory of yours (i.e. I'm not convinced that JG works for Lucky Larry as you seem to be; you've posted shopped images of the two with arms around one another with some sort of "faithful as a dog" [or whatever the words were] caption) but that's inevitable between any two people on any site, really.  But on the whole, I think you make good contributions to the blogosphere, as you do of I.

So THAT'S why you defriended me!  Wink

gretavo's picture


"the individuals that post on WTCD do not care about this cause. They care more about me than this cause. Reprehensor did the right thing by banning those individuals."

I don't expect that you will agree with everything (or anything) I say, Adam, but when someone accuses everyone on this site of not caring about 9/11 truth, that we care more about Jon Gold than the truth, or that we were banned for good reasons, it kind of shocked me that you would let all those things slide and instead defend yourself by alluding to the fact that some people post some good things here.

Not only do the individuals who post here care about 9/11 truth, they care enough to speak out against saboteurs like Jon Gold despite the end result of being marginalized, ostracized, and libeled. It's those who choose to "stay above the fray" and allow the fake truth/LIHOP charade to live on and try to usurp the real truth movement who I would argue don't care enough about this cause.

I can accept the way you handled that on the assumption that you are a "comrade" in the truth movement with whom I sometimes disagree, but I can't accept that from someone I consider a friend, which is why I defriended you (on facebook.) As far as I'm concerned it's water under the bridge and I do welcome your contributions to the movement.

Adam Syed's picture


Naturally, if I had said "no Jon, they DO care enough about the cause to speak out against saboteurs like yourself" or anything close, I would have been banned in January instead of May, so sure, in order to remain unbanned for a little while longer, I gave the much more wishy washy answer. I compromised myself so I could continue to speak truth to power about the Pentagon attack.

Also, while I'm not in any firm agreement that Gold is a paid saboteur, in particular one who works for Lucky Larry, I do think Jon absolutely falls under the category, to paraphrase KB: "If you're not an op, you might as well be." Because whether he's an op or a dupe, the functionality of his presence remains the same: discord and gatekeeping. Based on the evidence I've seen, Jon seems to simply be an ego-driven, obstinate dupe. The kind of person about whom the *actual* agents are high-fiving each other in the lunchroom over the fact that they're saving money by NOT having to employ this guy.

A classic example: in 2009, he butted in to one of those marathon Pentagon discussions, and said, "A question for CIT supporters: How do they explain the witnesses who say they saw a plane?" IMHO, were he a professional operative, he would not have asked such an embarrassingly ignorant and dumb question. More likely, he had been duped by people like Vic Ashley into believing that Craig and Aldo are "no planers" in the WTC/holograms sense. Which is not surprising given that Victoria conflates the two with every opportunity she possibly can (including the current thread announcing the advent of the three new truth groups).

My own opinion: The people who I deeply suspect of being on the payroll include:

Hoffman and Ashley, Brian Good (truebeleauger) , Erik Larson, Justin Keogh, Julian Ware, jimd3100, Frank Legge, John Albanese, Cosmos.

I think the following are people who've been successfully duped by the above list:

Jon Gold, Chris Sarns, Zombie Bill Hicks, Arcterus, Scott Ford, LeftWright, Hoz Turner (PersianPaladin) John Bursill, and others I'm sure I'll think of later.

Keenan's picture

interesting list, and some history

I didn't know truebeleauger was Brian (stalker) Good. Interesting...

Hoffman, Ashley, Cosmos, and Brian Good are all San Francisco Bay Area residents, so they obviously formed the early tight crew of the TrueFaction clique. The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance was one of the first local 9/11 truth groups to form and has always been one of the most active, so it would make sense that it would be the target of infiltration.

Carol Brouillet, who I respect, was one of the original founders of the group back in 2002. Cosmos apparently was also an early member (I used to respect Cosmos up until 2 or 3 years ago). Hoffman and Victoria appeared around 2003.

By 2006, after the group had become dominated by a certain few LIHOPpers and Hoffman's Pentagon disinfo, several people split from that group and formed an alternative group, essentially a 'Real Truth' group alternative to the obviously infiltrated main group. Around 2007-2008 even Carol Brouillet became alienated from the group she started because of this Brian Good stalker guy who apparently had an obsession with Carol and wouldn't stop harassing her. Lots of weird crap with that group.

I was really disgusted with the group after they disrupted David Ray Griffin's talk in March of 2006 in Oakland. Jim Hoffman's crew sent an army of truth police that descended on the event, all wearing pre-printed t-shirts directing people to go to Hoffman's web sites, and shoving flyers into everybody's hands as people arrived to buy tickets. The flyers, although not mentioning Griffin by name, warned people to beware of hoaxes such as the claim that something other than Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. Since David Ray Griffin, of course, argues that it couldn't have been AA77 that hit the Pentagon, it's no secret who this was directed at. The flyers also attempted to discredit the movie Loose Change which was to be shown after Griffin's talk. Imagine, trying to sabatoge someone else's event like this. Because of this blatant attempt by Jim Hoffman's crew to create discord and division, Griffin decided not to talk about the Pentagon issue.

Where would you put Michael Woolsey and Nicholas Levis?

Annoymouse's picture

How can I get a hold of you

How can I get a hold of you in a private format? I may have some inside info regarding this whole Cosmos thing.

Adam Syed's picture


gretavo's picture

Kevin Barrett giving 911truthnews more publicity than necessary.

I think KB is a prime candidate for being controlled opposition to the controlled opposition that is LIHOP. The fact that YT/Cosmos is a sleaze is a reason to talk about YT/Cosmos, not about a site they're desperately trying to make relevant. Over at the shill farm Jon Gold is still referring to Cosmos' Uncle Mickey (because of course no one would ever take that to mean his real uncle, which would be totally dissing the family members, right Jon?)

Keenan's picture

How's that?

can you give an example of how KB is talking more about the fake LIHOP site than about YT/Comos in order to serve as controlled opposition?

Keenan's picture

LOL! Classic John Albaloney BS

Posted on TrueFaction today:


PostPosted: Tue Aug 31, 2010 1:46 pm

wow. questioning someone's loss of a loved-one. that is so off limits and out of bounds it isn't even funny.

i think it is ironic that Kevin Barrett is questioning the definition of "family" when he himself was arrested for physically assaulting his son and violating a restraining order put in place by his wife. He is not exactly husband/father of the year - is he?

and THAT is not just a rumor. THAT is a matter of public record.

i suppose he threw the 'stalking' claim in just for dramatic effect.

yup - we talk about kevin barrett here. that is not in dispute. But - Kevin Barrett is a public figure who ran for Congress. The fact that he is shocked and dismayed over the fact that forums dedicated to the idea of 9/11 Truth would scrutinize and openly discuss a self-professed 9/11 Truth activist who is running for public office, indicates that he is either painfully stupid or willfully ignorant.

Rolling Eyes

Anyone interested in Kevin Barrett's record should simply scroll thru this thread and decide for themselves if he is being unfairly treated.

But - to reiterate - questioning Cosmos' relationship to someone he clearly loved - and lost - on 9/11, is an EXTREMELY low blow - even for Kevin Barrett. It is beneath contempt and consistent with why so many of us choose to not endorse Mr Barrett as a legitimate 9/11 Truth activist.


I find it fascinating that John A. can consistently mimic the tactics of professional mainstream debunkers, such as using appeal to emotion (even while ignoring the fact that the person he is defending is on record lying about his relationship to an alleged 9/11 victim), while pretending to give a-priori credence to just about all of the 9/11 OCT (pretending to believe just about everything claimed by the party - the Bush Administration - that he holds responsible for the cover-up of 9/11 and who dished out the OCT) while still apparently expecting to remain credible among 9/11 truthers.

Keenan's picture

Cosmos repeats the lie about his "uncle" in Australia last year

In an interview with Hereward Fenton on Truth News Radio Australia last November 11th, 2009, Cosmos repeats the lie that his "uncle" was murdered. When the interviewer follows up and asks him about his uncle, Cosmos does nothing to disabuse him from being under the impression that it was his blood uncle.

The audio is here:

at 6:55, Cosmos begins talking about his "uncle". At least 3 times in that interview, Cosmos says "My uncle Mickey", or "my uncle" and never clarifies the fact that Mickey is not actually his blood uncle.

Keenan's picture

Cosmos and his abusive bully clique isolate themselves further

Cosmos and his insane clown posse are now escalating their abusive circlejerk self-righteous bullying against the rest of the truth movement with their current campaign against Kevin Barrett for what they are claiming is his recent slander and abuse against Cosmos. Using their trademark tactic of demanding that people join their faction and denounce their opponents in lockstep under the threat of being added to their enemies list, they are currently attempting to force Carol Brouillet to side with them against Kevin Barrett in a similar fashion.

To her credit, Carol Brouillet is trying to stay above the fray and refusing to be bullied by this gang, just as Peter Dale Scott refused to do last year when he instead complained about their destructive behavior and admonished them to not "discredit the truth movement by wanton attacks on each other."

John Bursill levied the initial threat and got the ball rolling, butting into Carols's latest blog thread with his disingenuous "I am sorry to do this..." routine:

Thanks Carol and San Fran!

Firstly this is really moving to see and congratulations to all involved:)

I am sorry to do this but as your reading here with this thread and a very good friend of yours and mine Cosmos has been slandered and abused by the one and only Kevin Barrett it is time to get things straight. So considering that you and Cosmos, together were their in San Fran from the very beginning of this movement working for TRUTH.....what do you have to say about this ?

Barrett has used you as a shield for years and I tell you I have had enough of being nice with people like him....cancer is cancer so Carol where do you stand and who is it that you support?

You know that you are very dear to me and us all but on this I must call all to account in the name of truth and justice!

This situation should of never happened but because of people being TOO NICE here we are:(

Kind regards John

Then Cosmos joined in:

Carol, how do you feel about Barrett advocating violence?

Since you're one of his biggest supporters, I think you should explain yourself.

Do you think advocating violence is a good thing for 9/11 truth?

Someone who hosted Barrett at her house recently then posted the following:

Kevin barrett is a fearless crusader for truth

Kevin Barrett goes under his full name and runs an amazing hard hitting radio show that has fearlessly explored many aspects of American and world politics that have been buried by our "free" press and media as well as having written at least one very interesting book on his experience in the 911 truth movement. As one of the very few Muslims embracing 911 truth he is under constant attack from every side, including from his own religious community where many want to keep a very low profile.

On the other hand Cosmos does not seem to reveal his true identity and has issued contradictory statements about himself and his agenda. He has claimed to be the nephew of one Matthew Rotshchild killed in flight 93 at some points as in here and identifies himself as "micky rothschild" and then denies he is that person. This does put a certain cloud over him.

At least Kevin Barrett has never claimed to be anyone but himself and he has exposed his entire family to constant abuse for this cause as well as lost his tenure track teaching post. His personal sacrifices have been immense despite his occasional verbal indiscretions. He also has not ever denied or minimized the obvious controlled demolition of the THREE disintegrated steel-framed office buildings on 9/11 (unlike other "truthers" who continue to cloud this issue with their "open minds").

Kevin does not shrink from examining facts and evidence no matter what the cost and this has made him a sore point with many who do not want certain information uncovered. But I think he is a sincere truth seeker and no agent. Can we say the same for folks who continue to try and turn people away from hard evidence like Thermatethermite and controlled demolition?

Then Cosmos pulls out his vile mud-slinging routine, dragging Barrett's wife, children and family through the mud with his favorite unproven allegations of domestic abuse thing against Barrett:

Read my article

A Response to Kevin Barrett's Attacks

and also read about your "truth" hero grinding his wife's face into the floor after beating his kid:

Barrett Arrested for Domestic Abuse

Of course, anybody who simply takes the word of what's written in a police report and then reported in the mainstream media as if it were the gospel truth, especially when it is against a high profile 9/11 truth personality that one would expect would be the target of a public smear campaign, when they should know better, does not deserve to be seen as anything but a professional shill working to sow discord within the movement.

darkbeforedawn points out:


next will he go the way of Matt Simmons and the countless others who have been smeared threatened and finally killed.
Of course they would try to do this to him.
They do it to all truthseekers and truth tellers who are successful . Look at John Lennon, Ghandhi, MLK and countless others who have exposed the murder agenda.
Kevin Barrett is a man of letters. He deplores violence of any sort. I have personally met his very articulate sons who adore him.
He is fluent in about five languages and reads a number of very difficult arabic languages as well.
He has several advanced degrees. He is extremely nonviolent and the accusation that he would beat his sons is preposterous beyond words. Kevin wouldn't hurt a fly.
He's being smeared and you are an avid participant in the smearing.
You actually align yourself with those who would makes such reports about this scholar and fearless truth warrior.
Shame on you.

Corol has actually talked to Barrett's wife and provided some good counter-points to Cosmos' mudslinging attempts.

Kevin and his wife...

Kevin and his wife visited here not too long ago and I was fortunate to be able to spend some time with them. Kevin never hurt his wife. She got the restraining order, because she knew he would woo her back, if he got close enough to her, which is what happened. She was poorly advised, and should never have gotten the restraining order. She was under a lot of stress. She was impressed by the activists she met on their West Coast tour and is more likely to support him more in the future, if he decides to run again for public office.

The sad thing is that some people fan the flames/misunderstandings/shortcomings way out of proportion and they really make everyone look bad.

I have noticed that the more one tries to do, loudly to get out the 9/11 Truth message, the more one is attacked- from almost every direction. It does take a huge amount of personal strength to withstand not only the corporate media assaults but the assaults that come from one's "community" and the "activist circles." You have to have very tough skin.

I wish we all could be more supportive of one another and not so harshly critical.

Bursill drew a "line in the sand", followed by an excellent response by darkbeforedawn:

Hello darkbeforedawn...

Unfortunately when the biopsy results are in and it reads bowel cancer we have to do something about it!

So try as you may to "cloud" this issue Barrett is B.A.D. news for us in the modern 9/11 Truth Movement!

As we try to step out of the "conspiracy theory world" and off the less evidence based and more esoteric quick sand we were on people like Barrett MUST be dropped or we will fail ourselves and our future!

LINE/SAND step as you will the time is right to know who you are:)

Kind regards John
Submitted by John Bursill on Thu, 09/16/2010 - 3:03pm.

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sorry that's not been my experience of him

And I am surprised that anyone who has watched the statements and actions of various "law enforcement" officials in our times would actually take such statements seriously...
YOU BELIEVE WHAT THE POLICE SAY....without even wondering if they could possibly have an agenda? hmmmm....
what have all the "officials" told us about 9/11? DO YOU BELIEVE THAT AS WELL?????

Submitted by darkbeforedawn on Thu, 09/16/2010 - 3:12pm.

In comes Danse with his attempt to defend Cosmos with his typical straw man nonsense:

"What I can say about the people attacking Cosmos is that they have consistently promoted the most outlandish or offensive theories about 911, ranging from holograms to space beams to “no family members on the planes” to “the Jews did it”. You can make up your own mind about who is trustworthy and who is not."

Well Danse, unfortunately, the fact that none of the people mentioned in this thread, nor at the blog sites that are currently bringing attention to Cosmos' dishonesty over the Uncle thing have ever advocated such theories shows how dishonest you are. Your credibility has just dropped a few more notches.

I think Cosmos and his vile clique of slimy wreckers are in a panic and don't care how many bridges they burn, but I have a feeling that they are about to find out what happens when they finish dragging their reputations completely down into the gutter and alienate most of the truth movement, as they are currently doing. This is going to end badly for this vile group of fake truthers who have no right to the gatekeeping positions they have obtained at TrueFaction and Blah-ger

casseia's picture

Hey Keenan

Could you post this comment also in the thread about "thread hijacking" -- you have a very good summary of the thread here.

Keenan's picture



Keenan's picture

Cosmos now calls himself "a survivor of a 9/11 victim"

Apparently Cosmos is plumbing the depths of distastefulness to see how low he can go with his disgusting attempts to yet again garner undue sympathy/status by implying fraudulent 9/11 victim family member status, crapping on the graves of every real victim of 9/11 and their real families.

He tells this blatant lie in his latest post (someone should upload a screen shot of it before he changes it)

Carol Brouillet, a diehard Barrett supporter, posted her report about the San Francisco anniversary activities on 911blogger yesterday. John Bursill stepped right up to plate to confront her publicly about her ongoing support for this vile, fraudulent individual who decided to attack a survivor of a 9/11 victim right on the anniversary.

Cosmos, are you incapable of shame or embarrassment?

Annoymouse's picture

Cosmos: "I am a family member. My uncle died on 9/11."

Just after the 8 minute mark on this video:

"I'm a family member. My uncle died on 9-11, what do you mean I'm spitting on his memory? I resent that. I really resent that."