The Book on 9/11™--The Ultimate 9/11 Reader

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The idea being to collect the most representative sample possible of 9/11-related readings. No bias except for that which is true and especially *verifiably true*, that does not seek to persuade except perhaps to encourage, by example, people to understand the issue as thoroughly as possible.

What would it include? Who is good on what subjects? What is the basis for the variety of points of view on such an important subject? What exactly is/are the controversy/ies surrounding 9/11 really all about?

John McCain's foreword to the PopMech book? A brief summary of examples of apparently/possibly deliberately bizarre behavior--Fetzer, Wood, Haupt, Shayler, Ruppert... surely there are some I'm preferring to omit/forget... :)

Alright truthers--let's write The Book on 9/11!

UPDATE: This "Book on 9/11" project has evolved into more of a "best of the best" highlighting some of the issues we find to be most relevant to a deep understanding of 9/11. Many of the posts under this heading were taken out of the other "compendium" topics below and so neither should be independently considered complete...