Marxism, Conspiracy, and 9-11

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Marxism, Conspiracy, and 9-11
by David MacGregor and Paul Zarembka
University of Western Ontario, and State University of New York at Buffalo

While left commentators typically agree on the convenience for the U.S. ruling class of the outcomes of 9-11, such as the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and the demonization of the wider Muslim world, many are unwilling to question whether the attacks actually conformed to officially validated accounts. After recalling a prescient comment by Adam Smith that capitalist interests habitually engage in secret combinations, this paper discusses Karl Marx’s account of the hidden machinations behind the rise of Louis Napolean, an understanding now widely accepted but not at the time. Three twentieth-century examples of a public/conspiratorial dichotomy of state actions are then surveyed – the role of British bankers in the rise of Hitler, the failed attempt to overthrow President Roosevelt, and the work of Peter Dale Scott regarding the JFK assassination. The paper thus becomes prepared to review evidence about 9-11, evidence that has cast significant doubt toward the official version. The authors give particular attention to the collapses of three WTC buildings, the numerous war games that were scheduled for the same day, and the evidence regarding the identities of the alleged hijackers. The authors also note how Marxist theory contends that the state operates in the interest of the dominant economic class, yet fails in containing an articulated conceptual distinction between acts of the state that are public and open to direct investigation, and those that are concealed, secret, and indeed conspiratorial.

Excerpt from the new academic paper:
Marxism, Conspiracy, and 9-11
Presented at the International Conference of Political Economy: Adam Smith Today, Kocaeli University, Turkey, October 1-4, 2009
Marxism Times: The 7th International Conference, Rethinking Marxism, Amherst, Massachusetts
November 5-8, 2009

I found the abstract for this paper on the "LeftForum" site where Sander Hicks is currently pimping himself. For some reason it makes me feel more hopeful about the possibility that 9/11 truth could break through to mass awareness than anything I've read in a while. - c455

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Oh that's just great

We got propagandists like Glenn Beck and Chris Mathews calling us out for being "socialists" and "communists" and he even just did a bit on his show (Beck) where he said the "communist" far left "truthers" are going to try and kill the president...

... and now we got Sanders Hicks associating "truthers" and conspiracy theory with Karl Marx? That'll be helpful. I can see the mainstream getting behind that.

"The future is not inherited, it is achieved." JFK

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afraid i have to agree with willy-Lo...

Suddenly Sander... is everywhere, after being relegated to nobody status in the movement for the last few years, and rightly so. Now we have him 1) speaking at the Treason in America conference, 2)holding an AE911truth press conference at ground zero, 3) pimping 9/11 to Marxists, 4) attending the Boston "let the truthers in so we can mock them" Antiwar Coalition Conference, and 5)endorsing CIT.

This is well beyond trying to insinuate yourself back into the movement, this is grabbing a bullhorn to announce your presence and intention to grab the steering wheel. All around the same time as Jon Gold has seemed to vanish into the wallpaper... Consider me suddenly suspicious...

Anyway, a few quick observations about these Marxists... suddenly they might accept that 9/11 was a fraud? How nice. You know what? We are so much better off pointing out to people how hardcore communists, the World Can't Wait crowd, do NOT support us. Some bridges are better left burnt to crisp. So english bankers (and Prescott Bush, of course) financed Hitler? I'm shocked--SHOCKED, I tell you! Ask those fine Marxist thinkers who financed the Bolshevik revolution in Russia (hint: it wasn't poor, vodka addled farmers in Ukraine...) or why Hitler worked with Communists before launching his career as a "national" socialist.


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If you look at Mr. Hicks' website...

... aside from some really poorly constructed bookshelves (I was a carpenter/cabinet maker for 15 years) you will notice down below he mentions that he applied to Columbia Business School.

I've seen tons of these guys before. Guys who jump into the Truth movement because they think they are smart enough to manipulate "truthers"... they do it for a myriad of reasons. I wouldn't be shocked to find out that Hick's Marx piece is something he submitted to Columbia Business School as some kind of appliocation process.

I don't know how many "businessmen" wannabees I have run across in the Truth movement. I hate the breed to be honest. That's why I am not that big on AJ. Got tons of them down here. Our local Meetup was run by one then when she quit (after she got a FEMA contract in New Orleans) she "sold" it to yet another "businessman" who turned it into a marketing list for his "buy gold and silver dollars" business. That guy was an admitted neocon who suddenly "woke up"... just so happens he "woke up" on the day Obama was made president. go figure.

She used to pitch various healing "cleansing" crap when she ran the Meetups. "Toxins" or some such crap. She tried to explain to me that the people who made the "toxins" cleaners were more educated than doctors. My brother went to medical school at USF and is now an emergency room physician in MI. She tried to sell me a "toxin" cleaner that could cure cancer and the common cold. She then went on to start some "healing touch" business. and of course, she had the construction contract in New Orleans through FEMA that eventually fell through.

I see Sanders Hicks as pretty much the same thing

"The future is not inherited, it is achieved." JFK

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goose chase alert?

You missed one of Sander's most recent adventures. I

Misprision of Treason:
How the Meserlian Trial Could Begin a Legal Process to Bring the 9/11 Traitors to Justice

(NEW YORK) On February 4th, 2010, 9/11 activist and forensics engineer Don Meserlian was brought into Municipal Court in Fairfield, New Jersey, on charges of “Harassment” of police chief Mark Deuer.

Meserlian had tried to compel Deuer to review an accusation of treason, in regards to the 9/11 attacks. He presented NY area seismic records from 9/11/01 and scientific dust tests from the World Trade Centre. This data compelled Meserlian to claim that 9/11 was a crime, and to suspect that it was an inside job.

In Fairfield that day however, prosecution, police, and Judge Pomaco countered that the 82-year old Meserlian had been so “annoying” to the police, he was guilty of “Harassment.” Yet, Judge Pomaco also called Meserlian “a patriot.” He allowed Meserlian time to make his case, over the objections of the prosecution.

Meserlian has dug up an old law still on the books: US Code 18 (Sec. 2382). This law prohibits “Misprision of treason” and it applies to all US Citizens, and judges. No one can fail to act, when presented with strong evidence of treason. Meserlian had tested his interpretation of the law by phoning U.S. Attorney David Foster, who agreed that the law gave any citizen the duty to alert any judge regarding treason.

This Misprision statute has been used in two misprision cases from the Civil War era. In those cases, the judges recorded insights that remain helpful today. Treason stands alone as the sole felony our founding fathers saw important enough to define, as they wrote the Constitution. The founders defined treason carefully. They didn’t want the seriousness of this charge abused.

The US Constitution states that the primary definition of treason is to "levy war” against the USA. "Levy war” is defined in the case law, as that which "wages" or "causes or compels" the USA to go to war. 9/11 compelled two long wars. Today there is some saber rattling about Yemen, and Pakistan.

Judge Pomaco kept directing the trial back to Mr. Meserlian’s accusation of “Harassment.” But Messerlian successfully made his day in court about the higher law. To refuse to consider his evidence of treason seemed to show the court was prejudiced against his controversial line of thinking. And yet Judge Pomaco levied no fine on Messerlian for “Harrassment.”

At the end of the trial, Judge Pomaco gave an interesting speech: Don Meserlian was a dedicated family man, an upstanding citizen, and “a patriot.” Pomaco went on to state that the 9/11 attacks were indeed “serious” and “a terrible tragedy.”

However, to interpret Meserlian’s case on 9/11 and Misprision of Treason as merely “tragic” is to assign a maudlin analysis to a scientific case. The 9/11 event, and the subsequent lack of scientific, unbiased investigation, are serious crimes. The US system of justice is in grave crisis. But there is hope. Rational analysis of 9/11 shows a crime that demands investigation. Even the stones cry out for justice. Judge Pomoco tried to show virtue, but his inability to sidestep his prior assumptions about 9/11, and his substitution of sentimentality for a dispassionate review of evidence itself shows prejudice.

Judge Pomaco and future judges will have this problem: the 9/11 Truth Movement’s evidence is compelling, scientific, and verifiable. Meserlian, national director of a new group called the Citizen’s Committee for a 9/11 Grand Jury in 2010, is a lifelong forensics engineer. In his 35 years of testimony, he has never lost a case.

9/11 is remarkable for its emotive power, but also for the crime’s complexity, and a curious lack of judicial review. Rational, clear-headed analysis of 9/11 has lead an entire movement of intelligent citizens to conclude that the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks remain unindicted inside US Military and intelligence. They have evaded scrutiny by most media. Yet, public opinion shows a sharp break with the Bush/Cheney/Obama official story.

The Meserlian Trial is historic. It brings about a new era for US citizens who are skeptical about 9/11. It points us to laws to remedy our need to investigate treason. The case must now be picked up and made to judges of similar but even greater sympathy than Judge Pomaco.

The authors of the U.S. Constitution wanted accusations of treason to be treated with exquisite care. Even among our broken judiciary, surely there is a judge who understands this. It’s up to you and I to go find that judge. Our future starts today.

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Gaaaaah... do anyone's knees hurt?

From the jerking reaction, that is?

*This* blog is about the academic paper in which ACADEMICS attempt to make progress with other ACADEMICS for who Marxism is a theory of history for the most part. This perspective has been the underlying backbone behind things like the Chomskyites dismissal of any kind of conspiracy. It is not about communism, World Can't Wait, or Sander Hicks (although his attempt to insert himself into this presentation at the Left Forum is certainly worthy of discussion in the thread ABOUT SANDER HICKS.)

I haven't had a chance to look for the paper yet (which may or may not be available since it was presented at conferences but not published in a journal) but THIS IS NOT A THREAD ABOUT SANDER HICKS.

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yea sorry about that

I was bouncing around a few threads and realized after I posted I took this one off topic. Feel free to remove my comments and I can repost them in the thread I created.

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Why is it that all of a sudden you expect that I'll let something fly that I suspect to be a way of sabotaging the truth movement? Marxism may not be irrelevant, but neither is it particularly illuminating, I've found. I'm glad that the authors and presenters of this paper have pointed out at least one of the problems (the tendency to ignore secret machinations in the interest of the elite) but that is where my sympathy for this approach ends. I no longer have any faith in analyses that suggest that evil rich anglo saxons are responsible for the rise of Hitler, an attempt to overthrow FDR, and the assassination of JFK, any more than I am to analyses that blame Arabs and Muslims for 9/11. So forgive me for harping on Sander Hicks. I would argue that Marxist academics are so thoroughloy brainwashed by ideology as well as manipulated by forces they aren't aware of that trying to get them to embrace 9/11 truth is an exercise in futility. I have found this to be true through extensive experience in trying to work with people who hold a Marxist view of history. If I'm still missing the point, please somehow direct the discussion in its direction!

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more on this

"This panel suggests that the US Left must forge a deeper bond with this movement. We will explore the commonalities that already exist between with the Truth Movement, the anti-war cause, the struggle for economic freedom, and the vision of global emancipation."

and Gretavo suggests that the US Left can forge a deep bond with their lips on his ass. the Left/Right paradigm is a fraud, which means that both the Left and the Right are fraudulent entities, concepts, etc. my guess is that one of two things is going on... someone wants to associate "the left", 9/11 truth, and anything that sounds nutty with opposition to Obama, since Obama is now a right... no, uh, center-left... uhhh, a bought and paid for shill for a specific group of elites AND/OR someone wants to prepare for the imminent republican take back of Congress
and/or Obama's loss to a republican in 2012 or theft of the 2012 election. WHATEVER it is, I just look at who's involved and let that guide me to what I believe are the correct conclusions... efforts to paint 9/11 truth as right-wingish may have convinced some people that 9/11 Truth needs to affirm a more left-wingish stance but this is an example of a false dilemma. 9/11 Truth should not be lumped together with anything approaching political ideology. Perhaps what is happening is that in anticipation of a break out of the truth the powers that be want to pre-empt any unity from arising out of the shock of the revelations and instead have everyone devolve back into left/right arguments over 9/11 as a way of paralyzing any real change to result.

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Again... the panel is different from the paper

The paper has already been presented twice at conferences. This panel is apparently Hicks' attempt to insert himself into the delivery of the paper at this conference, which is where lip-ass contact is going to be made.

casseia's picture

Whoa... I don't

And I think the angle of Sander Hicks trying to insert himself into this discussion may be an excellent example of an attempt to undermine. But people who give credit to a Marxist theory of history are not necessarily ANYTHING like the Wolrd Can't Wait people -- and actually are a much larger group within academe. In fact, I would say that people who view history as propelled by the collision and interaction of large forces, often economic ones, are DOMINANT in the study of history, compared to those who view it as the story of individuals and small groups and their acts (dismissed as 'conspiracy' by the others).

The point of bringing up things like the financing of Hitler to indicate to people who subscribe to the "large forces" history theory that they have been willing to examine some events or moments in history from the "conspiracy" angle (especially when agents of capitalism are directly involved.) Marx's commentary on Louis Napoleon is apparently another example. The authors are trying to pry open a space in these folks' world view in order to make room for 9/11 truth.

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fair enough

"The authors are trying to pry open a space in these folks' world view in order to make room for 9/11 truth."

Yes, perhaps a particular shaped space is what I'm getting at--one that makes it safe for their worldview. It's almost like tipping them off that they better come up with a Marxist analysis of 9/11 truth before they are totally discredited and can't then manipulate masses!

Annoymouse's picture

that has been my experience also

"so thoroughloy brainwashed by ideology as well as manipulated by forces they aren't aware of that trying to get them to embrace 9/11 truth is an exercise in futility. I have found this to be true through extensive experience in trying to work with people who hold a Marxist view of history"

k o k

willyloman's picture

well... you brought him up...

it's your fault. That's my story and I am sticking with it.

(by the way, do you know what a sleezeball that Sanders Hicks guy is?)

"The future is not inherited, it is achieved." JFK