Podcast #2 -- February 10, 2010

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In this exciting second installment of the official WTCD podcast, Casseia and Gretavo discuss the Portland sniper, treason, and the peace movement...

Download or listen here.

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Is Podcast #1 already an

Is Podcast #1 already an "out-of-print" collector's item? Nah. Though I don't see a link to a podcast collection, intuitively I found this to work:


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do you mean...

http://wtcdemolition.com/podcasts/podcast00001.mp3 ?

Because yeah, your intuition would have been right! I have to make an index of them...

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yes. copy/paste link for

yes. copy/paste link for #2, failed to edit for post. thanks

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love you both...thinking the last one third some how have a "peace activist" in qeue

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i think we need to make our podacasts more controversial

or interesting... :)