WTCD's First Podcast!

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Hey everyone, Casseia and I recorded WTCD's first ever podcast tonight. It's about 40 minutes long, and can be downloaded here.

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re first podcast

I enjoyed listening to your first WTCDemo Podcast this morning. Coupled with my coffee and a cigarette, it was a nice and calm way to start the day.

I never realized that Rosie O' and William R. don't mention Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth. It seems very odd considering both are focused on explosives in the towers. I'll keep my ears and eyes open on this. I thought I remember Rosie O' talking about Richard Gage.

The segment where Cas theorizes on how Willy's testimony of 'bombs' could be used later to explain a bomb plot scenario that fits the official theory about 9/11 was interesting. I think that the destruction of WTC 7 coupled with NIST / US Gov. insistence that explosives were NOT used makes it impossible for the Government to change position this far into the game. Maybe the perps never anticipated having to play defense against 'Controlled Demolition' for this many years. If it were officially recognized that explosives were indeed used, it would be a huge victory for the 911 Truth movement whose #1 argument has always been that the towers were demolished. It would truely be sweet victory for me because I have many friends who think I'm crazy for even considering that WTC 1, 2 and 7 were demolished.

Also, Gretavo, your comments on ICTS made me think about how often I assume certain parts of the official explanation of 9/11 Attacks to be true when there is in fact no supporting evidence.

Lastly, I was happy to hear you guys mention the Pakistan ISI General who allegedly ordered the alleged 911 money-man Omar Saeed Sheik to wire $100,000 to alleged 911 Hijacker terrorists in the USA. And IF there even was any credible evidence to support this allegation...the next step would be to ask 'so what?'. Both the 'evidence' and the 'so what?' have not been answered and so this $100,000 wire transfer allegations are dead as far as 911 Truth is concerned. Or as my buddy says "What's that got to do with the price of tea in China?"

Question: Do you plan on doing these podcasts regularly?

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awesome, it's about time!

how often can we expect these?

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thanks kate and Jpass!

I hope we can be good about doing at least one a week. And I also hope to invite some of our regulars (hint hint) to join in on occasion...

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need #2  !!

#1 was excellent.


sharing until chastised


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In the works...

We were going to record it this afternoon and ran into a last minute schedule conflict snafu. Coming soon to a pod near you...

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two questions

1. Why is it that when I check in on the site, the online users and comments have not been updated (sometimes for days!!!)? This only happens when I am not logged in. To fix it, I can refresh the site multiple times (hardly ever works) or click on the last comment (even if it's days old) and suddenly everything is up to date.
2. When the F is the next podcast?