Revisting Some Israeli Links To 9/11

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What state sponsored the 9/11 Attacks? Much time has been spent by the criminal US Government to blame the attacks on 9/11/2001 on this exaggerated threat of 'Extremist Islam'. Like wise, the fake 9/11 Truth Movement seems just as hell bent on re-enforcing this and rabidly blaming fanatical "Muslims" for the attacks on 9/11. With spotty evidence to support the case, both of these camps ignore or downplay potentially ground-breaking information that could point to the true criminals on 9/11 2001.

This is dangerous policy. It's dangerous to 9/11 Truth, dangerous to Muslims, dangerous anti-war activists...for everyone.

As much as I'd like to believe in the simplistic "Fanatical Islamic Hijackers With Box Cutters" doesn't cut it. Someone literally wired 3 buildings for demolition and carried out the operation on 9/11/2001.

With the demolition considered, the hijackers aka 'Freedom Hating Muslim Fanatics' are only a small part of the picture. This theme was created to deliberately shift focus from the true criminals behind 9/11.

Patsies. It's not a new concept to me. But sites like and other 911 Truth sites seem hell bent on helping the US Government re-enforce this dangerous conspiracy theory about fanatical Muslim Hijackers. At the same time, both camps seem to totally ignore or down play absolutely spectacular leads that point to a state sponsor of the attacks on 9/11/2001.

So, considering how patsies are used to shift blame, lets forget those evil Muslim hijackers for a minute. Lets assume a state was responsible for the events on 9/11 and it wasn't mostly organized by Islam.

Is there any evidence to suggest the 9/11 attacks were sponsored by a specific state? Pakistan? Iran? Iraq? Israel?

We've heard the case against Pakistan. Jon Gold at 9/ routinely presents the case against Pakistan. IMO, there is no case against Pakistan and Jon Gold has failed to produce any verifiable or credible evidence to support the theory that the Pakistani General of the ISI wired these alleged hijackers money. Even if Gold was able to confirm this, there is still a huge hurdle which is showing how the money was used to wire the wtc complex...errrr...i mean hijack planes with box cutters.

Below I've compiled some excerpts from news articles that give the impression that Israel had a network of spies working within the United States on and before 9/11.

In short, on 9/11 5 Israelis were arrested in NJ while watching the towers burn. Some of these were allegedly members of the Israeli military. There is also the peculiar case of Ali Jarrah, the cousin of one of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, Ziad Jarrah. Ali Jarrah was arrested in Lebanon in 2008 and is now awaiting trial for allegedly spying on Lebanon for Israel.

As you read these few segments and consider the implications, you should also remember how conveniently the evidence against 'Muslims' was placed on 9/11/2001. Is this another case of planted evidence to blame Israel for the attacks on 9/11/2001? It seems just a little hard to believe that 5 Israeli spies would decide to dress up as Arabs on 9/11, set up a video camera, and start celebrating in the street next to the towers. But apparently they did.

The Israelis Arrested And Detained On 9/11/2001
The Sunday Herold 2003

"Five Israelis were seen filming as jet liners ploughed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 ..."

"As the World Trade Centre burned and crumpled, the five men celebrated and filmed the worst atrocity ever committed on American soil as it played out before their eyes."

"They were Israelis - and at least two of them were Israeli intelligence agents, working for Mossad, the equivalent of MI6 or the CIA."

"They seemed to be taking a movie. They were like happy, you know ... they didn't look shocked to me. I thought it was strange."

"Paul Kurzberg refused to take a lie detector test for 10 weeks, but then failed it. His lawyer said he was reluctant to take the test as he had once worked for Israeli intelligence in another country."

"...there is more than a little circumstantial evidence to show that Mossad - whose motto is "By way of deception, thou shalt do war" - was spying on Arab extremists in the USA and may have known that September 11 was in the offing, yet decided to withhold vital information from their American counterparts which could have prevented the terror attacks."

"Certainly, it seems, Israel was spying within the borders of the United States and it is equally certain that the targets were Islamic extremists probably linked to September 11."

Israeli Spy Brothers Arrested In Lebanon - 2/18/2009

"Mr. Jarrah’s arrest has shed a rare light onto a world of spying and subversion that usually persists in secret."

"To friends and neighbors, he was an earnest supporter of the Palestinian cause, an affable, white-haired family man who worked as an administrator at a nearby school."

"To Israel, he appears to have been a valued spy, sending reports and taking clandestine photographs of Palestinian groups and Hezbollah since 1983"

"...along with his brother Yusuf, who is accused of helping him spy — and he awaits trial by a military court"

"Mr. Jarrah has said he was recruited in 1983 — a year after Israel began a major invasion of Lebanon — by Israeli officers who had imprisoned him, according to investigators."

"It is not the family’s first brush with notoriety. One of Mr. Jarrah’s cousins, Ziad al-Jarrah, was among the 19 hijackers who carried out the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, though the men were 20 years apart in age and do not appear to have known each other well."

Israeli Spy Brothers Cousin Was An Alleged 9/11 Terrorist Pilot

"When he was seven years old, Israel invaded southern Lebanon, a fact he referred to later in life"

"In late 1999, Jarrah, Mohamed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, Said Bahaji, and Ramzi Binalshibh decided to travel to Chechnya to fight Russian soldiers. Khalid al-Masri and Mohamedou Ould Slahi convinced them at the last minute to travel instead to Afghanistan to meet with Osama bin Laden and train for terrorist attacks. They were told they were on a highly secret mission, and were instructed to return to Germany and enroll in flight school. In October 1999, Ziad Jarrah was filmed at Said Bahaji’s wedding with other 9/11 hijackers, including Marwan al-Shehhi."

"Jarrah reported his passport stolen in February 2000 and received a duplicate, just as hijackers Atta and al-Shehhi had done the previous month."

"He then traveled to Florida, where he enrolled full-time at the Florida Flight Training Center in Venice."

"A month after the hijackings, U.S. authorities also discovered a letter written by Jarrah to his girlfriend in Germany and postmarked September 10. In the letter -- which was mistakenly addressed and returned to the United States, where authorities found it -- Jarrah told his girlfriend he had done his duty.

Israeli Spy Ring Tracking Alleged 9/11 Terrorists
Wednesday, 2 October, 2002

"The paper has uncovered details of a major Israeli spy ring involving some a 120 agents for the intelligence service Mossad operating across America and some masquerading as arts students.

"The ring was reportedly hard on the heels of at least four members of the hijack gang, including its leader Mohammed Atta"

"the Israeli agents were detected by their American counterparts and thrown out of the country, it says.

The US authorities said then that they were students whose visas had expired"

"Just a month before the deadly attacks, the paper said, Mossad handed over to the Americans a detailed report naming several suspects they believe were preparing an attack on the United States.

But it contained no specific indications as to the objective and it was not treated seriously."

Foreign Intelligence Agency Involved In 9/11

"A senior military officer told me that because of the visas and other documentation needed to infiltrate team members into the United States a major foreign intelligence service might also have been involved."

"Many of the investigators believe that some of the initial clues that were uncovered about the terrorists’ identities and preparations, such as flight manuals, were meant to be found. A former high-level intelligence official told me, “Whatever trail was left was left deliberately—for the F.B.I. to chase.”

Israeli Military Officials Arrested/Detained In The USA After 9/11 Attacks (2001/2002)
In November, 2001, Fox News aired this four part series. Tthey said 60 Israeli spies were arrested in connection with the 9/11 attack.
Fox News - 4 part series on Massive Israeli Spy Ring

"Since September 11 over 60 Israelis have been either arrested or detained"

"A handful of active Israeli military were among those detained"

"Some of the detainees also failed polygraph"

"...prior to September 11 over 140 other Israelis had been detained or arrested

"...they may have gathered information about the attacks and not shared it"
"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I can not tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It is classified information"

Israeli Spies Helped Thwart 911 Investigation?

" Israeli based private communications company for whom a half dozen of those 60 detained suspects worked....

"information from this firm may have fallen in the wrong hands and had the affect of impeding the September 11th terror inquiries.

"...some American terrororism investigators fear certain suspects in the September 11 attacks may have manage to stay ahead of them by knowing who and when investigators were calling on the telephone"

Israeli Sayeret Matkal Officer Killed On 9/11/2009 On Flight 11

"Lewin was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Jerusalem. He served for four years in the Israel Defence Forces as an officer in Sayeret Matkal, an elite and secretive unit."

"According to the FAA, Lewin was seated in business class in seat 9B, close to hijackers Mohammed Atta and Satam al Suqami (who was possibly seated behind him)."

(Sayeret_Matkal - Secret Israeli Military Unit
"Members of the unit were trained by Bedouin trackers on the finer points of looking and thinking like an Arab."

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most interesting

What I find most interesting is that the uncle of one of the alleged 'hijackers' is apparently a spy for Israel along with his brother.

So I'm to believe that these two Israeli spies have a cousin who happens to be Al Queada's ace-pilot on 9/11/2001?

And consider the situation right before 9/11/2001 where a bunch of Israelis apparently get caught and hand over all this evidence against the terrorist right before 9/11/2001 and right before they are tossed out of the country.

Or maybe some confiscated secret Al Queada Arabic blue-prints that were used by the Islamic Extremists to wire 3 buildings for demolition prior to 9/11/2001?

What do you suppose the evidence was? An alphabetized list of evil sounding Muslim names? Arabic flight manuals? Maybe a torched passport that would soon make its way onto one of the terror flights?

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Hi Jpass, There were also

Hi Jpass,

There were also Israeli agents caught in Mexico with explosives in a government building around the time of 9-11.

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mo links

India: Who Attacked the Parliament? by Nirmalangshu Mukherji

This is an interesting story about the attack on the Indian parliament 3 months after 9/11... All very fishy, though not as fishy on the foiled attack on the Mexican parliament just one month after 9/11:

If this all sounds incredible, as in "someone is making that up", please note that the Procuradoria General de la Republica (the Mexican equivalent of the department of justice) has a very discreet bulletin where they announce the release of the two detained would-be terrorists here:


México, D.F., a 12 de octubre de 2001
Boletín No. 697/01 



    Respecto a la situación de los 2 sujetos detenidos el pasado miércoles en las inmediaciones del Palacio Legislativo de San Lázaro, la Procuraduría General de la República informa que el ciudadano israelí Saer Ben-Zvi o Saar Noam Ben Zvi fue puesto a disposición del Juzgado Primero de Distrito "A" de Procesos Penales Federales en el Distrito Federal, en tanto que al mexicano Salvador Gersson Smeck  se le dictó auto de libertad con las reservas de la ley, debido a que no se encontraron elementos para su consignación.

    En virtud de que cuando fue detenido  Gersson Smeck portaba un arma calibre 9 milímetros, quedó en libertad con reservas de la ley y se dio vista a la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional en relación al permiso de portación de arma de fuego con que cuenta.

    El israelí Ben Zvi fue internado en el Reclusorio Varonil Norte, pendiente de que se le resuelva su situación jurídica, como probable responsable de la comisión de delitos de violación de la Ley General de Población, previstos y sancionados por los artículos 123 y 143 de la Ley General de Población, todos en concordancia con el 6º. Y 7º., fracción  1º, 8º. 9º y 13º, Fracción II del Código Penal Federal, con lo que se da inicio al proceso penal correspondiente.

Otherwise references to the incident are hard to find, which would be strange even if the whole thing had been chalked up to a misunderstanding...    

To all my friends, please consider the following information with an open mind.  I am under no illusions as to the sensitivity of the subject involved and regret that such an important issue has to be so difficult to discuss frankly and openly. The problems the world has faced since 9/11 have not and will not go away simply because George Bush has left office.  As President Obama said in his inaugural speech, we must all actively participate in the change we wish to see in the world.  Implicit in that call is the requirement that we be well-informed as well as involved, and that means being able to consider facts that take us beyond our individual comfort zones.  In that spirit I sincerely hope that we will together with our new president make good on the promises we have made to ourselves.

The following information was compiled by Dr. Kevin Barrett, an active member of the citizen’s movement for 9/11 Truth.

Why Was World Trade Center Owner Larry Silverstein Never Investigated
for Arson?

David Ray Griffin writes: “It certainly seems beyond belief that
Silverstein, who had made almost $500 million in profit from the
collapse of Building 7, would reveal not only that the building was
deliberately demolished but that he himself had made the

Beyond belief or not, Larry Silverstein is on the record saying of
Building 7 that on 9/11 he suggested “maybe the smartest thing to do
is pull it” and then “they made that decision to pull, and we watched
the building collapse.“[ii] “Pull” is an industry term for controlled

Silverstein, who had owned Building 7 since it was built, took over
the rest of the World Trade Center on July 24th, 2001—six weeks
before the destruction of the entire complex.[iv] The previous owner,
the New York Port Authority, had carried a grand total of 1.5 billion
dollars of insurance for all of the buildings.[v] Silverstein
demanded, and got, 3.5 billion worth of insurance, payable in cash if
the WTC were to be destroyed.[vi] Shortly after putting up only 14
million dollars of his own money for the deal, “Lucky Larry”
Silverstein just happened to skip a very important meeting in the WTC
on 9/11 because, he claims, his wife insisted that he visit his
dermatologist.[vii] Likewise two of his children, who should have
been at the Windows on the World restaurant atop the North Tower
(where they would have died) miraculously survived because they just
happened to be running late that day.[viii]

After 9/11, Silverstein demanded double indemnity, claiming that the
two plane crashes constituted separate terrorist attacks.[ix] He soon
walked away with more than 4.5 billion dollars cash from his 3.5
billion dollar insurance policy.[x] But apparently that four-billion-
dollar profit on his six-week investment wasn’t enough. On March
27th, 2008, the New York Times reported that Silverstein was back in
court asking for another 12.3 billion dollars from airlines and
airport security companies.[xi]

Silverstein’s prospective 17-billion-dollar payoff on a 14-million-
dollar down payment might qualify as the world’s best-ever
investment. But had 9/11 not occurred, Silverstein’s purchase of the
World Trade Center could have qualified as the world’s worst-ever
investment. According to Trade Center plans, 5,000 tons of asbestos
were going to be used in the Twin Towers, [xii] much of that total
was actually used, and estimates of the amount that remained in the
Towers on 9/11 range from 400 to 2000 tons.[xiii] On May 14th, 2001,
Business Insurance magazine reported that the Port Authority had just
lost a $600 million asbestos abatement lawsuit against its insurers.
[xiv] Given that the Twin Towers were reputed to be money-
hemorrhaging white elephants plagued not just with asbestos, but also
with low vacancy rates due to their lacking any modern communications
infrastructure, and that the Port Authority had reportedly been
trying to find a way to demolish them but was prevented from doing so
by the asbestos problem,[xv] Larry Silverstein’s decision to take out
a 99-year-lease on the World Trade Center makes very little sense
unless he somehow knew they were slated for quick extra-legal

When someone buys a dubious, asbestos-ridden property, doubles the
insurance policy, and sees the property destroyed by fire and/or
explosives six weeks later, an arson investigation normally follows. 
If the person of interest were to publicly confess to participating
in the intentional destruction of said property, one would expect not
only an investigation, but also a swift indictment, prosecution, and

Why hasn’t Larry Silverstein even been investigated?

Was Israel Involved?

“Lucky Larry” Silverstein just happens to be a close personal friend
of Benyamin Netanyahu, the radical Zionist Likudnik Israeli leader
who invented the “war on terror” back in 1979, and who is on record
publicly celebrating the 9/11 attacks.[xvi]

Other circumstantial evidence for Israeli involvement in 9/11—or at
least foreknowledge—includes:

*Reports in the Bergen, New Jersey Record of September 12, 2001 that
five Israelis were arrested in New York on 9/11 “carrying maps
linking them to the blasts.“[xvii] The article stated that Israelis
in an Urban Moving Systems van were also arrested after they were
caught filming and wildly celebrating the destruction of the Twin
Towers.  ABC-TV’s 20-20 later stated that the driver of the van,
Sylvan Kurzberg, told police: “We are Israelis. We are not your
problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your
problem.“[xviii] ABC reported that one of the Israelis was carrying
two foreign passports, while another had $4,700 cash stuffed in his
sock.[xix] Not surprisingly, “the FBI believed Urban Moving may have
been providing cover for an Israeli intelligence operation.“[xx] Held
for 71 days, the four men-- Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner
and Omer Marmari were deported to Israel. One of them later stated on
an Israeli talk show: “Our purpose was to document the event.“[xxi]
But how had they known there would be an event to document?

*Carl Cameron’s four-part investigative series on Fox News
documenting a massive Israeli intelligence operation against the U.S. 
during the six months leading up to 9/11. According to Cameron, a
highly-placed FBI source said “evidence linking these Israelis to
9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about the evidence that has
been gathered. It’s classified information.“[xxii] Senate
Intelligence Committee Chair Bob Graham (D-FL) echoed the suggestion
about “classified information”: “I think there is very compelling
evidence that at least some of the terrorists were assisted not just
in financing—although that was part of it—by a sovereign
foreign government ... It will become public at some point when it’s
turned over to the archives, but that’s 20 or 30 years from
now.“[xxiii] (What “sovereign foreign government” has an American
lobby powerful enough to keep such information classified for 20 or
30 years?) The French newpaper Le Monde added details in a report
headlined “An Enigma: Vast Israeli Spy Network Dismantled in the
US.“[xxiv] reported that some of the Israeli spies were
“living down the street from Mohammed Atta’s house.“[xxv] Salon
Journalist Christopher Ketcham was told by a high-level U.S. 
intelligence source: “The problem is that you’re going into a
hornet’s nest with this. It’s a very difficult time in this
particular area. This is a scenario where a lot of people are living
a bunker mentality....There are a lot of people under a lot of
pressure right now because there’s a great effort to discredit the
story, discredit the connections, prevent people from going any
further [in investigating the matter]. There are some very, very
smart people who have taken a lot of heat on this—have gone to
what I would consider extraordinary risks to reach out. Quite
frankly, there are a lot of patriots out there who’d like to remain
alive. Typically, patriots are dead.“[xxvi]

*Reports in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that “that two workers at
the Israeli company Odigo Instant Messaging Systems “received
messages two hours before the Twin Towers attack on September 11
predicting the attack would happen.“[xxvii]

*Reports that Zim Israeli-American Shipping Lines vacated its World
Trade Center offices, breaking its lease to do so, one week before
9/11.[xxviii] These reports of Israeli foreknowledge may explain why
so few Israelis died in the Twin Towers, in proportion to Israel’s
presence in New York financial circles, compared to citizens of other

*Reports that the Israeli company ITCS handled security at Boston’s
Logan Airport, where flights 11 and 175 took off, as well as “every
other airport where planes were hijacked on 9/11.“[xxix]

Speaking of the wide-scale Israeli intelligence operation in the US
prior to and on 9/11, University of Minnesota peace studies professor
Michael Andregg says of the Isreali spies, “They were here—and lots
of them. The question is, why?“[xxx] In his video Rethinking 9/11,
Andregg urgently pleads with the Israeli Prime Minister to reveal the
truth about this operation to the American people.

[i] The New Pearl Harbor p. 176.
[ii] America Rebuilds, PBS documentary, 2002. In 2005, reacting to
9/11 skeptics who had been harping on this quote for almost three
years, the U.S. State Department cited a Silverstein PR spokesperson
claiming that “pull it” meant pulling firemen out of the building. 
The many problems with this interpretation include: The fact that
there were no firemen in Building 7 during the afternoon of 9/11; the
fact that Silverstein has admitted that he made the statement in the
afternoon, when no firemen were in the building (“We Are Change
Confronts Larry Silverstein 3/13/08,”;
and the juxtaposition “made that decision to pull and we watched the
building collapse” suggesting that the decision and the collapse
happened in quick succession, with an implied causal relationship
between the decision and the collapse.
[iii] Griffin, The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, p. 56.
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removal,” (
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September 11th Attack (Goleta, CA: Endpoint, 2002) p. 92.
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a week after it was posted. It is archived at
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in the US,” Le Monde,
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Agents Were on Atta’s Heels,” Der Spiegel, October 1, 2002, cited in Raimondo 46.
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[xxx] Michael Andregg, Rethinking 9/11: Why Truth and Reconciliation
Are Better Strategies than Global War (

America’s “war on terror“—Or Israel’s?

Most Americans think the war on terror was Bush’s idea, and it began
in New York and Washington DC on September 11th, 2001. Did you know
that it was actually Benjamin Netanyahu’s idea, and it began in
Israel in the summer of 1979?

Netanyahu is an ultra-radical Zionist and former Prime Minister of
Israel. He launched the war on terror at the 1979 Jerusalem
Conference on International Terrorism (JCIT), which he organized on
behalf of the Jonathan Institute, named for his brother who was
killed during an IDF raid on the Occupied Territories.

As Nafeez Ahmed writes, the 1979 JCIT “established the ideological
foundations for the ‘war on terror.’”[i] Participants at the
conference included George H.W. Bush, Richard Pipes, Sen. Henry M. 
Jackson, Benzion Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, and many other high-level
Israeli and U.S. military and intelligence personalities.

Netanyahu’s JCIT proposed to deceive the American public, and the
world, by wildly exaggerating the dangers of “international
terrorism” and even manufacturing a nonexistent “terrorist threat” to
mobilize Western populations behind aggressive policies. At exactly
the same time as the Jerusalem Conference (summer 1979) Brezezinski
and the CIA created al-Qaida as a CIA asset. The name “al-Qaida”
means “the (data) base” and refers to the CIA’s database of Arab
fighters that it recruited to battle the Soviets in Afghanistan and
elsewhere along the southern flank of the Russian empire. Ahmed cites
evidence that “al-Qaida” does not exist except as a CIA database and
a CIA asset. (The Arab/Muslim fighters referred to in the Western
press as “al-Qaida” never used the term prior to 2001.)

Fast-forward to 1996. Netanyahu, now the Prime Minister of Israel,
commissions a paper entitled “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for
Securing the Realm.” The paper’s lead author is neoconservative
Zionist extremist Richard Perle.  Co-authors include such neocon
Israel-first fanatics as Douglas Feith and David Wurmser—the same
folks who will lead the “war on terror” propaganda campaign after
9/11.[ii] “A Clean Break” argues for (U.S.-imposed) regime change in
Iraq. Perle will later become the chairman of President George W. 
Bush’s Defense Policy Board, and play a key role in pushing the U.S. 
into its ill-fated invasion of Iraq in 2003.[iii]

When the Twin Towers were destroyed, and thousands of Americans
murdered, Israeli extremists were overjoyed, and the “Clean Break”
plan became reality. Netanyahu himself, asked what 9/11 would mean
for U.S.-Israeli relations, could barely restrain himself: “It’s very
good. Well, it’s not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy
(for Israel).“[iv] More than six years later, he hadn’t changed his

The Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv on Wednesday reported that Likud leader
Benjamin Netanyahu told an audience at Bar Ilan university that the
September 11, 2001 terror attacks had been beneficial for Israel.

“We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin
Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq,” Ma’ariv
quoted the former prime minister as saying. He reportedly added that
these events “swung American public opinion in our favor.“[v]

Netanyahu wasn’t the only Israeli extremist celebrating the 9/11
attacks. A Mossad surveillance team was arrested in New York on 9/11
after they were caught red-handed filming and wildly celebrating the
destruction of the Twin Towers. The New Jersey newspaper the Bergen
Record reported that police and FBI field agents searched the Mossad
van and found maps of the city with certain places highlighted, box
cutters (the same items that the hijackers supposedly used), $4700
cash stuffed in a sock, and foreign passports. The Bergen Record
reported that bomb sniffing dogs were brought to the van and that
they reacted as if they had smelled explosives. According to the
Jewish weekly The Forward, the FBI says that at least two of the
detained Israelis were Mossad agents.[vi]

One of the Mossad agents, Sivan Kurzberg, told the police who had
arrested him: “We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your
problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your problem.”

Why are the Palestinians America’s problem? Was the “war on terror”
designed to convince Americans that Israel’s problems are also
America’s problems? Was it designed to demonize Arabs and Muslims,
who don’t have a problem with the U.S., but who do have a very
serious problem with Israel? Was it designed to trick Americans into
doing what Israelis have been doing for decades: kidnapping,
torturing, sexually-abusing, and mass-murdering Arabs and Muslims? As
the San Francisco Chronicle asked: “Were Abu Ghraib abuses learned
from Israel?“[vii] Did you know that one of America’s leading
international law professors says Israel is guilty of genocide
against the Palestinians?[viii] And if the Zionists are committing
genocide, and using their financial and media clout in the U.S.A to
cover it up, what wouldn’t they do?

Michael Andregg, Peace Studies professor at the University of
Minnesota, has asked the Israeli Prime Minister to immediately tell
the American people the truth about Israel’s role in the 9/11
attacks. “The question is not whether Mossad was here. They were
here, and lots of them. The question is why.” Dr. Andregg, who wants
a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate 9/11, says that
the American people can be tolerant and forgiving...IF they’re told
the truth.[ix]

[i] Nafeez Ahmed, The War on Truth: 9/11, Disinformation, and the
Anatomy of Terrorism. Ahmed’s work on JCIT cites Philip Paull’s MA
thesis “International Terrorism”: The Propaganda War, San Francisco
State University, 1982.
[iii] James Mann, Rise of the Vulcans: The History of Bush’s War
Cabinet (NY: Viking, 2004).
[v] Reported in Haaretz, archived at—-911.html
[vii] “Were Abu Ghraib abuses learned from Israel?
Palestinians think so, but Shin Bet interrogators scoff at U.S. 
San Francisco Chronicle, 27 June 2004.
[viii] Francis Boyle, “Palestine Should Sue Israel for Genocide
before the International Court of Justice.” MediaMonitors, December
2, 2000 (
[ix] “Rethinking 9/11: Why Peace and Reconciliation Are Better
Strategies than Global War.”

Zelikow’s Conspiracy Theory: Was the Iraq War Really a Disguised War
for Israel?

Despite the ever-receding horizon of massive future oil profits, the
Iraq war has been an utter disaster for the U.S.A, as all informed
experts predicted it would be. But, as Netanyahu continues to brag,
it has been a triumph for Israel. All of this was completely
predictable and widely known by experts even before the war started. 
Given all of this, we are forced to ask: Did pro-Israel forces help
orchestrate the war?

Prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Saddam Hussein’s government had
been supporting the Palestinian resistance against Israeli
occupation. Most famously, Hussein had been providing generous sums
for the families of martyrs who died fighting the Israelis. Thanks in
part to help from Iraq, the Palestinian intifada had been
successfully damaging the Israeli economy by scaring away tourists
and would-be immigrants. The Palestinians had even equalized the
casualty ratio to a certain extent. Before the Iraq invasion, “only”
five Palestinians were being killed for each Israeli death. The
Israelis were being forced to taste at least a small portion of the
suffering they were inflicting. After the invasion, Iraqi aid
disappeared, and the Israelis were able to massacre Palestinians at
will; the casualty ratio grew to dozens of Palestinians killed for
each Israeli death.

Did Zionists manipulate the U.S. into invading Iraq? We have seen
that the neoconservatives, most of whom are Jewish U.S.-Israeli dual
citizens, wrote the script for the Iraq war in 1995 with their Clean
Break statement, which was commissioned by Israeli Prime Minister
Netanyahu. Then these same Jewish-Zionist neoconservative minions of
Netanyahu swept into power when Bush stole the 2000 election. Perle,
Feith, Wurmsur, Wolfowitz, Libby, Fleischer—all Jewish-Zionist
fanatics! These were the people who took over U.S. foreign policy in
2001. As a senior Bush Administration official told the Washington
Post in 2003, “The Likudniks are really in charge now.“[i] (Israel’s
extremist Likud Party was the party of Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon.)

Another senior Bush Administration official actually admitted that
the U.S. invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with U.S. security, but
was really about the threat “that dare not speak its name“—the
threat to Israel. That official was Philip Zelikow, then a member of
the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB), which
reports directly to the president. Before that, Zelikow was part of
Bush’s transition team, and co-authored a book with Condoleeza Rice. 
Zelikow later became the czar of the 9/11 Commission and,
essentially, the sole author of the 9/11 Commission Report. As we
have seen, Zelikow, whose academic speciality is the creation and
maintenance of public myths based “searing or moulding” events,
appears to have had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks.

Here are Zelikow’s own words during a September 10, 2002 speech at
the University of Virginia:

“Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us? 
I’ll tell you what I think the real threat (is) and actually has been
since 1990—it’s the threat against Israel. And this is the threat
that dare not speak its name, because the Europeans don’t care deeply
about that threat, I will tell you frankly. And the American
government doesn’t wasnt to lean too hard on it rhetorically, because
it is not a popular sell.“[ii]

Did Zelikow—himself a pro-Zionist Jew—let the cat out of the bag?

Many well-informed Americans think so. James Petras, a widely-
respected sociology professor who has published more than 60 books in
29 languages along with over 560 scholarly articles, argues that the
Jewish lobby has a stranglehold over U.S. Middle East policy.[iii]
Petras is now calling for an “American national liberation struggle”
to free the U.S.A from Zionist rule.[iv]

Time Magazine columnist Joe Klein, himself Jewish and pro-Israel,
writes: “The fact that a great many Jewish neoconservatives — people
like Joe Lieberman and the crowd over at Commentary — plumped for
this (Iraq) war, and now for an even more foolish assault on Iran,
raised the question of divided loyalties: using U.S. military power,
U.S. lives and money, to make the world safe for Israel.” After the
predictable squeals from the neocons, Klein fired back: “You want
evidence of divided loyalties? How about the ‘benign domino theory’
that so many Jewish neoconservatives talked to me about—off the
record, of course—in the runup to the Iraq war, the idea that
Israel’s security could be won by taking out Saddam, which would set
off a cascade of disaster for Israel’s enemies in the region? As my
grandmother would say, feh! Do you actually deny that the casus belli
that dare not speak its name wasn’t, as I wrote in February 2003, a
desire to make the world safe for Israel? Why the rush now to bomb
Iran, a country that poses some threat to Israel but none—for the
moment—to the United States...unless we go ahead, attack it, and the
mullahs unleash Hezbollah terrorists against us?“[v]

Former CIA analysts Bill and Kathleen Christison, in their 2003
article “Too Many Smoking Guns to Ignore: Israel, American Jews, and
the War on Iraq” made the same point. So have dozens of other
respected analysts.

Could Zelikow, the author of the government’s official conspiracy
theory of 9/11, be correct in his assertion that the Iraq war was a
Zionist conspiracy? If he is correct, were those who pushed us into a
war on behalf of another country with which we are not even allied
guilty of treason against the United States of America? (Israel is
not a U.S. ally; it refuses to enter into any alliance with the U.S. 
because if it did, it would have to declare official borders.)[vi]

These are questions that deserve serious thought and investigation.

[i] Robert G. Kaiser, “Bush and Sharon Nearly Identical On Mideast Policy.” Washington Post, February 9, 2003 (
[ii] Emad Mekay, “ IRAQ: War Launched to Protect Israel - Bush Adviser.” IPS, March 29, 2004 (
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(Atlanta: Clarity Press, 2006).
[iv] James Petras, statement on Dynamic Duo radio show, March 28th,
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[vi] Ray McGovern, former President’s Daily Briefer for the CIA,
discusses the fact that Israel is not a U.S. ally, and the reasons
why Israel refused formal alliance with the U.S., in Dahr Jamail,
“Interview With Ray McGovern, Part 2” (



I’m copying something I found on a blogger’s site that is representative of a lot of “buzz” or what one may correctly term “propaganda” that is going around.  this has to do with a possible 9/11 like event that would actually be much worse than 9/11 itself, as it may well involve a nuclear explosion in the United States.  While this could be a lot of hot air, I would not be too quick to reach that conclusion.  There is little doubt that 9/11 was a “false-flag attack” intended to provoke us into war and as the truth of that becomes known the real perpetrators may feel the need to up the ante for fear of what revelations may become common knowledge.  Certainly a bigger 9/11 would put as all right back in the state of shock and awe that has protected 9/11 itself from close scrutiny by more people.  How we respond to such a hypothetical event will likely determine the fate of literally millions of people around the world as it would make 9/11 and the fraudulent war on terror look like a sunday picnic by comparison.

This is an urgent plea for sanity in the face of an onslaught of deception.  If America is “attacked” in the near future be very very skeptical when you are told who was responsible…

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It has been reported today on multiple sourced websites that on-going anonymous threats have been sent out to world leaders within the past 72 hours. Among the threats is that of a nuclear bomb attack in the very near future on United States soil.

Such an attack on America “would make 9/11 insignificant,” said Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

On Barack Obama’s first day as President-Elect, he immediately received threats via US intelligence that Israel are plotting to attack Iran before he is sworn into the White House on January 20, 2009. Russia has also gone into high-gear in noting that they are enforcing their own missile defense systems bordering Poland to counteract the US-stationed missile defense system there.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said, “we will not retreat,” when dealing with the United States in Europe. Former Russian President Putin believes that President George W. Bush has setup multiple missile defense shield systems across Europe to keep a close eye and target on Russia. Contrary to that claim, President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice diligently state that these stations in Europe are nothing but goodwill safety measures put forth for the EU, Nato allies, and American interests upon fending off terrorists, extremists, and notably Iran.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has ignored President Bush and Condoleezza Rice’s claims with triggers ready to attack.

So with Russia visibly upset with the United States and Iran being an ally of Russia, one has to wonder where these world leaders outside of that inner circle are receiving the nuclear bomb threats from. You can go ahead and add in Korea and China into the mix since they have nuclear bombs as well, and are too allies of Russia.

Among the nations that have publically stated they have received the cryptic threats include Australia, England, France, and the United States.

Is any of this a surprise for anyone though?

The now Vice President-elect Joe Biden had some chilling comments to make during the campaign trail just a week prior to Election Day. He repeatedly told us, “Mark my words, mark my words.” Barack Obama is going to be tested with a “generated crisis” within the first six months he explained.

So would an attack on America, potentially larger in catastrophe to 9/11 as Australian PM put it, be the crisis Joe Biden is referring to? Does Biden know something we do not?

Joe Biden also went on to say, “I can give you at least four or five scenarios from where it might originate, and he’s (Barack Obama) going to need help. And the kind of help he’s going to need is, he’s going to need you - not financially to help him - we’re going to need you to use your influence, your influence within the community, to stand with him. Because it’s not going to be apparent initially, it’s not going be apparent that we’re right.”

Confused yet? Well while I can join you on that trail of confusion, I still want to figure this out.

An obvious note of observation is that these high level politicians around the world all seem to be coordinated with these warnings received. I’m talking about Vice President-elect Joe Biden, even former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, another former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and finally Admiral Lord Alan West of the British Home Office as the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State.

Are all these high level politicians preparing the world for a crisis of gigantic fatal measures?

When looking back at the US invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2003 as part of the War on Terror, and most recently the US embarking on attacks in Syria and Pakistan shortly after the Russian invasion in Georgia, you just have to wonder if these events are the prelude to World War III. These high level politicians are certainly painting the picture that way.

So now I take you to the overall big picture:

Russia continues to threaten a new Cold War, with missiles lined up to attack Poland because of the US missile defense shield system agreement that was signed. Should that shield system officially be built, Russia states that they will deploy missile attacks.
Russia has the capability of launching missiles from Russian soil to American soil.
Iran too claims to have the same capabilities in being able to launch missiles over to US soil.
Israel continues to send out warnings that they will be attacking Iran, which would call for US troops’ help.
President George W. Bush has expressed an interest in attacking Iran before his run in the oval office is over because of Iran’s nuclear program to produce nuclear weapons.
Russia will attack US troops and Israeli troops, should an attack on Iran become apparent.
Korea has sent out threats of attack to the United States in the past and they too carry the capacity of nuclear bombs while being allies of Russia and Iran.
You can add China into the list of allies with Russia.

Does this not look like one big circle of tension to you? It sure does to me, and it’s one that is growing far too tight in tension now. As a result, it could only be a matter of days, weeks, or months before one nation pulls the trigger to ignite World War III.


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