9/11 Connections

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I found a website with all

I found a website with all the zionist crooks put together and building the case that it a was a zionist op: http://jewishcrimenetworkdid911.blogspot.com/

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Unfortunately, it seems to be a big punchbowl...

need I continue the expression?

Seriously, it's got a LOT of good information ("A Clean Break," Urban Moving Systems) punctuated by some real crap (the story about two guys confessing in a Jewish cemetery) with a lingering aftertaste of suspicious (big blue stars of david decorating all the pictures). The original posts seem to be from around the time some familiar characters went on their spurious campaign of "bigotry" (read: anti-Zionism)in the truth movement. Frankly, the visual impression the site makes is one of not making a clear enough distinction between Judaism and Zionism.

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Well they did put this

Well they did put this definition in the website.

‘Jewish Crime Network’: The existence of an organized Jewish criminal network is a thoroughly documented fact that goes without saying. The term 'Jewish crime network' does not imply that all Jews are active members of or participants in the crime network; however, distinguishing it as specifically a Jewish crime network is absolutely appropriate and necessary considering it is comprised mainly of rich and powerful Jews (Jewish power elite) as well as the thousands of diaspora Jews (those which reside outside of Israel) who serve in its massive Sayanim network. This crime network is sometimes referred to as a 'Zionist' network. Either term is applicable in my view. It is a strawman to suggest that using the term 'Jewish' implicates all Jews; it does not. If someone says "Italian Mafia" does this mean that they are condemning all Italians as 'mafia'? Certainly not. But it is true that most major mafia figures were Italian, so using the term is absolutely appropriate in order to identify who exactly it is you're talking about. The same logic applies to the usage of the term 'Jewish crime network' or 'Jewish mafia'.

“Jews” vs. “Zionists”: Zionism is the international Jewish political movement that originally supported the establishment of a homeland for the Jews in Palestine. Zionism was formalized in 1897 by Theodor Herzl. Since the creation of Israel, the Zionist movement continues as support for Israel. Among other things, Zionism is a hardcore form of nationalism. Some people blame Zionism for the troubles caused by Jews, or, more specifically, the Zionist elite; others prefer to just name the Jews as Jews. Which approach is correct? The common argument to use “Zionist” over “Jew” is that not every Jew is consciously involved in Jewish organized crime. The common argument to use ”Jew” over “Zionist” is that Jewish organized crime long predated the Zionist Movement of the 19th century. It is in my view that either approach is fine as long as you make it clear you are not condemning all Jews for the actions of some. We are talking about an organized supremacist mafia here. Mafias don't benefit all of the people who may be of the same ethnicity as them. Mafias benefit the criminals who hold positions in their ranks and participate in their crimes.

and had this page on Jews who were against Holohoax and 9-11:

You are spot on re Jewish cemetery story