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Sheikh Saeed - He's Not In Jail!

Al-Qaida senior leader grants rare TV interview
Posted on Monday, July 21, 2008 4:10 PM ET
Filed Under: Terrorism

By Carol Grisanti and Robert Windrem, NBC News

In a rare move, one of al-Qaida's highest-ranking leaders has conducted an on-camera interview with a journalist and, in the process, called for the destruction of Pakistan's government.

It was the first time since 2002 that any top al-Qaida official has taken the security risk of sitting down for an interview with a bonafide journalist.

Jpass's picture Exposes Censorship Of 911 Truth

"It's just that it seems like the Admins didn't want a 9/11 forum from the beginning - the members demanded it. And by not managing it correctly, they let it slide downhill until it became an embarrassment to them and they chose to hide it from view, essentially killing it without really killing it and then blaming it on the members."

Moral Minority - Blogger

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Open Letter To Reprehensor &

This is an e-mail I sent to Reprehensor at to request a comment on the rampant bannings and selective moderation of 'certain' 911 Truth activists at I encourage everyone that has been banned from discussing 911 Truth related issues at 911Blogger, with no explanation or warnings, to ask Reprehensor for an explanation with examples of what you did wrong to get banned.

-An Open Letter To Reprehensor & -

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We Are Strange? - 'Confronts' Christie Tod Whitman

We are Change 'confronted' Christie Tod Whiteman recently. It's painful. I would call this the Jones / Rudowski effect. Listen to the callers as they basically shout "go to jail LIED! Guilty! Murder!". I'm just waiting for someone to call her NWO Scum in pure Jonesian fashion.

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Open Discussion

Any progress on the error message? I constantly receive the error for months now.

And what's up with the still image on the error page? Can't we come up with a better pick-up line then "Germans forced people into labor camps...and that's where the consensus stops" ?

I guarantee that the error page would scare many people away. Not to mention that it really has nothing directly to do with the demolition of the world trade center complex.

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911 Truth Symposium...a lot of emphasis on things other than controlled demolition

The lineup for the New England 9/11 Truth Symposium didn't excite me much. Mainly, Sander Hicks and his latest goose chase called "The Graham Report" is what I have a problem with. I wouldn't even have posted this if it weren't for Hick's being given the stage to discuss the most ridiculous goose chase to date.

I'm talking about "The Graham Report". I've read it. The fact that Sander was asked to speak and allowed to peddle this non-sense just blows me away.

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Obama Supporters Get Truthed

Had a very short lived but empowering experience at UNC in Asheville today. Michelle Obama was giving a 'speech' today. Luckily my ratty "Re-Investigate 9/11/2001" sign was still neatly folded under-neath my couch.

So we arrived on campus and easily snuck up to the front of the 'rally' and got a position almost kind of directly behind the podium on a wall that was being used by some nice Obama supporters.

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SICK, SICK...MSNBC Is setting us up for war with Iran....


Another 'speed boat' incident occurred yesterday. Those pesky speed boaters buzzed towards a 'US Military Contracted Cargo Ship' yesterday and got some warning shots fired on them.

MSNBC is helping setting us up for war with Iran. With nothing more then speculation about the identity of the 'speed boat', this guy theorizes that Iran is just 'testing the US to see how far they can go'. Well, he's most likely quoting Mr. Some People.

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Punching Ladies In Wheelchairs?

I'm going to jump out there and take a guess that the 'heckler' is the same "We Are Change" protestor who was arrested the other day for yelling at the Bush girls. I highly doubt Mr. Talis punched a lady in a wheel chair.,2933,352498,00.html

A man heckling First Lady Laura Bush and daughter Jenna outside the 92nd Street Y was arrested after he punched a wheelchair-bound girl whose parents had told him to shut up, authorities said Wednesday.

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Truthing 4 Hillary Supporters In Asheville

A quick blog about my experience tonight.

Hillary supporters Truthed tonight during her 'rally' in Asheville, NC. She came to town for a political rally.

I started rushing to make a sign at 4pm. I decided to use a sheet with some paint. The sign came out good but I didn't have anyone to hold the other end. I was going to rig up the sign up with a few mic stands but it didn't work. And I didn't want to be the fool with a sheet blowing in the wind, all wrapped up in my own message. My roommate helped me make the sign but refused to help me hold it.

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Controlled Demolition Sends Ventura Into The Ring

Jesse Ventura has been busy selling his book and using these media appearances to talk about Controlled Demolition and the attacks of 9/11/2001. He debated Anthony and Opie, appeared on Wolf Blitzer (where he hinted at run for Senator of Minnesota), and tomorrow he's with Fox News traitors Hannity & Colmes.

Ventura doesn't shine very brightly on Anthony and Opie but it doesn't take much with these two bozos. A match can light up an entire room and a dimly lit room is the perfect analogy for Anthony and Dopie.

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GNN's Continued Hostility Towards 9/11 Truth...Continues

"I began to come up against a fundamental plank in the 9/11 truth movement. And that is that the Muslim jihadists are little more than a prop in the grand plan of the NWO plotters. This is my response to that perspective." - Stephen Marshall

'fundamental plank'???

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Extremely high temperatures during the World Trade Center destruction

A new paper from Stephen Jones and company at

Extremely high temperatures during the World Trade Center destruction

I don't understand much of the scientififc stuff but the ending paragraphs give a good idea of their findings:

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911 Truth FINALLY Comes To Asheville

It's only January and it's already heating up in Asheville, North Carolina. This will be(my version of) 911 Truth's summer debut in Asheville.

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Iranian False Flag?

Did anyone catch the news about the Iranian boats that 'harassed' a couple of US Navy ships sailing in international water?

All I could think was 'fake as hell' when they played the 'recording' of the alleged Iranian audio transmission...

Here is the quote...which is linked to the written article which has the video...a must see.

"I am coming at you. You will explode in a couple of

- anonymous Iranian evil

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JFK Passenger Planes To Get Anti-Missile Systems

This caught my eye the other day. I've become hyper-sensitive to stories that involve strapping new 'systems' to the under-belly of passenger planes.

Check it out...

NEW YORK - Anti-missile systems will be put on several passenger planes flying in and out of John F. Kennedy Airport, U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials said Friday. JFK Planes To Get Pilot Anti-Missile Systems

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Movie Review - In Their Own Words

Movie - In Their Own Words: The Untold Stories Of The 911 Family Members

The movie catalogs an incredible number of pre-911 "Intelligence Failures", post-911 cover-ups & persistent lies to the public and the incompetent application of the War On Terror by the Bush administration. The movie leaves no doubt that "they knew before 911" and demands that someone be fired and held responsible.

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Merry Christmas Or Wudya Get?

Happy Holidays and the best of luck to everyone from in the new year 2008.

Made it to another one..


I got this like I do every year...

Grover was the only guy to get married in the White House and he also served to un-consecutive terms...something his wife prophesized on the day they left the White House during the first term.

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What Do Ron Paul, PNAC, & New Meixco's 911 Truth Candidate All Have In Common?

This Guy:

Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Candidate

Wrote This Book:

With This Guy: Lewis Lehrman

Who Just Happened To Be On The Board Of Directors For: PNAC!

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Strange 911 Truther Freak Out Phone Call

Have you ever had a strange call from an un-known 911 Truther who disagreed with your work? I did but it wasn't as weird as Eric Hufschmid's recorded freak out conversation with Darryl Smith.

I'm not up on the movers n' shakers of the 911 Truth movement so forgive me if this is old news. It's new to me.

Eric Hufschmid

I know Eric's voice from one of the many 9/11 Films I've seen. Don't remember the name but that's not important. I want to talk about a phone conversation that Eric recorded and posted on his website.

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