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More people who deserve to know why their loved ones died...

Hopefully this information that Judge Hellerstein will agree to release will show exactly how the al Qaeda hijackers managed to sneak their box cutters onto the plane.  I'm pretty sure Pakistan was involved in that.  Thank God for these blessed family members holding out so we can get the TRUTH! 

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Stop Discrimination Against Fake Victims' Family Members!

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Judge Alvin Hellerstein does right by 9/11 families and rescue workers

 And all of you haters think he's a bad guy--taking these millions away from the family members who refused the generous victim's compensation hush money was a noble act, even if not immediately clear why...

Judge Alvin Hellerstein does right by 9/11 families and rescue workers

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Cynthia McKinney Nominated by Green Party on LIHOP Platform!!

Great News, eh?! Check out what Cynthia emailed to everyone, and notice how far up she mentions LIHOP legend John Judge. Also check out LIHOPPER Sander Hicks' write-up at 911Blogger!

Hello! Something momentous has happened. The Green Party nominated Rosa Clemente and me to lead their ticket in the 2008 elections. Here are my acceptance remarks:

Cynthia McKinney
Acceptance Remarks
Green Party Convention
Chicago, Illinois
July 12, 2008

Let me introduce to you my family and your Power to the People Committee!

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Boston Herald Supports the Families

9/11 families: Don’t let airlines off the hook

By Joe Dwinell
Monday, July 7, 2008 -

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Incredibly Important Information About Mossadmed Atta!

Everyone needs to watch this incredibly long and totally irrelevant lecture by Daniel Lihopsicker at the Keen on LIHOP Conference from way back in May that no one cared about...

Video: Daniel Hopsicker at the New England 9/11 Symposium - 5/17/08

Hopefully there will soon be video of Sander Hicks who is also keen to promote the threat of Islamofascism and its role in 9/11.  I'm so excited about these LIHOP has-beens that I'm jiggling all over!  Nyuk nyuk!

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City Questions 9/11 Workers' Claims of Illness

Words fail me...  to suspect any of these people of faking their illness is as bad as suspecting any of the deceased on 9/11 of faking their deaths!  As much as I trust Judge Hellerstein to use his Solomon-like wisdom in this matter I can't shake the feeling that the first responders and victims' families are being offended by this, which is intolerable.

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Look at What You People Have Done! I'm Quitting the Movement if This Keeps Up.

9/11... the Truth is Anti-Semitic...

Les Visible

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