Blinken says U.S. received more intel on Gaza high-rise destroyed by Israel

50 min 58 sec ago
U.S. Secretary of State says he can't comment on further information received through intelligence channels on destruction of building that housed Associated Press, Al Jazeera offices

Two foreign workers killed by Gaza rocket in southern Israel

55 min 25 sec ago
Israeli death toll in the conflict rises to 12 ? The victims, two Thai men in their thirties, were working at a packaging factory

Earliest art survived 45,000 years: Now it’s peeling due to climate change

1 hour 24 min ago
Extreme weather caused by climate change is causing the earliest artwork humankind ever did, the images in Indonesian caves, to blister and flake

We just began a quiet year in North Carolina. Now we are glued to news from Gaza

1 hour 52 min ago
Osama is glued to the news and his telephone, anxiously speaking to his family in the Gaza Strip as the onslaught continues ? Post #31

Israeli oppression united Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line

2 hours 35 min ago
The violence in the West Bank and in Israel makes one thing clear: the government can no longer rely on the Palestinian apathy we saw over the past decade

'Set me Free!': Israel to compete in Eurovision tonight, despite Gaza flare-up, COVID

2 hours 51 min ago
Israel's Eden Alene, born to Ethiopian-Jewish parents, will be performing tonight in the Eurovision song contest's first semi-final, held in Rotterdam. She will be singing in English, Hebrew and Arabic

Drones to help Israel track protests, damage from Gaza rockets

3 hours 25 min ago
Israel's new national drone initiative is already preparing teams to launch in the south to follow Gaza rocket damage – and maybe even provide assistance during riots

EU foreign ministers meet to discuss diplomatic solution to fighting in Israel, Gaza

3 hours 58 min ago
The EU, the biggest donor of aid to the Palestinians, has been united in its calls for a cease-fire to end the latest round of conflict rocking Israel and Gaza

Israel intercepts drone near Jordanian border as Gaza fighting continues

4 hours 43 min ago
Israel says it is examining origins of the drone, and whether it came from Syria or Jordan

Arab-Israelis to strike amid surge in Gaza violence; Fatah and Hamas declare ‘Day of Rage’

5 hours 27 min ago
The Higher Arab Public Monitoring Committee says it's protesting Israel’s Gaza campaign, ‘attacks on Palestinians in Jerusalem, Sheikh Jarrah and the al-Aqsa Mosque’ as well as ‘attacks on the Arab public and mixed cities in particular’

Gaza flare-up: 198 Gazans killed in conflict as IDF pummels Hamas targets overnight

6 hours 55 min ago
Biden tells Netanyahu he supports cease-fire ? Israel kills 150 Hamas, Islamic Jihad commanders ? At least 198 Gazans killed in Israeli strikes, as media tower downed ? 10 dead in Israel; 3,000 rockets fired at it since flare-up began

As Israel battles Hamas, fear over the West Bank grows

10 hours 13 min ago
While Israel keeps pursuing its military campaign in Gaza, it might have to face a new front

Israel rejects international pressure for cease-fire

10 hours 15 min ago
An Israeli official says the ‘legitimacy room’ for continuing the efforts against Gaza is narrowing, while international pressure on Jerusalem to end hostilities is growing

Border Police redeployed from West Bank to Israel to quell rioting in Arab-Jewish cities

10 hours 18 min ago
Amid the fighting in Gaza, growing fears over an escalation in the West Bank, and despite the decline in Arab-Jewish violence in Israel, the redeployed forces are expected to remain in Israel for at least a few weeks