911Blogger Front Pages Video Featuring Mega-Disinfo Shill David Shayler

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And Jon Gold posts LIHOP piece (I know, big shock!)

The Shayler video is apparently a slick production and for anyone who fails to read the dissenting comments on 911B will probably seem like a great resource. Problem of course is when they email it to all their friends, someone will discover that David Shayler thinks missiles disguised as planes with holograms hit the towers and that life on earth was brought here by aliens. The poor fool who sends the video then gets mocked by his buddies and never touches anything remotely resembling a 9/11 truth video, site, book, etc.

Gold's latest is a text about how Republicans are so wrong to put the blame on Clinton for not doing enough about al Qaeda, because Clinton was very much aware of the Islamofascist threat, and it was Bush who in fact should be blamed. Not the Mossad for demolishing SIlverstein's buildings, or Silverstein for asking them to. Bush--for being so cozy with al-Qaeda supporting Pakistan and the Saudis for giving birth to "most of the hijackers".

Jon Gold is on record saying that he is not sure if WTC7 was actually demolished, and that controlled demolition of the twin towers, if true, is not good evidence to present to people. He also argues that even if the towers WERE demolished, this should not lead us to suspect that the owner of WTC7 and leaseholder (for the 6 weeks prior to 9/11) of the twin towers had any knowledge or involvement in the crimes. He also routinely downplays the mountains of indicators of Israeli involvement and promotes the "Patsystan" angle, suggesting that because some Pakistani intelligence guy allegedly ordered someone alleged to be Omar Said Sheihk to allegedly wired $100,000 to Mohammed Atta, alleged to be the hijackers' ringleader and that because said intelligence guy was meeting with American officials in DC he must have tehrefore "financed the 9/11 attacks". All this based on a single ambiguous statement by an FBI official and rampant unfounded accusations and rumor-mongering by the Indian press (Pakistan is of course India's arch-enemy and also despised by Israel because they are the sole Islamic country to possess nuclear weapons.

Pointing out these problems with Jon Gold's assertions is the reason that I, Real Truther (aka gretavo) was banned by 911blogger. The owner of that site explained to me quite explicitly that because Gold (a user with a history of sending coercive and abusive private messages to other users who made the mistake of defending me and criticizing him) had been a contributor to his site for so long and had done "so much" to help the cause that trumped in his view any consideration of what I believed to be the truth. After being warned not to reply to each others' posts or comments Jon Gold did just that and was not penalized, whereas I was warned, based on a comment in reply to that onslaught by Jon Gold and his friend and also longtime contributor to 911B user DHS, that one more violation and I would be banned. A couple of weeks later I was banned without warning or comment for reasons that were never provided.

I explain all of this not out of bitterness or sour grapes but because I think it's important that people know the dynamics at play at 911blogger so that they can come to their own conclusions about how reliable and credible the users and site admin there are.

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Gold blogged the money transfer AGAIN (Dude! Give it a rest!) based on yet another mention of it in the Times of India recently.

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ISI Goose Chase

Yea I got into it with him and he told ME to call the FBI & General Mahmood.

My question is why hasn't HE called the FBI yet? And he still leaves out a big piece of his puzzle, the fact that there was a known Al Qeada money man working with bin laden in the 90's out of the Sudan. This guy had practically the same name as Gold's Omar Saiid Sheikh but had a different spelling.

Amazingly, the guy was known to use the same alias as the one alegidly used to wire the money. But Gold leaves this part out.

If he would include this tid-bit..then people would know that the Presidential Executive Order and the 9/11 Commission foot note that Gold uses to confirm his goose-chase about the General of the ISI....are refering to a completely different man then Jon Gold is.

And another interesting tid-bit....did you know that Jon Gold's Omar Saiid, who is apparently in jail for killing / kidnapping Daniel Pearle, went to the same famous London School of Economics that Daniel Pearle's father was a teacher at?

I wonder if they were there at the same time.

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the Shayler video does a

the Shayler video does a nice job of exposing the BBC and lets be realistic for a second, most of the people who you show that video to wont even remember Shaylers name but WILL remember that the BBC is a fraud.

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yes, until someone points it out

Look, people like Shayler and Fetzer serve one purpose and one purpose alone--to discredit the movement. They will always try to earn back some credibility but only fools would let them off so easily. You think the perps won't keep producing their own "truth products" til the very end? Aliens! Aliens! That's Shayler for you, and take my word for it--the perps seed both sides, that's why the little shills I run into in the street have started to use the Aliens! line more often these days.

so transparent! thanks for playing, tho!

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im NOT letting him off, just putting it into the proper context.

my point was that the majority of people who you show the video too will not come away with the name of Shayler but with the knowledge that the BBC is a fraud. i agree that Shayler is dishonest at best and this video is likely just another way of bulding up credibility only to pull the rug out again when he shows up on Sky TV but im just putting the thing into perspective. its a good video done by a dishonest man who i would never promote and when showing or posting his video i always use a disclaimer. fact is, many people still trust the BBC and his video serves a good purpose. yeah, thanks for playing i guess.....

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ok ok sorry

I'm ALL for learning from good work regardless of who makes it, I just think we have to be VERY aware of this particular tactic because it really is one of the perps' best weapons right now.

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did you watch it before you

did you watch it before you posted this? i agree that Shayler is a "disinfo shill" etc. but it really is pretty good work. and i totally agree that we have to be careful and not outright promote somebody like Shayler but i think its ok to push a video like this that takes a specific track(the BBC) and doesnt stray into holograms etc. if you give the proper disclaimer. i think i generally give people more credit than you do though,haha. i just dont think that most people are going to shut their brains off or be completely turned off to the subject of 9/11 truth because they run into a couple of crackpots like Shayler trying to pin themselves to the cause. there is so much evidence, so much information out there to back us up that i just dont put as much stock into the damage that people like Shayler can do to us that some seem to. im not saying dont point out what you think is disinfo or dishonest, im just saying this particular video serves a good purpose and shouldnt be thrown away on account of Shayler being involved with it. this is Chris by the way.

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hi chris

welcome back to the free world. :)

look, i'm sure it's a great docu, because in fact it has to be to get us to help them rehabilitate shayler. how about we just watch it and push the info in it as opposed to the vid itself?

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same thing, if you take my

same thing, if you take my point that most of the people i show it to will not even remember Shayler's name. and also if you think giving a disclaimer is enough. again, i tend to give people a bit more credit than others seem to.

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i wish i had the ability and

i wish i had the ability and time to make my own video about the subject, but i dont. i'll keep pushing this one in places where i deem appropriate and with the proper disclaimer until somebody with a better name makes a similar video.

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Wow, Shayler is a Mega-Disinfo Shill?

I didn't know that. Got a link?

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oh brotha

this is why we need to beef up the wiki! i don't have the link but he started talking about missiles disguised as planes with holograms hitting the towers AND the fact that human life was brought to earth by aliens. this after making everyone think he was this penitent ex-intel agent. Now that he is discredited his partner Annie Machon claims she has severed relations with him but if you buy that one, i have some beachfront property in a landlocked mountain redoubt you may be interested in...

Now, Killtown, I have to be frightfully honest here and tell you that I also consider you to be a mega-disinfo shill. I consider you part of the blatant disinfo crowd (the fake fake truth movement) that helps the subtle disinfo crowd (the real fake truth movement) pass itself off as the real truth movement.

Let's see if I can make this more clear...

blatant disinfo: Nico Haupt, you, Fetzer, Shayler, Icke

subtle disinfo (anti-semitic flavor): Hufschmid, Daryl Bradford Smith, Eric Williams

subtle disinfo (Zionist flavor): Jon Gold, John Albanese, 911blogger admin, Loose Change boys, Alex Jones

I'm sure those lists aren't comprehensive, but I hope people get the idea. Now it's perfectly fine if people don't agree with my calculus here, just don't complain about it being divisive, please. You can all make your own lists and we can have fun comparing notes. You can even put ME on your list if you want... :)

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Oh cool, glad to make your top list!

but strangely I didn't see you in any of those lists. You ain't disinfo shill?

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i've yet to figure out what I am

i think Real Truther as a name is probably overcompensation on my part, but then I don't shy away from exposing the Zionist involvement in 9/11. I guess some people might think I'm subtle disinfo anti-semitic flavor but I make a point of distancing myself from people who think all Jews are part of a big conspiracy to rule the world, and I always make sure that there are actual Jews who agree with everything I believe so I don't know how convincing a skinhead I make...

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Well I just want to know which group to throw you in

since I think you are disinfo too.

gretavo's picture

see, i at least show you the courtesy

of putting my suspicions in context...

Killtown's picture

I'm just trying to show you

how ignorant you are if you really think I'm disinfo.

gretavo's picture

please, i'm slow

can you spell it out for me? am i missing some key piece of Killtown info? Don't get me wrong--I LOVE the Pentalawn and Pentanium Spools--they were one of my first intros to hardcore truthing...

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you call me a mega-disinfo shill

then you praise me. Maybe you should spell it out for me.

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OK then. One method that I've observed over time is that disinfo shills will hook you with some quality work only to then poison the well with some crap that discredits the whole thing. do you know how many people in 7 hours out in public accused me of saying no planes hit the towers? each time i would ask them where i said that and they would point to my poster that reads "WHY DID WTC BUILDING 7 COLLAPSE ... building 7 was never hit by an airplane..."

As much fun as it is to point out to people like that how little they know about 9/11, and reading generally, i can't help but think that people like you are what make those folks jump to that conclusion. Plus, Jon Gold and the Loose Change boys seem to get undue credibility points any time they argue with or insult you or Nico Haupt or Rick Siegel or any of the other blatant disinfo shills. That to me says that intentionally or not you are helping to promote the more dangerous subtle disinfo that is the bane of my truthing existence...

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Funny you praise my no-planes at the Pentagon

but think I'm a disinfo shill cause I also believe no-planes at WTC. Funny.

gretavo's picture

not at all

there is no equivalence. one is clearly true and the other clearly not true. to conflate the two seems like just what the perps' doctor ordered if you ask me. hence my suspicions.

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ah, "clearly" you are right

[roll eyes]

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convince me that i'm wrong

i'm all ears (well i'm all Qaeda Links at the mo) HA!! [roll on floor]

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Oh, Killtown...

I know you've had a hard-knock life amongst the haters at 911b and the Loose Change forum, but here, even though gretavo is honest enough to say he thinks you're a shill, we still want to give you a puppy (or a kitten, if you prefer).

Translation: don't take that personally. Maybe you're disinfo, maybe gretavo is, maybe I am. We're grown-ups here and at least I take you seriously enough as a researcher that I'm interested in what you have to say even if some of it is crap. So relax, let your hair down, and don't come in here expecting (and thus eliciting) the kind of bad treatment you've gotten elsewhere.

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i'll add to that

that if you accept that we will disagree on that, and you otherwise contribute to a range of discussion topics, i will be happy to engage you in constructive dialogue.