Wired for Terror: On the Trail of the Men Who Brought Down the Towers

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On the Trail of the Men Who Brought Down the Towers

General Introduction and Survey of the Criminal Landscape

By "Dr. Lazlo Toth"

August 20, 2007

“Of all the forms of murder, none is more monstrous than that committed by a state against its own citizens... The homicidal state shares one trait with the solitary killer -- like all murderers, it trips on its own egoism and drops a trail of clues which, when properly collected, preserved and analyzed are as damning as a signed confession left in the grave.”
– Forensic anthropologist Clyde Snow, speaking before the May 1984 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

“9/11 is the apparent work of a demonic consciousness associated with the pursuit of commercial profit and materialistic power.” (From “The Execution of 9/11 Shows the Criminal Tendencies of a Nazi Clique” by Iain Mackenzie in The Canadian, April 26, 2007)

During an argument between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, at a well-attended cabinet meeting held on October 3, 2001, twenty-two days after the 9/11 attacks on America, Peres said that Israel’s policies of continued violence might “turn the U.S. against us.” To this, Sharon retorted: “Every time we do something, you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear – Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel; we, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”
– Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (IAP News)

Although this may come as a surprise to many people, including some in the 9/11 Truth Movement itself, on September 11, 2001 there was absolutely no need for any hijackers to actually be involved in the operation. The “Arab hijackers,” Mohamed Atta, Marwan al-Shehi, etc., were all a part of the “false flag” element of the operation. They formed a part of the “back-story,” a diversionary element used to cover the real operators and methods of the operation, and in the operation’s cover-up phase, they were used to support and give substance to the fake story of 9/11 that the perpetrators and participants within the government presented to the compliant, and at the top, complicit corporate media.

Mohamed Atta, or rather the person playing the part of “Mohamed Atta,” was in fact not a fanatical, religiously devout, suicidal, “jihadi” Muslim “terrorist.” According to research articles published just after 9/11 in such mainstream publications as The Wall Street Journal, Atta was, surprisingly, a drunk, cocaine snorting, pork-eating playboy who enjoyed visiting the strip clubs in south Florida, and loved to loudly and drunkenly brag to everyone about how he was either a commercial pilot or a CIA agent. What he actually was, as will be illustrated later in this article, is a “patsy,” a bit actor playing a role, for either American or Israeli intelligence, in a false flag terror operation that was to be officially blamed on “Muslim terrorist hijackers” working under the direction of a long-time CIA military-intelligence asset known as Usama bin Ladin.

As their U.S. flight instructors have pointed out to several journalists, Atta and his other party-boy patsy actors were incapable of even competently operating a basic, two-seater Cessna aircraft. However, the official 9/11 mythic narrative, crafted by Philip Zelikow, would have us believe that these fake Muslim, drunk-ass, doped-up party boys, working under either CIA or Mossad “handlers,” were able to commandeer Boeing 757 and 767 jumbo jets with either box cutters or plastic knives, turn off their respective plane’s transponder, and then fly and navigate these huge aircraft with trained, military pilot-like accuracy and expert handling. These men, two of whose flight instructors used to privately refer to them as “dumb” and “dumber,” were supposedly able to consecutively hit two towers from a distance, at high speed, using large, lumbering commercial aircraft, on their very first tries, without even so much as a single simulator rehearsal. To understand the serious real-world physics vs. real-world skills problem here, think of a man, who has only thrown a football a couple of times in his life, and not very well either. Suddenly, he steps into a live pro game as the starting quarterback, and right out of the gate, he throws two back-to-back 60 yard touchdown passes, both times hitting his receivers with the ball right in their hands while running at high speed. A few days after 9/11, a professional commercial airline pilot and instructor who later became a founder of pilotsfor911truth.com had his already highly trained students get inside a professional Boeing 757 flight simulator for a little experiment. He loaded the New York skyline, with the twin towers visible in the distance, and had each of his students try to fly their Boeing 757s into either of the WTC towers. After ten tries each, none of them could hit either tower. They kept repeatedly missing their targets, although a couple of them came fairly close. In other words, they could not put the ball, thrown or flown from a distance, into the pass receiver’s hands. After each of his students failed to hit the towers, the flight instructor, a man with 20 years experience as a professional, commercial pilot flying Boeing 757s, tried to hit the towers like the “Arab terrorists” with only rudimentary Cessna training did, and it took him ten tries. After each failure, he, of course, had the luxury of adjusting his pass, I mean, his flight path. On the tenth attempt, he was able to finally get a hit.

When pilots of large commercial aircraft land on an airport’s runway, they are electronically guided in, especially so in bad weather, so in the case of the WTC towers, it could be technologically assumed that for either of those two planes (AA11 or UA175), without any prior rehearsals, to be able to consecutively hit both towers dead-on, without a miss, something at the points of impact in both twin towers, or in WTC7, was sending out an electronic guidance signal, and, because no competent, suicidal Arab hijackers with Boeing 757 flying experience were on hand, it could also be technologically and operationally assumed that some type of aeronautical remote control system using pre-programmed GPS target coordinates was involved in all four “hijacked” flights on 9/11. Later on in this article, a previous Israeli prototype of just such an operation will be briefly examined. Employing technology in such a way, as was done by the men behind the 9/11 operation, these four planes were still technically “hijacked,” but not by anyone physically on board the flight.

Although this five-part article is primarily about putting together an interrogation into the subject of who are the most likely planners, facilitators, and operators behind the controlled demolition of the “Twin Towers” and WTC7 on September 11, 2001, one of our “persons of interest” in this criminal case happens to be someone who is a colleague of some of these other gentleman involved, fully shares their geo-political agendas, and, interestingly enough, also happens to have free access to one of the most sophisticated aeronautical remote control systems on the planet. This fact, I’m sure, most likely acted as a deciding factor in his not being interviewed by the “9/11 Philip Zelikow Commission.” Zelikow had a strict policy of not bringing his friends in for interviews. It is thus important to understand the ways in which the actual conspirators behind 9/11 are connected -- logistically, financially, and ideologically -- and that the people who handled the aeronautical remote-control aspect of 9/11 were also intimately connected to the people handling the remote controlled demolition of structures on 9/11. In the timing sequence of:

1) large sub-basement explosion followed one second later by

2) airplane crashing into the top of the tower, as experienced by 9/11 hero William Rodriguez, we see evidence of this operational coordination being executed by two separate operating groups within a single operation.

Why the understanding of the 9/11 operation as one of “controlled demolition” and “remote-controlled aircraft” is being so fiercely fought by the perpetrators through their media whores is because it completely takes down the False Flag Element (FFE) of the entire operation. The flag comes right down off the pole. The “Ayraabz” didn’t “do 9/11.” There were no Arabs involved in the actual terror attacks (the “Operation”). There was, however, an elite cartel of Arabs and Muslims cooperatively involved in the creation and maintenance of the “al-Qaeda Back-Story” in order to get a piece of the global pie, and that is where Saudi and Pakistani Intelligence (ISI), the Carlyle Group, the Bin Ladin family, and the Karachi pipeline deal all come into the picture. Operationally though, what this means is that “Arab hijackers” and fake CIA/ISI-controlled terror shell-organizations like al-Qaesadilla are completely taken out of the picture. This means that someone else was financially, ideologically, and operationally behind these attacks and had worked very hard to make sure they were blamed on “al-Qaeda” and the Arab/Muslim world in general. In this five-part article we will take a look at who that might have been. We will look at those who would benefit the most from these attacks and who would have the means and opportunities to wire for demolition three New York skyscrapers without any detection whatsoever. We will look at who would have the technological means to pull off this operation with its sophisticated digitally controlled demolitions and aeronautical remote control systems. But before we look at the means and opportunities, we must initially look at the element of “Motive” in its larger historical and documentary context, for without understanding the possible motives involved, the “modus operandi,” the nature of the operation, and the criminal logic of its true participants cannot at all be properly understood.

In this article, we will finally move beyond all the bravely and expertly confirmed and detailed scientific research into the September 11, 2001 controlled demolitions of World Trade Center buildings One, Two, and Seven, and take a look at who would actually have had the political and financial Motives, the Means, and the Opportunities to wire-for-demolition three high-security, steel-framed skyscrapers in New York City. Professional, high-profile, Arab “jihadi” demolition crews working for the CIA/ISI military-intelligence asset known as “al-Qaeda” [“the (data)base”] can be completely ruled out of this operation for obvious reasons. The usual problems people have with adding or fitting this idea of pre-planned, controlled demolitions into their adopted views of 9/11 events is the admittedly difficult idea of imagining how some type of al-Qaeda demolition group was -- prior to the aerial events of 9/11 -- able to wire up three gigantic steel-frame skyscrapers and then remotely control the sequential timing of the demolitions throughout the day (~10:00 am, ~10:30 am, and ~5:30 pm). If one is to admit controlled demolition as an element in the 9/11 attacks, yet at the same time continue to maintain the view that al-Qaeda operatives were involved, then you have a story truly akin to the wildest, craziest imaginings of the type of paranoid individual people usually refer to when they use the term “conspiracy theorist.” The story then becomes -- Arab terrorists, despite proving themselves clueless, incompetent Cessna pilots, not only hijacked and expertly piloted four large commercial aircraft, hitting 75% of their targets, but also slipped through WTC security for several weeks and somehow expertly wired three World Trade Center buildings for massive demolition.

The ever-growing body of scientific and documentary evidence indicating controlled demolition as being an element of the terror plan orchestrated within the context of the 9/11 attacks is now proving to be rather difficult to further ignore, and the real conspirators behind these attacks may have to somehow creatively adopt CD into their “official story” to avoid the fate of the gallows which surely awaits the treasonous. The difficulty, of course, in admitting the presence of controlled demolition into the official paradigmatic view that 9/11 was a “surprise attack,” planned and conducted by Arab “jihadis,” falls under two problem categories, one concerning ‘Means’, the other, that of ‘Opportunity’. As will be evident, the element of controlled demolitions being employed as a part of the terror operations of 9/11 is the single most important signature element of the “inside job” characteristic of a “false flag” operation. The “NORAD stand-down” evidence is a timeline argument that can be argued endlessly, deceptively, and often subjectively using the old incompetence excuse. Controlled demolition involves the proof of hard physics and visual empiricism.

For the criminals involved in these false flag terror attacks against the people of the United States of America to maintain their official cover story, they must at all costs keep the masses of the general public from understanding the reality of those controlled demolitions that occurred in New York City on September 11, 2001. Controlled demolitions clearly indicate that 9/11 was an operation planned, executed, and covered up by high-level American “insiders” and their international military-intelligence “business” associates. In order for all these men to avoid swinging from the gallows and being pelted with bags of burning dog shit by a furious citizenry in full armed revolution, the controlled demolition theory must, by every means, be collectively ridiculed and severely derided through highly managed, compliant media personalities and corrupted, often threatened, government scientists. This is because the trail of breadcrumbs that leads through the questions pertaining to who really would have the undetected means and opportunity to wire for demolition those three World Trade Center buildings, guides the researcher into areas of secrecy and investigation, the concealment of which are of the utmost concern for those who were involved in this whole affair.

This elimination of Arab demolition crews being a part of 9/11, unfortunately, leaves us with only one other logical group of suspects or “persons of interest” -- a group who most Americans naively believe to be among those counted upon as our “friends” and “allies,” although, as this article will clearly demonstrate, September 11, 2001 was certainly not the first time we have been covertly and viciously attacked by this particular political entity in order to provoke us to attack THEIR “enemies” on their behalf.

On the evening of September 11, 2001, after he was finished making clown faces and joking around off-camera before delivering an artificially solemn speech, we were told by our newly and illegitimately elected “president” that America was attacked on that horrific Tuesday morning because a group of nineteen young, crazed, suicidal Saudi Arabians, working for an old Wahabi shaykh who lived in a cave in Afghanistan, just happened to hold a deep grudge against the freedoms possessed by Americans and Westerners in general. At that time, we were, of course, not informed by Mr. Bush that this “Muslim terror attack” would be used to legitimize an outrageously expensive, multi-trillion dollar colonial conquest of the Muslim Middle East and its natural resources; and that the primary geo-political, financial, and military beneficiary of this preemptive set of conquests would, in fact, not be the U.S., but the State of Israel, an “ally” who would, in the U.S. conquest of the Middle East, expend no lives, no money, and suffer only a minimal loss of prestige, yet reap the benefits of an oil pipeline out of Iraq to the Israeli city of Haifa.

At this point, and after that last sentence, you may begin to feel very angry with me, or fearfully apprehensive that the conclusions of six years of arduous, soul-searching research into the events of 9/11 that I will begin to present to you in this paper, seek to unfairly, and unjustly, place the blame for the 9/11 attacks on “the Jews.” I must immediately reply to you that nothing could be further from the truth. To claim that millions of innocent Jewish people are involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America is just sheer lunacy, and only a complete idiot would even contemplate making such a statement. However, to point a prima facie finger at a small, very powerful, elitist minority of fanatical, virulently racist, right-wing Israeli Zionists and their cadre of treasonous supporters working at the highest levels inside the U.S. government will, by historical and documentary evidence, be shown in this five-part article to be not as “crazy” and “irrational” as you might initially think. If I say that all the members of the Cosa Nostra are Italian or of Italian decent, does that mean that all Italians are in the Cosa Nostra, or all Italians are engaged in organized criminal activities? Please, folks, calm down...

If -- as is the case with a majority of Americans and Canadians -- one knows absolutely nothing about the history of the modern Middle East, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and is wholly unfamiliar with the doctrines, development, and geopolitical agendas of the secular ideology of “Zionism,” there is no possible way to logically and rationally understand the statement that -- Behind every Dov Zakheim-connected, System Planning Corp. remote-controlled aircraft used on 9/11 to simulate an attack by “Arab hijackers,” and behind every thermate cutter-charge and piece of dynamite used to bring down, at the free-fall speed of gravity, three gigantic, steel-framed buildings in New York City, there exists the unmistakable “modus operandi” fingerprint of those intelligence operatives who swear a fanatical allegiance to the modern, apartheid State of Israel and its near century-old geo-political Middle Eastern agenda.

To make fully understandable to the general reader the “Motives” section of my circumstantial and prima facie case of high treason and mass murder charges against such figures as Lawrence Silverstein, his World Trade Center lease partner Frank Lowy, and the former chairman of the NY-NJ Port Authority, Lewis Eisenberg, it will be necessary for the reader to first understand the historical and documentary background of a utopian, socio-political ideology known as Zionism. In the interests of fairness and justice to the innocent, it will also be necessary for the reader to understand the fundamental and diametric differences between the modern, secular, atheistic ideology of Zionism and the ancient, monotheistic religious faith of Judaism. It will also be essential for our complete comprehension of this case to be able to understand the ideological evolution of “Zionism,” from its late 19th century germination in the mind of Theodor Herzl as a plan to provide the Jewish people a utopian homeland and shelter from European anti-Semitic persecution, to its later “Jabotinskyite” development into something Dr. Albert Einstein and twenty-seven of his American Jewish colleagues in a December 2, 1948 letter to the New York Times called, the “latest manifestation of fascism.”

For the innocent, almost virginal (information-wise) Jews and non-Jews of the Western world, the information in this five-part article may come as a severe psychological, trauma-like shock, and I am truly sorry to be one of the people morally charged to reveal this to you, but as a devotee of universal divinity, truth, and justice, it is my unfortunate duty to do so at this moment in history. If you are actually a real Jew, or a real Christian, or a real Muslim, and you really care about the integrity of your people and your ancient faiths, you must help bring the psychopathic criminal minority behind the 9/11 attacks to justice. It is your moral human duty and it is your duty to this planet.

The Jews DID NOT “do 9/11”
By stating that Dr. Shyam Sunder of NIST (the National Institute for Scientific Treason) is involved in aiding and abetting the cover-up of the 9/11 crimes on behalf of the actual conspirators involved in those events, does not in any way imply that “the Indians” or “the Hindus did 9/11.” Pointing out that Donald Rumsfeld, General Richard Myers, General Ralph Eberhard, and the Busch (Bush) family are involved in these 9/11 operations in various significant ways, likewise, does that imply that “the Germans or the Christians did 9/11.” In the same way, by pointing out the operational involvement in the 9/11 Conspiracy of right-wing Zionists connected both to the Bush administration and certain sections of the Israeli government does not, by any stretch of the imagination, imply that “the Jews did 9/11.” Such a statement (“the Jews did 9/11”), of course, is ludicrous, untrue, and impossible, as those who subscribe to the racist, totalitarian political ideology of Zionism are much more philosophically closer to those who advocate the views of Nazism or Fascism than they are to people of the Jewish faith. Besides, the total global population of millions of Jews, Christians, Hindus, or Muslims could not possibly take part in an operation that involved only a treasonous, miniscule minority of psychopathic criminals.

The deliberate and illegitimate conflation of Zionism with Judaism is, of course, an emotion-based propaganda tool used by defamatory scoundrels, such as the Anti-Defamation League’s Abe Foxman, to both cover-up and somehow legitimize their theft, by force of arms, of another people’s land, and their continual genocidal crimes against the Arab world in order to maintain that theft.

If I stole your car or house at gunpoint and refused to give it back, wouldn’t you fight me for it? If I then asked you to compromise with me, giving you the back seat (or the cellar) while I drive and occupy the front seat, wouldn’t you still fight me for your property? This, in a nutshell, is the real historical situation in Palestine. The Zionist-owned, dominated, and controlled corporate media want you to think that it is a very, very complicated situation. It is not. They are simply lying to you, as they have been for many decades now. It is real estate theft accompanied by racist apartheid and genocide, pure and simple. Period. End of story. The Zionist power structure has very cleverly inculcated the notion amongst Jewish and non-Jewish people alike that if you criticize the real and historical human rights crimes of the “State of Israel,” you are an anti-Semitic racist or a self-hating Jew. Again, the real meanings of the terms ‘Semite’ and ‘anti-Semite’ are also deliberately covered over by the Zionists in order to further their colonial agenda, and to deflect and shut down all criticism, analysis, and discussion of their political maneuverings and military actions over the past eighty-eight years since the end of WWI (1919-2007). That’s right, folks, the Jews and Arabs of the Middle East have not been fighting each other for thousands of years as the historically ignorant/complicit news personalities of FOX and CNN, etc. would have you believe. In fact, it was the Muslim rulers of the Middle East who gave shelter and protection to the European Jews who were suffering from the brutal, racist pogroms of the medieval Christian Crusaders and the Catholic monarchy of Spain. Zionism only started in 1898, and didn’t really begin to get up to speed until after the signing of the Versailles Treaty in 1919, at the close of the First World War. Thus, the original utopian idea of a Jewish State, devised by Theodor Herzl in the late 19th century, had nothing to do with the later phenomenon of Hitler and Nazism, as many have been led to believe. Even the first prime minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, wrote in his memoirs, “I have already gone exhaustively into the reason for our being here, reasons that I as a pioneer of 1906 can affirm have nothing to do with the Nazis! ... Nazism and our history of martyrdom abroad do not concern our presence in Israel directly.”

Much of the original criticism of the Zionists’ philosophy and their actions did not come from the world of the Gentiles, but from orthodox Jewish rabbis, as well as from Jewish scientists and philosophers such as Albert Einstein and Martin Buber, who were both gravely concerned about the moral preservation of their religious heritage and culture as it was being co-opted by militant secularists and political extremists. Because of the concerted efforts of the educational system and corporate mass media, the general populace of Western countries does not know that there are extreme differences between Zionism and Judaism, nor does it possess any understanding of the modern history of Palestine and the Middle East, or the fact that Zionist military organizations based in Palestine, such as LeHI and Irgun offered their armed support in 1941 to Hitler against the British during WWII, and that the World Zionist Congress aided in the concentration camp deaths of many innocent Jews. In 1941, Hitler offered the World Zionist Congress the opportunity, via ransom of gold, to remove to Palestine all the Jews held in his detention camps. The World Zionist Congress interviewers, however, were only interested in importing European Jews to Palestine in order to swell the minority Jewish population there. Anyone in the camps who expressed to these interviewers their desire to go to Palestine was freed, per agreement with the German Reich, and deported to Palestine. Any Jewish concentration camp prisoners who said they would rather be deported to England or the U.S. were simply left in the camps by the Zionist interviewers to die or starve. Thus, those who know this history and its many more details understand that Zionism is the greatest enemy of Judaism and the Jewish people. The Zionist is truly a wolfowitz in sheep’s clothing and always has been. Most people do not understand that Arabs are also a Semitic people, which means, if one advocates the systematic, genocidal eradication of the Arab peoples, as Zionism does, this makes the Zionist the greatest of all anti-Semites. Abe Foxman’s ADL, for example, will decry in a loud wail any discrimination or hatred shown towards Jews, but he and his “anti-defamation” organization have no problem whatsoever with hatred towards Arabs or their systematic, genocidal extermination as a people. It is also not widely understood that the majority of Semitic peoples in the world are in fact Arabs, yet the Zionist propagandists want to take full possession and ownership of the ethnic designations of ‘Semite’ and ‘Semitic’ in order to further cover-up and carry out their program of slow-but-sure genocide against the Arab world. The immense and wide-spread ignorance of all these things on the part of the so-called “educated” Western audience, both Jew and Gentile alike, is promoted, cultivated, and nourished by design, and on purpose, by the triple powers of Zionist funded, dominated, and controlled education, mass media, and government. You have been lied to for at least a century, and post-9/11, it is high time to WAKE UP before it is too late; before the next Zionist false flag attack, which will most assuredly be blamed on the final Big Piece in their colonial “take-down” puzzle – Iran. The Zionist Neo-Con cabal whined and screamed about Iraq for a decade, and now that that job is supposedly over, they want us to take out Iran for them. The Persian empire will not fall without a fight whose passion we can never hope to match.

The Documentary Evidence of Motive and Agenda

In response to an incredulous question by someone on DIGG.com as to why in the world the Israelis and their dual-national moles and sympathizers inside the U.S. government would be involved as conspirators in the operations of 9/11, we will examine in this article, through a set of public documents, the clearly stated, and long-held, Middle Eastern geo-political agenda of the Zionist state and how an event like “9/11” would be to its advantage. Some of these major documents to be examined, documents which nakedly reveal the imperial agenda and operational models upon which the 9/11 attacks were based, are as follows:

1) “The Personal Diary of Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett” (1954-55).

2) “Operation Northwoods” – L.L. Lemnitzer (1962).

3) The 1980s and 1990s writings and speeches of Binyamin Netanyahu, the father of the “War on Terror.”

4) “A Clean Break – A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” – (twice-convicted Israeli spy) Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, David and Meyrav Wurmser, et al. (1996).

5) “Catastrophic Terrorism: Imagining the Transforming Event” – Philip Zelikow (Zionist myth-maker behind the bogus 9/11 Commission Report), Ashton B. Carter, and John M. Deutch (1998).

6) “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century” – Paul Wolfowitz, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, I. Lewis Libby (Irving Lewis Liebowitz), William Kristol, Dan Goure, Donald, Fred, and Robert Kagen, Abram Shulsky, Eliot Cohen, et al. (2000).

Israeli False Flag Terrorists: Enemies of Britain and America

In order to understand—within the context of 9/11—the sixty-year historical precedence of Israeli false-flag terror operations (i.e., operations where the goal is to frame Arabs for the attack) launched against Great Britain and America, we will examine in the third and fourth parts of this five part paper a series of terror events engineered by Israeli paramilitary, military, and intelligence organizations (such as Menachem Begin’s Irgun (IZL), Avraham Stern’s LeHI, Sayaret Matkal, Shin Bet, and Mossad). As we will see, by examining only a small sampling from the history of Israeli false flag attacks, one of their favorite tactics is to blow up buildings with people inside them, and then try to blame the operation on Palestinians or Arabs. Another favorite tactic is to either dress up as Arabs and do the job themselves, or employ Arab patsies to, for example, hijack a commercial aircraft like Air France Flight 139 in 1976, or a cruise ship, such as the Achille Lauro in 1985. Their employment of remotely controlled aircraft, however, such as in the 9/11 operation, is a relatively new variant in their modus operandi. This wholly evil and darkly ingenious method allows the perpetrators to arrest and control in mid-flight a properly, electronically outfitted commercial aircraft, and fly such an aircraft (commercial or military) into buildings on a pre-programmed target path, using a system such as Dov Zakheim’s FTS (Flight Termination System) module, which gives these high-tech terrorists the power to create the impression, or illusion, that the attacks are being carried out by fanatically devout, Muslim “suicide pilots.” The big problem, of course, with the so-called 9/11 hijackers, aside from the fact that almost a third are still alive, is that these Mossad-controlled patsies were all revealed to be cocaine-snorting, pork-eating alcoholics who loved visiting strip clubs in Florida and Las Vegas, and getting into bar fights – not exactly what you would expect from devoutly religious shahidun, or Muslim martyrs. Also, none of them possessed the skills required to even fly a paper airplane, what to speak of a huge Boeing 757 or 767. As former Mossad katsa (case officer), Victor Ostrovsky has mentioned in his book By Way of Deception, the Mossad hires Arab patsies to play these parts all the time, but it is hard to get truly devout Muslims to cooperatively work for Mossad, so they usually end up recruiting characters like Atta and his crew – the “useful idiot” crowd.

To understand the behavioural patterns and historical precedence of fanatical Israeli Zionists repeatedly using false flag terror operations against us so that we will become their proxies in the elimination of the Arabs or Persians, as in the bogus “War on Terror,” we will, in Parts Three and Four of this paper, look at the following highlights from the sequential history of Israeli-connected, false flag terror operations:

July 22, 1946 – The King David Hotel Attack:
The Irgun’s bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem where British officers were headquartered during the British Mandate period. Ninety-one people lost their lives. The bombers were caught in the act of planting the explosives, got into a shootout with the British, and as would become a familiar modus operandi, the “Arab” bombers turned out to be militant, extremist Jews.

August 1946 – The Plot Against British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin:
The terror mission to London by Yaacov Heruti of the Irgun with the goal of assassinating British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, who was not a big fan of the Zionist project to begin with, and who infuriated the Zionists by announcing that the British government had decided that the land dispute between the Jews and Arabs in Palestine should be decided by the United Nations. The assassination mission, however, was called off at the last minute by Irgun operations officer Nathan Friedman (or Nathan Yellin-Mor).

June 1949 to September 1950 -- Operation Magic Carpet:
Amongst a host of tactics, Mossad-planted explosives and bombs were used to blow up synagogues in Iraq and Yemen. These attacks were, of course, blamed on Yemeni and Iraqi Arabs, and were used to inspire the Jewish populations of Iraq and Yemen to emmigrate to Israel out of fear of further “Arab attacks.” The operation was quite successful.

July 1954 – The Lavon Affair:
Explosives and bomb attacks (some using phosphorus), directed against British and American interests in Egypt, were to be blamed on the Egyptian government and President Gamal ‘Abd al-Nasser. A thirteen-member terror cell of Israeli saboteurs, engaging in what they called “Operation Susannah,” was caught red-handed by Egyptian security personnel, and Israeli Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon was forced to resign over the revelations of official Israeli involvement. In 2005, Israel officially admitted responsibility for the attacks.

November 22, 1963 – The Kennedy Assassination:
The Meyer Lansky (Majer Suchowliński) Zionist crime syndicate was implicated, and may have been involved, in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy for his threats to shut down the Zionist-controlled Federal Reserve Bank and put a halt to Israel’s nuclear weapons program. The technology for building Israel’s 150+ “not so secret anymore” nuclear warheads was stolen from the U.S. by Israeli espionage agents.

June 9, 1967 – Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty:
A vicious aerial and naval attack on an American military ship by the Israeli Air Force and Israeli torpedo boats on the fourth day of Israel’s preemptive “Six Day War.” The attack on the U.S.S. Liberty was to have been blamed on Egypt if the Israelis had been able to fully sink the ship and kill all of its sailors. They were not able to finish their mission, and only 34 American sailors were killed and 171 others wounded by our psycho “friends” and “allies.”

June 27 to July 4, 1976 – The Entebbe Incident:
The hijacking of Air France 139 (an Airbus A300) by Israeli Shin Bet-controlled Arab and German patsies. Some one hundred passengers were held for eight days by the hijackers after they landed the hijacked flight at Entebbe International Airport in General Idi Amin’s Uganda. Shin Bet’s connection to this hijacking is detailed in newly declassified British government documents, as reported in the June 3, 2007 edition of the Jerusalem Post.

October 23, 1983 - The Truck-bombing of the U.S. Marine Barracks in Beirut
This loss of 141 U.S. service personnel in Beirut was, according to former Mossad katsa Victor Ostrovsky, a Mossad LIHOP operation to drive U.S. peacekeeping forces out of Lebanon so that Israel’s war crimes against the Lebanese could continue, un-witnessed by the world, and especially by the Americans.

February to April 1986 -- Operation Trojan:
As told by former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky, this was an operation involving the February 1986 installation in Tripoli of a Mossad-controlled transmitter (“the Trojan”). This transmitter was used to send out interceptable, fake Libyan intelligence communications in order to trick Ronald Reagan into bombing Libya. The April 5, 1986 bombing of a West Berlin dance club called La Belle, a popular nightspot frequented by U.S. military personnel, was blamed on Libya by the Mossad, using their “Trojan” transmitter to send out fake Libyan messages about how General Qaddafi had ordered the bombing of the German nightclub. Finally, on April 14, 1986, one hundred and sixty American aircraft dropped over sixty tons of bombs on Libya. Operation Trojan, ordered by Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres, was an evil success, and clearly illustrates why the motto of the Mossad is: “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”

October 7, 1985 & July 11, 1988 – The Twin Cruise Ship Attacks:
Jordanian and French intelligence, and even PLO sources, pointed out at the time, that the Abu Nidal “Palestinian” terrorist organization, responsible for over one hundred vicious attacks during the years in which it operated, was a completely Mossad-controlled asset. Off the coast of Egypt on October 7, 1985, the attack on the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro, where Leon Klinghoffer, a 69-year-old Jewish American in a wheelchair, was murdered by throwing him overboard to drown, was the work of the Abu Nidal organization, and was designed to portray Palestinians as “terrorist animals, thugs and cut-throats.” Just over two and a half years later, on July 11, 1988, this same Mossad-directed terror group attacked the Greek cruise ship “City of Poros,” leaving nine dead and eighty wounded. This attack was seen by analysts as a move by Israel to damage the sympathetic relationship that had developed between Greece, its prime minister, Andreas Papandreou and the Palestinians. This attack damaged the Greek tourist trade and helped bring about the fall of the Papandreou government.

The October 1985 "Palestinian terrorist" hijacking of the Achille Lauro was reported to have been directly ordered and funded by the Mossad. This is detailed by former Israeli Defense Force (IDF) arms dealer Ari Ben-Menashe in his 1992 book, Profits of War: Inside the Secret U.S.-Israeli Arms Network.

February 26, 1993 – The Bombing of the World Trade Center:
Zionist-controlled, FBI-directed False Flag Attack on the WTC blamed on blind Shaykh Omar and his followers. This attack was used to set up the precedent that “Arab terrorists” had their eyes on bringing down the World Trade Center. The example of this 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, with explosives being provided by the FBI, would be used later on in 2001 to provide a fake historical targeting precedence for the “al-Qaeda-directed” 9/11 attacks. This type of operation involves the strategy of, over several years, executing a series of attacks to set up the “back-story” for a much larger attack. Each time, the attacks are to be blamed on the Arabs, so that when the “big attack” happens, it will seem logical to the public that the “Arabs did it.” In such operations, setting up “the enemy” is an integral part of the job, and such events as the filming and publicizing of CIA asset Usama bin Ladin’s 1998 fake fatwa and declaration of war against America was, likewise, strategically used to help build up and legitimize the “al-Qaeda back-story” to 9/11.

August 7, 1998 – The African Embassy Bombings:
U.S. Embassy bombings in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar as-Salaam, Tanzania executed by local Mossad operatives and blamed on CIA operative and asset, Usama bin-Ladin. More than 200 people died in these two, near simultaneous attacks. This Mossad operation was used to build up Bin Ladin’s and al-Qaeda’s mythic terrorist credentials in the public mind in order to set him and his organization up as the “logical perpetrator” of the next big “al-Qaeda attack.”

October 31, 1999 – Remote-controlled takeover and crashing of Egypt Air 990:
Blamed on one of Egypt Air’s finest pilots, who all of a sudden, out of the blue, went “suicidal” while co-piloting Egypt Air 990, a Boeing 767, over the Atlantic. On this fateful flight were thirty-three Egyptian military officers, including two Major Generals from the Army and two Brigadier Generals from the Air Force. Many investigators look at this event and see it as a possible early test run for the same Israeli-developed remote control technology that was most probably used for the 9/11 operation – the FTS system of Dov Zakheim’s System Planning Corporation.

September 11, 2001 – The Attacks Against America:
1) Usage of remote-controlled planes to simulate multiple suicide hijacks.

2) Thermate cutter charges, military-grade explosives, and radio controlled bombs placed in three World Trade Center buildings to provide the illusion that the crashing of the remote-controlled planes into the buildings was the cause of their collapse. The third building, WTC7, was an “evidence hut” and had to be destroyed for obvious reasons.

3) Anthrax attacks and murders by mail just after 9/11, made to appear to be the work of Arab Muslims, but ended up being discovered to actually be a project engineered by a former Fort Detrick employee, Dr. Lt. Col. Philip Zack, a rabid and devoutly racist Zionist.

All 9/11 events were blamed on Saudi Arabians working for a fake Islamic terror group called al-Qaeda (“The Toilet”), whose “top leaders” all individually work as contractors for the American CIA, Israeli Mossad, British MI6, or Pakistani ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence). In case you were interested to know, the full Hebrew name for Israeli Intelligence is Ha Mossad le Modiyn ve le Tafkidim Mayuhadim (“Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations”).

October 10, 2001 – The Plot to Blow up the Mexican Parliament:
Foiled terrorist bomb plot on the Mexican Parliament building, briefly mentioned for a single second by CNN, but given front-page coverage by Mexican papers such as El Diario. Two terrorists—a Mexican Jew named Salvador Gerson Sunke and a Mr. Sar ben Zui, discovered to be a Colonel with Israeli Special Forces—were caught red-handed inside the Mexican Parliament building with a machine gun, nine hand grenades, and a sizable cache of C-4 plastic explosives. The zio-terrorists were deported back to Israel with a hand slap, and given pardons by a Jewish Mexican official named Jorge Gutman.

July 7, 2005 – The London Tube and Bus Bombings:
Most probably executed by operatives working through the Israeli-owned security company which handles security for the London Underground – ICTS (International Consultants on Targeted Security), headquartered in London’s Tavistock House South. These attacks, of course, could not have been pulled off without the assistance of the British intelligence agency MI6 and moral support from former Israeli prime minister and “Father of the War on Terror,” Binyamin Netanyahu, who, as on the morning of 9/11/01 in New York, was also remarkably present in London on the morning of the 7/7/05 subway and bus bombings.

Remember a few weeks ago (August 2007), when the Israeli Director of U.S. Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, mentioned in his warning about upcoming terror attacks on America that, “the terrorists” always like to stage their attacks in the Summer? I invite you, as an interesting experiment, to go back and review the dates of the above Israeli false flag terror attacks.

Israeli or Dual-National Zionists at Every Crucial Point of Operational Influence or Control

This paper will also discuss, through a case-by-case analysis of public dossiers and government departmental org charts, many of the major and minor players, some of whom were involved in the development of the 9/11 operation over the period of nearly a decade. We will examine the operationally crucial points of influence, control, and cover-up protection that these men occupied within the operation’s structure, and the organizational influences and social connections between the major players will also be examined to understand how all of these often overlooked pieces of the 9/11 puzzle ideologically, financially, and operationally fit together.

Operationally, as a “point of control,” we will also look at the Israeli security firm and the Bush-connected security firm that handled the “security” of American Airlines, United Airlines, Boston’s Logan International Airport, Washington’s Dulles International Airport, and Newark International in New Jersey. He who handles security is one who will have the clandestine opportunity, for example, to facilitate the installation of radio remote control modules onto all the planes, or allow demolition technicians into a building at night to do their work. Thus, the security firms sit in the catbird’s seat as far as being in a position of operational control and influence.

Methods and Agents: The Operational Level
Last, but not least, we will discuss some of the hypotheses now being entertained by several demolition technicians and engineers on the nuts and bolts of the demolition operations, and the evidence which points to a wave of terror, intimidation, and espionage that was being attempted by nearly two hundred Israeli agents found to be operating in the continental U.S. before, during, and just after 9/11. The nests and cells of spies and terrorists were all deported back to Israel with a slap on the wrist and a stern warning from Michael Chertoff. The Lewis Eisenberg Port Authority-directed “wiring projects” and elevator shaft projects which were underway in the WTC towers just before 9/11 will be looked at in this paper, along with pre-9/11, Port Authority-directed shutdowns and evacuations of the World Trade Center Towers. Information concerning possible “explosive tenants” of the Twin Towers, and the New York-New Jersey activities of Mossad front-companies, such as Urban Moving Systems based in Weehawken, New Jersey, will also be further examined and revisited again.

All in all, there is a lot of information and many details to be covered in this multi-part article, which could very easily be turned into a 400-page book. This is a research project that one would certainly not want to attach the word “fun” to. It is an extremely important investigation, but it is also very saddening and gravely horrifying at the same time. As I said, “not fun.” Some people in the 9/11 Truth Movement, bless their souls, are under the impression that simply understanding that Bush and Cheney are involved in the 9/11 attacks is equivalent to taking the Matrix-movie “red pill.” But I must honestly say that an understanding of the real and deeper machinations behind 9/11, and this event’s connections to Israel, is the real “red pill” of 9/11 Truth. I am afraid that after I assemble this ten thousand piece jigsaw puzzle, at the end, it will reveal a picture showing that, with the assistance of treasonous “insiders,” America was attacked on 9/11 by operatives working on behalf of one of our “allies,” a country that we, and the rest of the world’s nations, really need to reconsider the nature of our relationships with, and this “ally,” in the 9/11-generated bogus “War on Terror,” is now using our taxpayer dollars, our international prestige, whatever may be left of it, and the lives of our soldiers to have us fight, as a proxy army on their behalf, bloody wars for the furtherance of their regional “security”/colonial agendas. We have been sold the gravest of lies by our Zionist-owned media, and we have been attacked and murdered by our own government, a government which, as Ariel Sharon pointed out, is owned and controlled by the State of Israel. The Zionists and their puppets and moles high inside the U.S government, as they continually warn us, are now planning to do this 9/11 thing again in order to get us to drop nuclear weapons on Iran for Israel. It is time for the people of the still-free world to digest all of this information, identify and understand the real culprits, the real terrorist enemy, and place all of them in Federal Prison on death row for national treason and mass murder. This is our duty to men like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, who founded a democratic and free republic in a new world. The traitors to this republic must be brought before Justice and before the American People to stand trial for their grave crimes against humanity and freedom. We must bravely stand as citizens of a dying, once free nation, and tell them – One more attack and the gloves come off for good.

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Annoymouse's picture

Great writeup! Can[t wait

Great writeup! Can[t wait for part 2.


Big_D's picture

Excellent, Dr. T.

Can't wait for the next installment.

kate of the kiosk's picture

our duty

Lazlo...what to say? Thus far, this 100% reinforces the painful conclusions to which I have arrived after 2 years of research and reading. I am with you. I hope and pray America and world thank you.

kate of the kiosk's picture


How will you, where? will you also submit to 9/11 blogger or 9/11 truth?

Lazlo Toth's picture


I hadn't really given it too much thought as of yet. I am still mentally exhausted from finally getting this introductory section together as of last night. I have a fairly strong feeling that Reprehensor over at 911B would completely freak out and never allow this to be posted over there. I renounced my membership over there anyways back during The Purge of July. I did contemplate putting this article up at Signs of the Times though. For now, this is published exclusively right here at wtcdemolition.com/blog. I will think about all these things tomorrow. Today I am resting my brain, somewhat, and my typing fingers. I am glad that this piece is at least freely available here so even a few people can read it, rather than all this information being stuck up inside my brain, not being shared with anybody. One of my old philosophy professors always used to say, "Share your information with others. Don't assume that all the important things that you may know inside your own head are also known and understood by others." Don't take your knowledge for granted either.

Thank you all for being intelligent, wise, and open-minded individuals.

kate of the kiosk's picture

brain and fingers

rest, dear heart,...not to worry. as folks are posting this elsewhere (which is cool), you may be tempted to jump into the fray right away...rest a bit. you deserve it. peace.

Annoymouse's picture

Hope you don't mind, Dr. T....

but I posted this over at the LC forum. I've been stirring up the sheep over there the past few days & couldn't resist. ;)


Lazlo Toth's picture

No problem

If we want to know the whole truth about 9/11 like we say we do, we will have to confront these issues and learn to deal with them maturely. Confronting the uncomfortable truths and crimes of history and taking down knowledge barriers and prejudice barriers is hard and not at all pleasant work.

larry horse's picture

great start!

how do you feel about me posting this at anti-neocons.com? this needs to be read by as many people as possible! how about over at murdoch's myspace as well? may we make copies and distribute in the streets? you're quite an asset, dr. lazlo toth.

gretavo's picture

just skimmed for now...

but it looks like an extraordinary document. thanks, Laz, for all the effort you've put into this. needless to say I'm honored that it made its debut here, but we all know that work of this quality is going to be shamelessly distributed by your fans. :)

I look forward to sitting down with more time to read the whole thing carefully, til then, give yourself a pat on the back--hell give yourself a full body deep tissue massage. you've earned at least that much!

gretavo's picture

what about...

the journal of 9/11 studies?

Lazlo Toth's picture

Hey Gretavo, I thought the black vans came and got you.

Nice to see you back here, and I hope you went on vacation, enjoyed the small things about life, and got your head out of all this intense stuff going on. Last night, I watched that Year-2028-end-of-humanity-apocalypse-now film “Children of Men” – whoa, purty scary and intense. People in cages and machine gun fire in the streets. Not a good date movie at all.

I am a fan of you and the crew here as much as you are of me, and I am glad that the people who visit this site are able to read my paper and have the intelligence to not turn the discussion thread into an endless series of comments about how this is “hate speech” and anti-Symmetrical, etc. I deeply honor anyone who has the courage to be open minded enough to maturely try and understand some, admittedly, highly uncomfortable truths, and be able to realistically look at what has happened to the world since the Decider Guy and his talonned masters took power in 2001. I honor anyone who can stand up and say No, who tries to stop the ignorance and brainwashing and the murdering. We may just be individual little sticks on the shore standing up and giving our middle fingers to a tidal wave, but at least we are standing up.

Publishing this four-part article in the Journal of 9/11 Studies? Even though I am trying to do a scholarly job on this project (in Parts 2-4 I will begin using Endnote references for all the details to come), the subject matter might be just a little too hot for their journal right now.

On the big Hitler Channel 9/11 hit piece running presently in a seemingly endless propaganda loop, the film editors, with clear intent, threw this Big Graphic into their little presentation -- “Jews did 9/11.” The producer of this hit piece pulled out every generic psy-op film and audio technique, every fraudulent yellow journalism editing technique in the book, to make the 9/11 truth movement look bad. They are getting desperate now, and are having to spend money and production time every year to fight the truth and make it go away.

And, yeah, Alan Watts, the Zen Buddhist scholar – very cool stuff. As far as religions go, Buddhism, I feel, has definitely got it going on a little more than all the rest. And Buddhists would immediately reply, “it’s not a religion, it’s a philosophy.” That’s right, sorry. Later...

juandelacruz's picture

Hi Lazlo, This is a superb

Hi Lazlo,

This is a superb effort. If it's not too much to ask, can you add references to this and later installments.

I have been waiting for some someone in the 911 truth blogging community to write a big picture tying in all the information known at this point.

My wait seems to be over soon.

Lazlo Toth's picture

References and such

Hi Juan,

Yes, as I just mentioned above to Gretavo, Endnote style references will be employed in parts 2-4. This first part was just a general survey of the subject matter's landscape and general introduction to some of the people, events, and documents that will be examined in much greater detail than in this introduction. The next parts of this project will be a lot easier to put together as well. Introductions are always the hardest part. Putting together a lengthy, introductory survey of a complicated subject is always harder than putting together the individual chapters, where the writer gets to finally concentrate on each individual facet of the case.

bruce1337's picture

Wow, great work Lazlo!

Hey everyone, I'm back! And in order to continue where I left: I love you, too! I've been extremely bummed out lately -- little, personal things. Or more precisely: my ex who was and remains a zombie -- still gets to me ;(

Anyway, on another note regarding the recent turbulences in the financial world: Rumour has it that "Helicopter" Ben's buying all the subprime papers for nominal value now. For one, that means the inevitable crash has been delayed, but at the same time, massive inflation's beckoning -- a way to stifle the chinese? This'll turn their 1.3 trillion dollars into worthless crap, and they will probably try to get rid of it before all is lost -- making the collapse complete.

I've heard that the Amero is already being coined and printed -- seems quite possible it'll be used before 2010 already...
happiness is either here or nowhere

casseia's picture

Oh bruce1337, we missed you so!

Actually, your absence coupled with gretavo's had just begun creeping me out, so I'm glad to see you both. As for being bummed, I think something's in the air...

gretavo's picture


you've been warned against this kind of conspiracy talk before. something in the air? crypto-chemtrail crap is what you're trying to push here.

yes we all did seem to be MIA for a while but look, we're all back and thank pluto all still alive if not really really happy!

Anyway Bruce it is so nice to see you back--as you can see, Dr. Toth has the fattened calf ready and we are all giddy with anticipation of the feast. Thanks for the econ update... if inflation is indeed about to strike, now would be a good time to borrow a lot of money and buy something durable with it. Paying back debts is so much easier when its real value is plummeting and new money is practically raining down like mana.

I'm so glad that the US was smart enough not to let the government manage its currency--can you imagine how much worse the shenanigans would be?

Lazlo Toth's picture

This is now posted at Signs of the Times

In case people are still having a hard time, for whatever mysterious reason, accessing this site, this article is now posted over at

the exact URL to the article is

And welcome back Bruce. I echo Casseia's sentiments exactly. I was thinking that Gretavo is like nowhere around and Bruce is seemingly missing. Casseia was off. I was thinking, yes, everyone should just take a little summer time off from this haunted cruise ship we are on, and G and Bruce are just out doing Summertime. I only half-joke about the Black Vans coming. We should let each other know if we are going away for a significant while, and haven't been taken off to FEMA Happyland. In Germany in the 1930s, people would just disappear in the night. These folks we are up against are fucking deadly serious. Hey what about our rights and our free speech? Yeah right. Anyways, Bruce sorry to hear about your relations going south. I am seeing a friend of mine suffer through some crazy shit like that. Don't ask, you don't want to know. Somehow try to squeeze a moment of ecstasy and wonder out of even one minute of life. Take a five minute vacation. It's a Buddhist thing.


kate of the kiosk's picture

zionist web sites???

Hi Lazlo

why do smith and hufschmid regard signs-of-the-times and rense as zionist sites? 911truth.org also? although, come to think of it, 911truth.org would never post your articles. i guess they would not want to ever be the ones to come out on the zionist connection.


it seems smith and hufschmid do not trust anyone in the truth movement. they don't want us to forget about the bollyn family. what do you think happened to them?

how much infiltration and subversion do you think is really going on?

kate of the kiosk's picture

more on this...

from rense:

i like what this Jeff Rense has to say. the difference between Torah and Talmudic judaism would be a good foundational topic for discussion...
i know you are busy, but when you have time, Lazlo

kate of the kiosk's picture

ah-ha. a letter to eric from christopher

gretavo's picture

wow, Hufschmid has definitely jumped the shark...

that statement calling for violence was over the top. i don't think there is any doubt left that Hufschmid is up to no good. thanks for sharing this Kate!

bruce1337's picture

I'm taking five minute vacations -- every five minutes or so ;)

Actually, I can't really say I wouldn't like to know -- curiosity always gets the best of me :|
happiness is either here or nowhere

bruce1337's picture

How much worse the shenanigans would be?

Well, I guess congress would approve astronomic spending, taking utmost care to divert as much of it as possible into their own pockets, whilst constantly reassuring the people it's all in their own best interest -- oh wait, that's kind of what's happening right now...

The question is not who should be the figureheads in charge, it is whether an open, honest flow of information is maintained, enabling the people to select appropriate, beneficial representation and, if need be, dispose of disappropriate representation. The crux then becomes if enough people are willing to be responsible citizens, not infantilized pawns safeguarded from thinking by themselves -- as it stands, whether there are remains a question of faith.

And if we lose that, we lose all.

*cue "Tracy Chapman - Heaven's here on Earth"*

PS: Have you seen this?
happiness is either here or nowhere

gretavo's picture

The second one reminds me of your avatar, Cass!

bruce1337's picture

That reminded me to contribute

a follow-up to the "peace is possible" entry:

happiness is either here or nowhere

kate of the kiosk's picture


how cute is that! mouse and cat!

casseia's picture

Answer: very, very cute

Now I ask you: would you see this kind of uplifting, inspirational photo essay at 911blogger? No, you would not. For this kind of quality commentary on current events, there is no substitute for WTCD.

The funny thing is that this cat looks like the adult version of my new kitten, who appeared mysteriously in the area where I had recently buried my beloved Rufus, who was 15 when he died, and who caught about half a dozen juvenile rats in the last several months of his life.

gretavo's picture

Cass, stay away from Pet Semataries...

Anyway this is adorable, and one has to hand it to the mouse (rat?) for his powers of persuasion. In fact I would love to see this series captioned so that we could know what words passed between these two "mortal enemies" that made them see the light. Not to spoil it for everyone, but what if this mouse is an informant and species-traitor and that explains his special treatment?

larry horse's picture

more links

anti-neocons (you might have to be a member to view it)

part one (too long for a single entry)
part two

Lazlo Toth's picture

Nice Job Larry Horse

The anti-neocons site is excellent, and I didn't even know you could post articles on Craigslist. I love Chicago. Well, gotta go back to working on PART TWO. Our job is never over.

Thanks again, buddy


Annoymouse's picture

Actually, you do not have to

Actually, you do not have to be a member to view posts, just to post. I'm really glad you posted Lazlo's articles elsewhere, too, because I just saw Laslo's post yesterday (I think), didn't have time to read it, read it briefly today. I then refreshed the page and, voila, Wtcdemolition.com was wiped out by some imposter website unrelated to 9/11! Now it's back, and I don't know what happened, but it freaked me out.

I suggest we think about reconvening at http://www.rys2sense.com/anti-neocons/ if this kind of thing happens again. RT, how secure/stable is your server? Who owns it?

I damn sure want copies of parts II, III, and IV!

Great job, Laslo! Kudos to you for putting it all together (if only a synopsis so far) so well. You write brilliantly.

As for me, I took time off, too. Am investigating where else to live, although it may take me a year to get there.


Annoymouse's picture

too much

Hi Lazlo,
Found your blog by way of ICH. A few first impressions about your thesis.

Arabs are not without competence and intelligence and Zionists are not mythical evil geniuses. It seems improbable to me that Arab terror is wholly the work of Zionist agencies.

Islamic radicalization is a genuine grass roots development in the Moslem world with counterparts in Christian radicalization movements in the US ( Christian Zionism ). A so-called fundamentalist awakening is happening in every major religion around the world. UBL or OBL is an authentic voice of Islamic radicalization irregardless of his involvement with the CIA et al. The embassy bombings and attack on the Cole are entirely within his competence.

The Zionist scum are opportunistic and very likely began to manipulate the Islamic terror campaign, which was and continues to be genuine. It is now difficult to distinguish between authentic terror and synthetic terror.

Israel is a US strategic base in the ME. The tail may sometimes wag the dog, but it is always a tail and the hubris of certain Zionist scumbags is purely hubris. Israel is essentially a dependent and parasitic entity. The Zionist interests in the ME coincide with the imperial interests of the US.

911 was designed to create US domestic political will for intervention in the ME. The motivation is economic in terms of the need for oil; strategic in terms of the need for forward basing for the projection of power; and also religious, expressing the archaic enmity between Islam and Christianity in the line with fundamentalist regression going on.

The over riding motivation is the desire to crush a potential emergence of Islamic power. If there were no oil in the ME, there would be no clear and present danger of "pan Arabism". Islamic radicalization means that the US could no longer depend on its traditional market access and needed to intervene militarily. The Arab Oil Embargo of '73 was a wake up call. Saddam Hussein clearly embodied the potential of a pan Arab development that could threaten free western access to oil.

The influence of Israel is based largely on religious nostalgia, the shared Bible, sympathy for the so-called holocaust victims, and other such nonsense, but without its strategic importance in the effort to suppress Arab power, Israel would not continue to exist.

Zionist cleverness is a measure of their anxiety for their continued existence and their desperation to conceal from the world their complete moral bankruptcy. They are purely opportunistic.

One skinny little man can make them shit their pants. His name is Ron Paul.


gretavo's picture

Joseph, welcome to the site!

Yours is a rather different viewpoint than mine but that's great for stimulating discussion. I have to disagree with the Chomskian view that Israel is as devoid of leverage over the US as all that. I would argue that to the extent that Israel is useful to certain elements in the US (the oil lobby, which is more internatinal than American) it is essentially like a drug dealer--it is an enabler of a sickness based on the irrational desire for a substance that we could live without. Certainly keeping America addicted to oil is good for Israel, no? And bad for the American people? So I think it's not necessary to go whole hog and say that Israel rules over America, that would be too much. I think the point is that Israel has far too much influence in getting its way and in getting away with crimes against the American people and sovereignty because of the activities of the Lobby. America's irrational support is not based on a real usefulness but on one the perception of which is manufactured through propaganda--i.e. we are made to think that Israel is good for us when it is quite bad, not just for us but for the people it affects in the ME.

Annoymouse's picture

irrational support

Very wrong Joseph. Support of Israel is very rational. Not on national level, but by interested elites. Just imagine, you are in control of a large chunk of change and you slip. Or a pogrom erupts. See Tony Rich. Your only option is a sanctuary which does not have an extradition treaty with anyone. Also, an opaque banking system. Nukes help. Of course you have to have some claim to Jewish ancestry. This can actually be bought.

Lazlo Toth's picture

Who would have the Means and the Opportunity?

Hi Joseph, and welcome

Perhaps you have misunderstood why I pointed out that the Mossad “hijacker” patsies in the 9/11 operation were incompetent pilots -- two, whose names I cannot recall off the top of my head at the moment, were referred to as “dumb” and “dumber” by their Cessna flight instructors. This item of information was presented as just one of many more facts in the case that point to the necessary usage of remotely controlled aircraft in the operation and the non-essential element of involving “hijackers.” My thesis is absolutely not -- Arabs are dumb, Jews are smart, and therefore 9/11 and all the false flag operations of modern history must have been done by Jews. Such a thesis would be totally asinine, for starters. Having spent a fair deal of time studying Islamic civilization and literature, I am well aware of the competence and intelligence of the Islamic and Arabic community. Arabic scholars, after all, were the ones to introduce Greek literature and science to Europe. So, of course, Arabs would be fully ingenious enough and competent enough to pull off an operation like 9/11. Where my questions arise regarding these events, is not in areas of intelligence or competence, or even motives, but in the areas of means and opportunities. In the area of motives, cases can definitely be made for both the Arabs and the Zionists. The implementation of Israel’s well-documented, neo-colonialist agenda for the Middle East, however, seems to me to be a much stronger motive than “angry Muslim blowback” against U.S. Mideast policy as forming one of the foundational motivating factors behind the events of 9/11.

If two Arabs were the 99-year leaseholders of the World Trade Center complex on 9/11/01 with special “terrorism clauses” written into their property insurance, and if the head of the NY/NJ Port Authority, who had authority over and access to those buildings, was also an Arab and good friends with the two Arab WTC leasees; and if most of the key positions at the White House, FBI, CIA, and especially the Pentagon, etc were either occupied by Arabs or those beholden, for whatever reasons, to the Arab Lobby, and if the security company who handled security for two out of the three airports involved in the attacks were also Arab owned, operated, and staffed companies, then you could make a serious and believable case for Usama bin Ladin and his crack squad of suicide hijackers pulling this operation off with the additional help of Khalid Shaykh Muhammed, who was able to place explosives and bombs high in the towers, as Bush himself told us at a White House press conference earlier this year. Yeah, that is why they get real nervous every time Dubya opens his mouth. Heh heh heh.

Yes, the African embassy bombings and the attack on the U.S.S. Cole are not incredibly difficult operations, and could certainly have been done by someone other than the Mossad, however, there are high level people within several intelligence agencies that have pointed out that these attacks were not done by the CIA’s fictitious organization “al-Qaeda,” but were in fact Mossad operations done by locally operating katsas in Yemen, Kenya, and Tanzania. This string of attacks obviously served as part of the larger operation and was used to build up in the public mind “al-Qaeda’s” credibility as a powerful terror organization whose members have no moral problems with attacking and killing defenseless civilians. Why was the FBI’s chief U.S.S. Cole investigator, John O’Neill, by orders out of the White House, told to drop the investigation as soon as he arrived in Yemen? He didn’t even get to take a single explosives residue sample from the ship. It is official U.S. policy -- Always protect the crimes of “country A” from being discovered.

You mention that there are militant Islamic groups and that they grow out of a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam. Yes, this is a real phenomenon, and a lot of it has its modern origins in a conscious plan devised by Zbigniew Brzezinski and the CFR back in the late 1970s to consciously whip up radical, militant Islamic fundamentalism in order to draw the Soviets into Afghanistan so that the U.S. could financially ruin the Soviet Union by making them fight a CIA funded, trained, and equipped Islamic guerilla army which had accepted the New Jihad. The men of the CFR are the real modern architects and provocateurs of “radical fundamentalism” in modern Islam. You are right when you say that UBL is a voice of Islamic radicalization. That was his job. It was part of his contract as a CIA asset. After the Soviets were driven out of Afghanistan, he simply became the front man for a fake terror organization. As members of the Carlyle group, his family is making millions off this fake “war on terror.” Have you heard the story of how Mossad helped to found Hamas as a Palestinian counterweight to the PLO? The Lebanese Hizb-allah (Party of God) are real. They formed as a normal historic reaction to violent Israeli colonialism and the nearly perennial carpet-bombing of their country by the Israeli Air Force. In the Middle East, Israel is what is known as a “bad neighbor” with a really horrible PR problem.

The brutal and genocidal occupation of Palestine by the descendents of non-Semitic, non-Palestinian, Caucasian Khazarites certainly acts as an inspiration to, and catalyst for, Palestinian or Islamic “guerilla operations,” but they all seem to fall into the success and sophistication category of homegrown terrorists on a limited budget, like those boobs up in Glasgow running their car into the lower level of the airport. All of your truly impressive acts of terror over the last quarter of a century have been state-sponsored, supported, and covered. A great many of these operations also seem to have come from the same state sponsor, and always seem to be blamed on Arabs for some reason or another, even though, most of the time, the evidence connected to these attacks never really proves any Arab involvement at all, other than reports of “Middle Eastern-looking” men being involved. In approved, politically correct, modern FBI lingo, the term “Middle Eastern in appearance” is code for “Israeli” -- like the “Middle Eastern-looking” men who have been recently spotted in the Pacific Northwest, and were reported to have been “acting suspiciously” while hanging around the ferry boats in Seattle, Washington.

You are correct in saying that the extremists in Israel have been able to convince the extremists in the U.S. -- and I include such characters as Hillary Clinton in this category – that the Middle Eastern geo-political/colonial interests of Israel are in line with U.S. energy and military interests. This is, of course, how we have been tricked into going along with the plan -- paying for it and dying for it. The Israelis, along with their Zionist occupational force within the U.S. government, flew the False “Arab” Flag on 9/11 while they attacked us once again, and now we are on the brink of national disaster and World War III. If he had substituted the word “Jews” for “global Zionist banking cartel,” it would make Mel Gibson correct with regards to all three major World Wars. In 1933, Zionist newspapers in England ran the headline, “World Jewry Declares War on Germany.” After the World Zionist Congress at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 helped screw Germany with various sanctions, loss of territory, and astronomical financial reparations, and then in 1933, declared war on Germany, accompanied by a global boycott on German exports, you can imagine that a revival of anti-Semitism in Germany didn’t just causelessly appear out of nowhere. The Zionist leaders intentionally provoked Hitler to persecute the Jewish community as a group of fifth column traitors within the German state, and it was these same Zionist leaders who had the opportunities to free their fellow Jews from Hitler’s camps, but instead decided to purposefully leave thousands behind to act as a guilt-inducing “human sacrifice” and “symbol of martyrdom” to the “National Project.” In this regard, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich once said: “The Zionists brought us to the Holocaust. It is well known that it was possible to redeem Jews from the Nazis with money, and save many hundreds of thousands of Jews in Hungary from the fire. The Zionist leaders who now sit in government prevented it!” And this is why Rabbi Moshe Leib Diskin once said: “The rabbis of the generation should gather together and issue a writ of excommunication against the Zionists and eject them from the Jewish People, and make decrees against their bread and wine, and to forbid marrying with them, just like our sages did with the Samaritans.”

Annoymouse's picture

Hi there, thank you for your

Hi there, thank you for your research on such fascinating and distressing issues. I look forward to your followup publications.

BTW, are you the same Lazlo Toth in the Wikipedia entry, or are you using him as your pseudonym?

I wish to be an informed believer - if only not to be lied to/deceived/manipulated/exploited anymore by forces/groups out to exploit/harm the innocent.

I've recently been looking over some conspiracy theory sites and a link led me to Benjamin Freedman which first brought my attention to Zionist Khazar claims. Quite shocking and disturbing if they all prove to be true. However, given that he converted to Roman Catholicism, is this propaganda by the Vatican?

The fact that the New Testament was cobbled together 350 years after the alleged events with no clear authorship despite claims to the contrary is rather disturbing, too. Yet another minus point for religion.

Your article and most comments here are certainly less sensationalist and far-fetched compared to some screwball allegations floating around in conspiracy theory sites. Are they created to muddy the waters with disinformation and to undermine legitimate claims? There exist competing claims of the Illuminati/Freemasons, the Vatican and the Zionists being the bogeyman responsible for the ills of the world. So which is/are valid?

You wrote: "Arabic scholars, after all, were the ones to introduce Greek literature and science to Europe."

I believe it's "(re-)introduce" for Greek lit.

The Arabs did collect, codify and develop scientific information, as did other advanced civilisations of their time. In fact Chinese civilization has contributed immensely to scientific knowledge (do check out Joseph Needham's work). Their contribution of "The 4 Great Inventions" of Paper, Printing, Gunpowder and the Compass is without peer and foundational to human civilisation.

Current information tells us that the breakthrough cryptographic code-breaking technique of frequency analysis can trace its roots to work done by an Arab polymath.

Such awareness leads me to believe that given a conducive environment, man is able to expand his store of knowledge for the betterment of all. Indeed, innovation was and is never the preserve of any one race/culture.

It is disturbing to find out that there exist a group that is out to mercilessly and systematically exploit and harm the innocent. It is even more alarming to hear of claims that it was coordinated and has been happening for centuries (Rothschild, et al).

How does one group maintain such levels of heartless & cynical conspiracy & exploitation over the centuries? And how are they able to indoctrinate its young to carry on their work and not be swayed by events/fashion/fads that affect other youth? Youth after all is rebellious and loves questioning & challenging the status quo by nature. So are you saying the Zionist youth are so morally bankrupt that they abide by the crimes of their elders?

If claims of Zionist instigation that led to the miseries of WWI and WWII are true, why did Hitler not reveal them as his reasons for punishing the Zionists. Had he done so, the world would've been sympathetic to his actions and not have its youth spill their blood so the guilty can profit.

And why is this information not publicly and widely disseminated? Because this is not what is in our history books, and if that claim is true, then it is vital that our young (and everyone else) be made aware.

And how do the non-Khazarite Jews feel about their tribe being exploited and vilified as a result of being hijacked by the Zionist Khazars? And what are they doing about it? Can anything be done to stop such criminals?

The revelation of the Khazar connection finally made me realise why many "Jews" look white and not true Semitic (of which the Arab stock belongs): because these Khazars were Caucasian to begin with (they can be traced to the Caucasus Mountains in Russia).

More and more, I am convinced that human behavior is tribal. When stress and shocks are exerted, all pretensions of culture and refinement goes out of the window and populations revert to their tribal instincts. This is what drove the opportunistic Japs to invade East Asia during WWII. How else can their actions be explained, since I see no need for Zionist Khazars to goad these proven barbarians to continue with their piracy, robbery, rape & pillage which they've been committing in their history. What's your opinion?

Finally, how do you see/would you like to see non-Semitic tribes from Asia, Latin America, Africa react/counteract this threat to our world? Are they aware of it? And if so, what are they doing about it? Because obviously, AFAIK, the Zionists have no historical/cultural leverage over them.

Unless of course, they have already been corrupted/co-opted/compromised by the Zionist fractional reserve scam banking system, are enthralled by financial black magic smoke & mirror voodoo like derivatives, etc, and/or held hostage by Economic Hit Men working for the cabals like the World Bank/IMF.

Your thought, please.

Jerry, the Anonymous Anarchist Annoymouse (thanks for the nice complimentary avatar)

Annoymouse's picture

"all three"?

Just for conciseness, lets note that there's no evidence that the outbreak of the First World War had anything to do with Zionism. It occurred because the Slavophiles in Russia, who had many times previously shown themselves to be against all attempts to modernize the Czarist state, maneuvered Nicholas II into launching a half-mobilization of the Russian army in support of Serbia against Austria-Hungary. Slavophilism was an ideology which attempted to pose the Russian monarchy as the defender of the general interests of the Slavic peoples. This ideology was typically used as an ideological cover for those within Czarist Russia's feudal class who were opposed to efforts at modernization such as some other officials in the Czarist government had tried promoting. When Russia began its half-mobilization this immediately left Germany's military with its Schlieffen Plan no alternative but to launch full mobilization and advance ahead to a full war on two fronts with war in the west against France being carried out initially before the later war against Russia which would follow. One needn't approve of any of the later behavior of Zionist groups in order to recognize that there is absolutely no evidence that these central triggering factors of the First World War had nothing to do with Zionism and there is no basis for saying that Zionism was behind the First World War.

Annoymouse's picture

Ron Paul?

You're not serious, are you? Ron Paul's about as legitimate as Karl Rove. What are Ron Paul's qualities and skills? How do you explain his ridiculous stance on the Middle East and the need to fight "terror" in the manner suggested by Michael Scheuer? What about his kooky denial of global climate change/warming? And how is his laissez-faire, regulation-free system of almost-no-government going to help keep our environment from utter havoc wreaked by profiteers with no care for human or ecosystem health?

Ron Paul is a joke! The only people who "shit their pants" at his name or mention are those who aren't too well connected to reality. Sure, libertarian micro-government sounds great. Sure the income tax should be repealed. But there's a lot more to running the USA than those two things. And those are the only two areas where Ron Paul has even the slightest connection to reality.


NOT Joseph, NOT "annoymouse"

Annoymouse's picture

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Ecosystem damage by profiteers is a fact.

However, Global Warming Caused by Humans is a BIG SWINDLE!

Get your facts right.

Watch the documentary online: http://en.sevenload.com/videos/ha4PoKY/The-Great-Global-Warming-Swindle

Annoymouse's picture

No, thank you. I have

No, thank you. I have scientific training as well as training in logical reasoning.

Obviously, you do not.

Believe what you want to. Just quit proselytizing with lies, okay? You have no proof, you can only parrot others. If that is your "proof," then you must step down from your pulpit and admit that your ignorance on the subject disqualifies you from advocating the position of your "experts."

Here's a clue for you, Mouse-mind --


Enjoy your humble pie. Get some whipped cream, it makes the humility taste better.

GodSend's picture

America's Last Hope!

Yeah, it's that MSM-ignored and Zionist-hated, most unlikely candidate for President who is America's 'Doctor in the House'! :)

Look where his support is coming from: the Youth vote - both, Left and Right! That's a good sign.

If elected, he will surgically remove that festering cancer of Zionism (think of the Fed and the coming Grand Depression) which has put America in a near-terminal state and on 'life-support'!

The great danger is that Ron Paul will be 'accidented' (Paul Wellstone), poisoned (Arafat), 'suicided' (many victims), murdered outright (JFK) or 'someone' will miraculously 'change his mind' about running! ;)

Those Zionists are a deceptive and murderous lot! Did anyone mention 9/11 as the latest Israeli 'false-flag' operation? - or is that 'off topic'? Everything in the universe is connected - by Zionism! - which has its roots in the "Synagogue of Satan" ;)

"We hold these truths to be self-evident...."

casseia's picture

Going at little heavy on the zionist zionist zionist here...

Especially with the "Synagogue of Satan" business.
gretavo's picture

I agree...

One thing you'll find about the anti-Zionist crowd here, Godsend, is that we are very much aware (I speak for myself but perhaps for others) that there is a perception that anti-Zionism is just a cover for actual dislike of Jews. I realize many will think this is about being politically correct but it is much more than that. When a prime tactic of Zionists is to convince Jews that they are universally hated and distrusted by non-Jews, however well-intentioned one's rhetoric it is not always clear that one of two things might be the case: 1) the speaker of the rhetoric actually DOES dislike Jews qua Jews, or 2) the speaker of the rhetoric is a Zionist agent trying to create the impression that a given community is OK with people who dislike Jews qua Jews.

That said, this is a forum dedicated to the free exchange of ideas and I intend to do my best to keep it that way. If someone thinks that Judaism itself is one big conspiracy serving Satan, and can argue so rationally without making unfounded generalizations, then by all means they should make their case. The community here will, though, reserve the right to disagree, down-vote, and otherwise make clear the difference between anti-Zionism and legitimate critiques of Judaism on th eone hand, and deliberately divisive rhetoric not conducive to constructive dialogue.

Not saying you are doing anything of the kind or that you should "wtch what you say", just warning you that there are a LOT of humanists here who see as much of a problem with Zionism as they do with opposition to it that might, in their view, sound like it is motivated by something other than a universalist concern for all humanity! :)

GodSend's picture

Anti-Zionism vs Anti-Semitism

I don't intend to get into a protracted debate about the difference. Many people have already done so. Here are some examples:

Alan Hart "Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews" (book - on the Web)

"Jews Against Zionism" (website) 

Neturei Karta True Torah Jews (website)

Here is the key point:

Real Jews worship Yahweh. They try to follow His Commandments. One of them is: "Thou shalt not kill"

Zionists worship Satan, the "god of this world", in the "Synagogue of Satan" (that's an old story but still true). They murder anyone in their way without any qualms. Deception is their trademark (Mossad).

Zionists have USURPED Judaism and deceived most of Jewry. There are only a few thousand Satan-worshiping Zionists vs millions of Jews. Many Jews oppose Zionism (even in Israel) but they are intimidated against doing so by being accused of being 'self-hating' Jews and being threatened with ostracism from the Jewish community. Many protest against Zionism despite these threats! :)

Zionists have also deceived millions of so-called 'Christians', led by ZioChristians like John Hagee, Pat Robertson and many others (CUI).

The actions of Israeli Zionists (leaders) towards Palestinians (and Rachel Corrie, et al) and in general, reflect callousness, inhumanity and deception (Dimona) - and  MANY 'false-flag' Ops against Americans (USS Liberty, 9/11, etc.) and humanity do the same.

Humanists should be defenders of human rights against all those who abuse humanity and human beings - like Palestinians! Aren't they human, too?!

Perception is NOT reality!


We hold these truths to be self-evident...." 




gretavo's picture

ok thanks for clarifying!

I had not heard that Zionists worshipped satan, excep of course that some of them certainly act like they might, but then I've met self-described satanists who say that he is in fact the real god of goodness and that somewhere sometime long ago someone "flipped" the whole thing--who knows.

Indeed, I am also of the opinion that Zionism is bad for Jews and for Judaism.  Judaism itself like any religion has its own issues and can be a good or bad influence depending on the indiidual.  Einstein believed in the Jewish notion of god but then so did Baruch Goldstein.

I think most hard core zionists are probably completely secular in the same way that so many people are who say they are christian just to please others (like Bill Clinton).

In any case thanks for clarifying--as I'm sure you're aware a lot of people want the distinction to be blurred for obvious reasons!  Whenever anyone uses the term synagogue of satan they should try to be clear about what they mean and don't mean by it, in my opinion...

GodSend's picture

Origins of "Synagogue of Satan"

Just to be clear about this, the above phrase has a biblical origin - it was used by Jesus to describe 'Jews' who were not really Yahweh-worshipping Jews but, as He said, "worship in the synagogue of Satan" - they rebelled against Yahweh and His Commandments (and, of course, also against Him and His teachings).

The similarity to today's Zionists is uncanny! They murder, torture, lie, deceive without any reservations or excuse whatsoever! People like that cannot possibly be true Jews - they are impostors but seek the protective mantle of Judaism. And then they fling 'Anti-Semitism' accusations against anyone who criticizes their diablolical schemes. Many Jews are onto their schemes and are trying to find a way to neutralize them - including in Israel and even in the Mossad! Let's hope they succeed, otherwise, they are likely to unleash a tsunami of unjustified Anti-Semitism - God forbid!


gretavo's picture


thanks for clarifying.  if Jesus said it then by all means.  kind of like saying Pat Robertson runs a "televangelical ministry of satan".  gotcha!Money mouth

GodSend's picture

Jesus and Pat

You're close about Pat - but you're 'dead wrong' about Jesus! :) How come you look so fuzzy?

PS And all that mascara makes your eyes look like holes in a skull! - is that intentional symbolism or just a bad camera? There's the hair, of course, so it can't be a skull, right? Maybe it's a toupee, though? ;)

OK, enough jokes about your avatar!

kate of the kiosk's picture

The similarity to today's

The similarity to today's Zionists is uncanny! They murder, torture, lie, deceive without any reservations or excuse whatsoever! People like that cannot possibly be true Jews - they are impostors but seek the protective mantle of Judaism

same can be said of the so-called christian murderers...be they baptist, born-again, pentacostal...... catholic mafia Wink

Annoymouse's picture

No one ever says shit about Buddha

Have you ever noticed that no one ever says anything bad about Buddhism? Why is that?

GodSend's picture


It's because they prefer to immolate themselves when you disagree with them! ;)

PS And you should never speak ill of a pile of ashes - it's not spiritually correct. ;) 


GodSend's picture

ZioChristian wolves in sheep's clothing

Right-on, kate of the kiosk! :) The world is full of wolves in sheep's clothing. Let's skin them all and make a bunch of sheepskins for the home fire! - and make wolf meat shish-kebabs out of them! Hmmmm....I wonder how wolf meat tastes?


Where did that Signature feature disappear to? I'm tired of retyping 

"We hold these truths to be self-evident..."! 

Lazlo Toth's picture

I agree with both of you Gs.

I think that with Godsend, we “have one who can see,” as the aliens appearing to be humans in John Carpenter’s “They Live” always used to say. Welcome Godsend.

Just to make historical matters even more complicated, or interesting, yesterday I was reading about something called “Hunting Season,” where Jews back in Europe formed hunting squads to go into Israel in the 1940s with the aim of trying to capture or kill major Jewish terrorist leaders belonging to the Irgun and LeHI groups, who the “hunters” believed were too extreme for the more moderate, cooperative Zionist national project they had in mind. They felt strongly that the extremists of Vladimir Jabotinsky’s “Revisionist Zionism” in their paramilitary forms of Irgun and LeHI were really, as they turned out to be, bad for any kind of international PR campaign on behalf of a future state, and they felt strongly enough about this to launch a Zionist vs. Zionist hunting trip to Palestine. It just never ends.

GodSend's picture

Killing people

Thanks, Lazlo! I'm looking forward to the rest of your analysis.

The killing and torturing and persecution of human beings is anathema to God and to all those who worship God! Violence is almost NEVER justified (except in self-defense or defense of one's family or defenseless victims - sometimes fellow-countrymen).

Those Anti-Zionist 'hunting parties' were as devilish as their victims! The end does not justify the means. The Inquisition can NEVER be justified. Persecution of ANY minority can NEVER be justified. Gitmo can NEVER be justified. We are being deceived by a bunch of evil monsters who stalk around in Zionist and 'Christian' clothing! Sorta like wolves in sheeps' clothing - trying to pull the wool over humanity's eyes. :)

We had better expose them and bring them to trial - NOW! (before they have us for lunch - no kidding!)

I'm Sirius about this - I meant serious, of course ;)

Anyone seen any interesting Crop Circles lately? I wonder what they mean and who sent them? You don't suppose they're GodSent, do you?

Check http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk for the latest about Crop Circles. 

That Rixon Stewart gets around! ;) 




casseia's picture

Here's a useful technique, I've found...

Godsend, are you a Jew or a Zionist (in what appears here to be a quasi-religious sense)?

 I ask because if you aren't, the simplest thing to do is to let people who DO identify as members of the religion sort out the problems it might have.  That is, I found Shahak's book on some of the more troubling aspects of Judaism interesting, but it just isn't my business to sort that stuff out AS A RELIGION.

 I don't believe that Zionism is a Satan-worshipping religion (it sounds rather like the Dicean/Jonesian obsession with Bohemian Grove, really) -- I don't think it's a religion AT ALL.  Anyway, if people want to get together, call themselves Zionists, and worship Satan, I say go for it.  Not my business.  But wait -- you want to create a political ideology to underpin one of the last-gasp attempts at old-style imperialism?  Well, then it IS my business.

See the difference?   



gretavo's picture

yes but

I think there's a difference between telling people they may or may not worship as they please, and criticizing it in the way everyone criticizes things like Jesus camp, or bible camp.  I mean, we ARE talking about children being taught bizarre things.  just like we can say that militant islam ain't such a good thing if it teaches people to hate the infidel...  besides, those inhabiting the "synagogue of satan" would by definition be pretending to be part of the other people's religion, so don't we owe it to each other to point out when our faith in something is misplaced? they don't HAVE to listen...

bruce1337's picture

Speaking of bizarre things:

Lazlo Toth's picture

Thanks Bruce1337

Yeah, the wierdness and insanity never ends. Although, as I will be discussing in the next part of my paper, there is a definite class consciousness within Zionism as part of its ideology, and it is clearly expressed by Herzl in "Der Judenstadt." It was also expressed by the elite, high class Zionist leadership in 1938-39 when they basically said that the poor agro-Jews of Eastern Europe, whose "blood was cheap," could just stay in the camps and play the parts of martyrs for Israel. The rabbis wanted to excommunicate the Zionists from the Jewish people. There is still a lot of anger within parts of the Jewish community about this "hidden" Zionist history of crimes against the Jewish people.

bruce1337's picture


not to forget what misery they brought afterwards. 

You're welcome, and I'm really looking forward to your next installment of piercing truth -- but please allow me, in my function as the resident Kraut, to correct your spelling: Stadt = city , Staat = state



casseia's picture

I agree within distinct limits.

Last year while working on the World Can't Wait debacle, I met an (apparently white) woman wearing a hijab and a sweatshirt that said "This is what a radical feminist Muslim looks like."  I soooo wanted her to be my friend.  We did some work together and I found out that she and her sons had recently moved back to the US and one boy was attending public highschool and was named Osama.  Bummer.  Anyway, I had recently read Irshad Manji's "The Trouble with Islam" and thought it would make great conversational material while we were flyering together.  (Manji is a Canadian lesbian feminist Muslim.)  This woman just shut me down instantly -- she was of the opinion that Manji was not qualified to say a damn thing about Islam because she was basically outside of the community.  So, agree or disagree, but when push came to shove (actually it didn't come close to push OR to shove -- it was quite polite) I was not going to tell her anything about her own religion.

gretavo's picture

to carry on the theme of bizarre religious phenomena

A couple of months ago I had a chance to catch up with some friends
from college and they filled me in on the goings on with the
interesting characters we knew/know.  One guy we knew had for
several years been going through a sex change.  The update was
given to me, and it turns out that Anna J is now a muslim, and hangs
out, in hijab, with muslim women arguing with them about what the Koran
does and does not say, in Arabic (she is a white anglo american). 
Allah only knows what will come of all of that...  :)

GodSend's picture

Sorting things out

If it were a philosophical argument about religion only and a set of beliefs and actions which did not interfere with my well-being, that of my children, America and humanity, I could stay out of the debate. The problem is that Zionism as parcticed by Israel's leaders and their American stooges (Israel Lobby - aka Neocons), DOES affect all of the above! It's a matter of freedom or enslavement, Life or Death!

Those Zionists want our blood and America's treasure and they want to enslave humanity - so it is EVERYBODY'S business - but especially the Jews' business because they are at GREAT risk of a fierce backlash of Anti-Semitism the likes of which has not been seen since WWII (sometimes referred to as the 'Holocaust').

Let people believe whatever they want to believe (religious beliefs) but when some of them (Zionists) want humanity's blood and souls, everyone had better wise up and RESIST!

I am a Follower of Jesus the Christ - just for the record. :)

What happened to the Signature feature??? 


"We hold these truths to be self-evident..." 




casseia's picture

Make a distinction between ideology and religion

Zionism is a political ideology.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.  Any blurriness about the religion/political ideology line is extremely counterproductive and works against us.  Not all Zionists are Jews; not all Jews are Zionists.  There's no need to cast the underpinning of this political ideology as religious.  They don't want blood and souls -- they want land, wealth, and political power (and racial supremacy, wherever that fits in).

gretavo's picture

what cass said

and me, i'm a true believer in Jesus the Jewish man from Galilee who
told the corrupt and evil leaders to stuff it, and paid the
price.  :)

Annoymouse's picture

You Have Put It All Together!

Hello Lazlo, what an excellent article and your further writings will be remarkable seeing you have outlined all the major terrorist events of the past and have put together all the pertinent facts concerning 9/11. The lessee of the WTC, the security company of the airports, the "five dancing israelis", that mohammed atta visited abramhoffs floating casinos, the mossad rented an apartment next to atta all lead to only one conclusion of the real perpetrators of this heinous crime.
Your expose should be a two hour special on all the networks but that will never happen for we know who controls them.
One event I learned just a few days ago was the bombing in the 70's in France of the nuclear control room being built for.......guess who? Iraq! And WE ALL KNOW who destroyed the nuclear facility at Osirak in 1981. Is it any wonder who the bombers where?
Cannot wait to read the rest, it will be spellbinding.

Annoymouse's picture


This is superb.

I saw the link at WRH

should get you lots of views

I can't wait for Part 2

Thank you for the work

bill @ pilots for 911 truth

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kate of the kiosk

Hey Bill. Isn't our Lazlo way cool? and i believe he is partly jewish. so good for him. Gotta love those pilots for 911 truth, too!

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i thought he was catholic...

and a priest... I mean, that's what it looks like in his avatar... ;)

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Hi Kate, here is the book list you requested.

You asked for a list of excellent books on the subject of Israel and Zionist terrorism, and here are a few of them that I am using in my research. I hope all is well with you and your little kiosk under the sheltering sky. Peace...

“Terror Out of Zion: Irgun Zvai Leumi, Lehi, and the Palestine Underground, 1929-1949” by J. Bowyer Bell, (Avon, 1977).

“Palestine and Israel: A Challenge to Justice” by John Quigley, professor of law at Ohio State University. Duke University Press, 1990.

“The Revolt - Memoirs of the Leader of the Irgun” by Menachem Begin, Dell Books, New York, 1978.

“Terrorism: the infantile disease of the Hebrew revolution” by Uri Avnery, self-published in 1945.

“The Iron Wall: Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir” by Lenni Brenner.

“Original Sins: Reflections on the History of Zionism and Israel” by Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, a noted Israeli scholar who teaches at Haifa University. Olive Branch Press, 1993.

“Bitter Harvest” by Sami Hadawi, a Palestinian Christian who lived through the birth of Israel. Caravan Books, 1979.

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oh man

not the best time for me to be boycotting Amazon is it....  :)

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empty nesting

thanks, laz. very considerate of you.

just took young spud to U of Rochester. it's quiet around here. working at home (med transcription - thus the frequent visits to WTCD), start teaching thursday, music...it's all good

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Thank you

Found you via the winterpatriot. Clear. Compelling. Superb piece. Lookin' forward to the next installments. Thank you.

Peace...if we can make it. annemarie

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Dr. Toth's Treatise Approaching 1700 (unique) hits!

That's like, a lot for this site! Thanks, Laz, for posting it here--you're bringing in traffic to our little redoubt of castaways. I have to say, if I'm the fat bumbling Skipper, Larry Horse is Gilligan, and Cass and Kate are Ginger and Mary Anne (they can fight over which is which, I think they're both lovely) then you are most definitely the Professor, crafting incredible devices out of palm fronds and coconuts to help free us. BigD, you can be Thurston Howell--hope that's OK! Really, though, thanks to all of you for sticking around making all the difference.

EDIT- I wanted to clarify, the post has been viewed over 3600 times, by 1700 different IP addresses. Anyone who can still post on Amazon should link to it in the comments for Walt and Mearsheimer's new book, which is riding high at around #160 in all book sales rank there!

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Nearly 4100 Hits? Are you kidding me!?

Hello Gretavo and all my castaway friends on this brave little island in the storm,

(I am posting this again, as all my comments from yesterday got deleted after the "Blackout" Whoa..)

Wow, I go away to research-land for a couple of long days and nights, come back, and the hits on this long, general introduction to the more detailed parts of my paper are approaching 4100!?

As was mentioned in this thread, the article, with links back to the homebase here at WTCD, is now also available on an excellent blog site, which Tahooey is familiar with:

Let Chris over at 911B know that he can access the article under a section of the above site called Winter Parking –

There is also a nice intro and review at –

And it appears from the above link that WTCD is now getting a reference link from the ‘outside world’ so that more readers will be sent this way. The winterpatriot dude wrote: “These links are not all on my sidebar yet, but they will be soon. Great stuff, guys! Why didn't you find me earlier??”

We are getting some traffic it seems. Pretty good for a bunch of kids in the hall whom everyone thought wouldn’t amount to much. I think WTCD is a brave, intelligent, thought-provoking, rational, “non-hate” kinda site, and while admittedly, we handle controversial subject matter, we are a contributor to the bigger conversation about 9/11 and all the rest of it, NWO, etc., etc. We are all mature, sensitive, conscious, intelligent individuals whose only agenda is the truth, and I can most definitely speak for myself here, none of us are getting paid for any of our research or writing. We do this because we are morally compelled to do so. And we are not some “anti-Zionist Brigade out to destroy the 9/11 Truth Movement.” No, that would be Eric Hufschmidt and his friends. WTCD and the few folks who hang here are pretty non-fanatical, and we try to have intelligent (and fun [see WTCD pets section]) conversations.

Yo Skipper, If “Larry Horse” is Gilligan, we will need to check if that’s even his real name. I heard he was using a pseudonym. I thought he was Mr. Horse, like he was an original native American or something. Hey, why does everyone have fake names around here? ;D
I hope Don Novello doesn’t get too mad. He’s a good guy. I hope he stands up for 9/11 Truth.

Just for fun, and we do need it, go to YouTube, input “Father Guido Sarducci,” and watch his standup routine called “The Five Minute University.”


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Hello, fellow believers (in 9/11 Truth)!

This is just a little trial post to SEE how things work in this neck of the woods.

Does anyone know if Lazlo is Hungarian?

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no, i don't think he is either the Hungarian-born geologist who attacked Michelangelo's Pietà with a hammer in 1972, or the Hungarian journalist who, along with Cardinal József Mindszenty, was convicted of treason by a kangaroo court shortly after World War II. He's probably not Father Guido Sarducci, aka Don Novello, either. My guess is that he is a college professor in Canada writing under a psuedonym.

(pssst. don't tell anyone, but my real name isn't Larry Horse)

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you mean those checks

are gonna bounce?

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Horse's mouth

Hey, Lazlo, are you a Canadian college professor who likes Hungarians and specializes in 9/11 truth? A Hungarian recently told me that Theodor Herzl was Hungarian - I thought he was Austrian. (still testing that signature feature)

"We hold these truths to be self-evident...."

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Don't mind me - I'm playing with my signature.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident...."

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Self-evident truths

While I'm verifying how the signature works, does anyone here think it is self-evident (yet) that the 'Official' 9/11 explanation is a deliberate lie and deception? It seems to me that the (circumstantial) evidence on the Web is overwhelming and therefore, that truth is self-evident (no further 'proof' is required). Of course, that the Zionists 'did it' still requires proof - although Lazlo seems to be building a good case. :) (testing the smileys - seem kinda primitive)

"We hold these truths to be self-evident...."

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hey godsend

Yeah, I think controlled demo is self-evident, meaning that the lies of the official version are self-evident. Remember what Voltaire said-"those who can be convinced of absurdities can be made to commit atrocities." or something like that.

As far as site features, I tinker every now and then with "the Drupal" but I don't think, for example, I've enabled the auto-translate feature for smileys. Drupal has a huge number of resources available as add-ons and if you're so inclined you are encouraged to look through their offerings and suggest additions which I could make. More than anything I want to tweak this site to make it as helpful and enjoyable as possible as a research/networking node on the truth circuit--and that means keeping the smart, thoughtful, and fearless people who dare to venture here happy.

As for Zionist involvement in 9/11, it's one of those things that has to be discussed and that people naturally have been delibertaely made uncomfortable discussing. Those who really want all the truth to come out, who really want this to be a peaceful and world-changing revolution of consciousness, have be at the forefront of an effort to free ourselves of that foolish consistency that characterizes the minds of little hobgoblins... or something like that.

Seriously though, the reason I sometimes seem to push the envelope (the holocaust being the prime example) is that the thing we must fear most is fear of thinking. I was literally afraid when I began studying the revisionist case for the big H, afraid that I might be seduced by some darkside or other. I found the fear unfounded as I quickly began to understand the difference between legitimate revisionism and revisionism motivated by hate. I discovered that if you are a David Duke you will be promoted in the mainstream media and however maligned your thoughts will be heard. If, however, you choose the role of a David Cole, a thoughtful and positive view of revisionism as necessary and beneficial to understanding and reconciliation, then you will be harassed--harasses either into renouncing your views for fear of your safety or harassed into turning to the dark side and expressing hatred.

The Zionists are experts at being so profoundly obnoxious and abusive that they make a lot of people with small minds into the very "anti-semites" they so desperately need a steady supply of to parade in the media. Learning to turn the other cheek in such situations (such as I recently experienced on the Amazon politics forums) is a lifelong process of maturing and indeed a personal struggle that anyone interested in living Socrates' examined life should not fear to confront. This is one of the great secrets I've learned the hard way--that to be good, to be just, and to be righteous is not a walk in the park. It is a painful process at times, as life always is, but also one that is more rewarding than the adolescent process that many people never grow out of, of seeking out pleasure and avoiding unpoleasantness as a matter of course.

Transitioning from being a child for whom the world is made to seem idyllic through no mean effort of their own to an adult who is expected to accept life's injustices with patience but ideally without a resignation to a negative feeling about it is what adolescence entails, and most people fail in no small part because of modern society's (consuming) consumer culture where they are literally trained not to be satisfied so that they will seek to acquire the material trappings and false symbols of status they are induced to crave.

Sorry for busting out the philosophical musings--I seem to be doing that lately when people leave me the opening... Welcome again, and hope we can help you find your way, and vice versa!

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The Way!

Love your avatar! :) and 'Thanks' for the Welcome!

"find your way"

You said the secret word - way at the end. ;)

When you reveal the secret desires of your heart through your mind, mouth and/or fingers (keyboarding), like you did here, it's refreshing when those desires are full of yearning for truth!

Who is the 'Way' - and the Truth and the Light and the Life?

How about "You shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free".

But I digress. ;)

By all means, let's start with the truth about 9/11 - and go from there! :)

"We hold these truths to be self-evident...."

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A call to arms! Taking it to the streets - and hearts and minds.

The RESISTANCE is starting in earnest:


"We hold these truths to be self-evident...."

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the wolfhorse rears its ugly head

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The Puzzle


As I read through Part I of your analysis, some familiar names and phrases became apparent. I thought, this Lazlo fellow must have visited my website!

You and I are on a parallel track, so far.Smile

Your track is an intellectual track, based on reason, logic and many facts.

My track is a very deep rabbit hole with many side tunnels. It is not so much based on reason, logic and many facts, as it is on spiritual knowledge and understanding of The Puzzle (a much larger Puzzle than 9/11 or Zionism).

I put my case before a large, global audience using pictures, photos and very colorful but highly condensed pieces of text. My website has been in existence for 10+ years and, in the words of Ed Sullivan, is REALLY BIG! Anyone who first comes to my site probably suspects a DOS attack is in progress! Wink You use narrative.

I look forward to reading your complete analysis to SEE just how much of the road less traveled we will travel together. Other interesting fellow-travelers are Les Visible, Chris Bollyn, David J. Meyer, Edgar J. Steele and Henry Makow - maybe Texe Marrs. There are others that pop up here and there. John Kaminski has also made some important contributions. Rixon Stewart is another.

Judging by Part I, the entire study will be a formidable and compelling piece of work! Surprised


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In a quandary

Okay, I literally have a bit of brain injury...

but I can't tell if this is a spoof... on anyone who's deemed gullible... or if it's a brilliant adoption of a comedian's character to advance an idea, much like Colbert, but different... or if it's the actual comedian...

I'm late to the 9/11 conspiracy dance because I thought it was the old, "there were no planes," thing. I only recently read the architects and engineers PowerPoint presentation... which though geeky makes points that it's hard to ignore. (unless of course you're someone on a forum where I've posted about it and chose to respond without reading it).

It's interesting to me that while I doubt a lot of what national news chooses to tell me, I stopped reading Dr. Toth to see where he was published... as if an NBC background would make the text more genuine... and that's how I found the Saturday Night Live connection. (Yes, I am so dense I'd not heard the name before, except in reference to the Pieta, which I keep remembering as the Mona Lisa...)

Your fingernails reflect your health --
Learn some warning signs --
Karen Kline

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On the Trail of the Men !!

Great work.! Finally an article that pits into words what I and many have believed for decades. My fear is that combining all this info all at once will weaken the argument for 911-Truth. What do you think?
Fight the good fight. Thanks Lazlo..

Phoenix, Az.

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Amnesty for military officers

Fantastic research. I was having a conversation with Gretavo and I think we agreed the question now becomes how do people deal with the monstrous implications of this? I think most people, even if deep down they are convinced, could not deal with the enormity of an entire government this evil. But a limited cabal of criminal psychopaths here and abroad I can wrap my mind around. That can be excised. Other countries have gone through their velvet revolutions and lived on.

It is entirely appropriate that the writer focuses on the Zionist connection by repeatedly challenging the conflation of Zionism and Judaism. I am now aware of many anti-Zionist Jews and rabbis who are vocal in insisting that Zionism is the biggest oppressor of their people. These rabbis say that their religion strictly instructs Jews not to fight "the nations" on a national level, and that this shows a lack of faith in the G-d who watches over the Chosen People. http://www.jewsagainstzionism.com/index.cfm

If more Americans were aware of the existence of these groups (entering the keywords anti-zionist jews will get you a whole page of them) then that would throw a monkey wrench in the media's equation of anti-Zionism with anti-semitic. Reading about these brave, peace-loving rabbis almost makes me want to convert to Judaism: their kind. Let's link them perhaps, with their permission?

The idea Gretavo and I were discussing, I think ( I was a little buzzed) was, in the spirit of reconciliation rather them revenge, declaring amnesty for military officers privy to details of the stand-down, the Pentagon operation, and other military-technical details. Without this they'll undoubtedly not come forward since, if the Truth Movement really got going, they would expect to be the ones scapegoated in inverse proportion to their rank. I think a broad amnesty for all but the highest criminal psychopaths would be best. How about an amnesty for congress unless directly involved? That's who really needs to open the new commission, and the whitewashed report now makes them complicit. Can the 911 Truth groups gather around a joint amnesty proposal? That might rock the truth movement landscape and soften the conspiracy theory image.

I'm in awe of the brave patriots not letting go of this, and growing by the day, seeing this makes me feel, for the first time, that our country has not lost its essential character and we will make it through this. Some of us may die if there is a last gasp lashing-out by the cabal, but that is inconsequential. What's important is that democracy will survive, and the republic, for another generation, will be innoculated against the politics of fear, ignorance, and manipulation that made this monstrous deed and the cover-up possible.

I would like to see Israel become a non-secular state in which both Jews and Arabs are welcome.

gretavo's picture

thanks, impeachment dude!

Amen to all of it.  I think the 9/11 truth movement is going quite strong and the only thing left is to fix up the joint to make it presentable to the influx of fresh faces (polite company, etc.)  This does NOT mean diluting our message or censoring ourselves.  This means moving forward with sane, rational, and realistic proposals that don't depend on waiting for movement "leaders" to tell us what needs to be done.  We have known for a long time that what needed to be done fiorst and foremost was to garner attention and raise awareness.  I think that is going pretty well.  All that attention though needs to be focused on something other than how colorful, brave, insightful, good-looking, etc. we all are--namely action.  Action at the grassroots level--networking with likeminded groups, petitioning local governments, etc.  You know, all that boring stuff that grasroots politics as opposed to activism is all about.  Out there among those who are just waking up to the reality are many talented and dedicated people who know how to get things done.  We who have been canaries in the coalmine for some time now have to dust off the grunge and grime and welcome those people with positivity and as little weirdness as we can manage.  We have quite rightly felt a bond and a sense of community with each other but we have therefore also become a little insular and now is the time to start accepting (as opposed to wishing) that we are becoming mainstream (I know I cringe at the thought myself in some ways!)

This isn't a specific call to action or anything, I just felt like expressing where I see all of our accomplishments heading.  Ultimately it's up to each one of us to determine where this goes.  Let's make it somewhere really good!  :)