Anonymous posts to be moderated

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for the time being... fear not, registered users who are not in reality Killtown will never have their comments moderated. instead of arguing about a blatant disinfo disruptor, maybe people have thoughts about where the movement goes from here?

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An experiment

I've enabled comment moderation for all registered users. If you want to see what the annoymice are saying, you should be able to figure out how... anyone is welcome to approve anonymous comments that contribute something to discussion. there are logs of who approves what so if you abuse that privilege you might be demoted! we can tweak difefrent user types so as to ensure accountability without having to forbid things totally.... thoughts?

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I like it.

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ack hold on

changed my mind.... it means you can also mess around with non anonymous comments.... i'll fix it so that there is a permissions role as I descirbed for certain users but not just any registered users since some are poeple I have no clue about, who never post

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to recap

anonymous posts require approval by me or cass.... when i have a minute later tonight i'll hook up most registered users with ability to do some moderating of anonymous posts...

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oh boy

i hope i make the cut. i'd also like to add that if harley guy and paris hilton aren't given the ability to moderate anonymous posts, this site has officially gone to hell.

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dude, no doubt!!! HAHAH!!!

dude, no doubt!!! HAHAH!!! its funny how one asshole can fuck up a board.. (not that this place is fucked up but you know)

i have high hopes for this board!!! i dont like any board where some questions are off limits and thats not the case here...

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avatars - tired of being a mouse

hey gretavo/real truther, not to go off thread, but how do i create my avatar? i mean i have a pic, but have never done before. or if i send you the pic, can you do for me? i'm new at this blog stuff. thanks for all.

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yep i can do it

if you can't... the trick is to resize the pic to no bigger than 120 pixels on each side (it started as 80 but that seemed small to me so I raised it a bit...) email the pic to rt ATTA wtcdemolition DAUGHTER com

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hope it will suffice - a norsk kiosk!

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ok here's the deal for now...

a few of yalls have been given access to the comment moderation queue (and a few other fun things)

this gives you the ability to edit people's comments too, which I'd prefer not be the case, but I think I can trust those of you I gave the permissions to control the urge to rewrite history. the point is for you all to now and then check in on the anonymous posts queue and approve any that are reasonable.

All activity is logged so please don't mess with people's comments--stick to approving or rejecting the annoymice! anyway we'll see how this goes until a better way of preserving freedom while ensuring focus and usefulness comes along. anyone who wants to help should check out Drupal's modules list and forums and see what options we have--i'll be doing that at some point but if people want to, you know, help a bit that would be cool...

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We had two of those utterly vacuous debunk comments in the anony-queue. I left them there for a while and then I trashed 'em. I think if you can't be an interesting asshole, at least, you're getting nowhere with me -- ie, you have to do better than just calling us "kooks." I'm interested in others' opinions. How much tolerance for the clueless?

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i didn't approve them but i didn't delete them

i was waiting to see what yall thought too... i say screw them unless they say something interesting, amusing, etc...

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considering what just

considering what just happened at 911blogger this is ironic.......

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911B hadn't allowed anonymous commenting AT ALL for quite sometime before they went off the censorship deep end. I allow it with moderation after a no-planer disruptor starts causing trouble and suddenly I'm a bad guy? Yeesh!

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no man, i saw what happened

no man, i saw what happened with Killtown but as an annoymouse myself i felt stung. i shouldnt have even said that though,im sorry. im in a bad mood.......

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no harm done

i think anonymous commenting is nice to have, but it's also prone to abuse, so every now and then we'll enact the moderation queue just to make the shills have to work harder (you know, checking back periodically to see if the time is ripe for their crapfests...)

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casseia sez: okay, who re-wrote my post?!?!

This is very uncool -- it was my post over in the LC boyz MySpace profiles thread.

Any editing of posts should be signed. Secondly, write your own damn post instead of pretending to be me.

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This new editing feature may not be a good idea...

I'm not sure if it is a good idea for all users to be able to edit other user's posts. Aside from intentional abuse, someone (a new user) might accidently hit edit when they menat to reply, and then accidently overwite someone's post before they realized what happened.

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hey keenan--not everyone was given the permission, just a few of you who I presume I know better than others. still, someone definitely did something, and the logs aren't quite clear, but i'm investigating--it's kind of an interesting way to see who is actually a jerk!

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Ok, interesting

On at least one occasion I accidently hit edit when I wanted to reply to someone's post, but I backed out of it as soon as I saw that the text fields contained someone's previous text and were not blank. I guess since this edit permission was only given to some of the experienced users, it would be fairly hard to accidently replace/change someone's post.

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all in a good learning experience...

we'll muddle through!

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can you tell me which comment it was specifically? someone's been up to no good it seems, which is odd because I thought I could trust everyone granted the ability to moderate (and tehrefore edit) comments. it could be that some intrepid hacker managed to assign themselves the permission that existed for the "trusted" folks... i've shut off that feature for now until we can get to the bottom of this!