Loose Change Boyz My Space Pages

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My Space is owned by Rupert Murdoch--do they know this? Anyway, their pics look really cool and they have a ton of "friends".

They are rad.

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haha, this is nt too

haha, this is nt too petty......

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i don't think it's petty

they are eminently mockable, overrated, and i don't trust them. i know they are many people's darlings, they are the "cool" of the 9/11 truth movement, and that they "woke up millions". but they are poseurs...

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making a post about their

making a post about their myspace pages isnt petty? constructive criticsm is always a good thing and something the Loose Change boys badly need but this smacks of jealousy. i know your not and you just have an ax to grind but i would save my criticism for their work and not the fact that a couple of college age kids have myspace pages. it comes off bad and hurts your legit criticism about their work.

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Deleting posts now


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HAHAHHA!!! kt, do you really

HAHAHHA!!! kt, do you really wonder why you get banned from every board you post on???? if so, youre the only one..

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no, why?

humor me.


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no??? well then maybe you

no??? well then maybe you should..

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Yes I should, so...

why don't you just tell me?


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what's the point of this thread?

Because I really don't see one, in fact I kind of find it a waste of good real estate where real 9/11 stories could be posted. I have almost as many friends as they do, so what. I'm not going to make any further judgments on these 3 until I see the FC.

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Post away.

OMG, they're all single and straight! That's the point! And Dylan is even a body-builder (type)! I can hardly contain my excitement...zzzzzzz...

So go ahead and write something else then. I have only four friends (?) on MySpace, so I'm jealous and bitter.

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whats the best viedo to show

whats the best viedo to show people that hace no clue about 911???

ive been passing out copies of LC2 and a dvd with 3 movies on it, 911 mysteries, freedom to facism and one nation under siege.. thats only because they are the best that i have to copy...

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The Third Stage

The Third Stage

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i agree

3rd stage is a great intro, 911 mysteries is also good...

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most def 'the third stage'

hello mossad. the issue nearly every other 'truth' video sidesteps. isn't it obvious at this point?

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get your avatar outta myspace, don't we respect borders around here? why don't we just build a wall?

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can't we all just get a long (avatar?)

sorry man, i'll try to make my comments longer to make more room for the avatar...

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well, see...

I happen to think that the Loose Change Boys are limited hangout shills. I realize that's not a popular position to take but it's what i think. they seem more caught up with being famous and popular than with the actual cause of 9/11 truth. I like to mock them because I think they do more than people realize to hold back the cause of truth. But hey, please feel free to use this valuable real estate to make your own contributions!

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a bit snarky dont you

a bit snarky dont you think?? :)

im just trying to get sheeple to at least understand that they have been lied to about 911.. no one has come back and said that they didnt like it at all or that it was bullshit.. im not big on the lc kids at all or alex jones for that matter... im a DRG, Kevin barrett, kevin ryan, steven jones guy myself... just to be clear...

i just watched the third stage for the 2nd time... now if i could figure out how to get it onto a dvd...

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it's been a long day... long week in fact

and yes, i snark with the best of 'em. i love a good argument, one that actually makes sense, even if I disagree with it. i like when people give as well as they get--i don't like people who only criticize and never actually make any points of their own. i'm happy that people have come here in search of free speech and i hope everyone realizes that nothing will ever seem perfect or be perfect. if enough of us can end up posting here so that there is consistently good discussion on a range of topics that would be ideal, even if it means we don't become the "new 911blogger" i prefer quality over quantity. anyway i will entertain any and all suggestions for making things work better so please feel free to share--the only contact info i'm going to be using is rt ATTA wtcdemolition DAUGHTER com so if you want to say something to me off site use that. you can also gripe to casseia who I trust 99% of the time if you'd rather not talk to me... anyway i hope we can all see this as a learning experience and a chance to move the truth forward!

RT aka gretavo aka Paris Hilton, etc.

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It's that one percent you gotta watch out for...

I can be griped at via my user name c/o yahoo.com

I gave Loose Change to my uberhip brother and his fiancee, who loathed it. That set me back about six months in getting them to look at 9/11 critically.

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Isn't that a little extreme to call them limited hangout shills?

I agree with you that "they seem more caught up with being famous and popular than with the actual cause of 9/11 truth" to some extent, but since when does that equate to being "limited hangout shills?" Why does being guilty of the former necessarily imply being guilty of the latter? If that's your only argument for why they are shills, I find that a little weak.

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well no, not the only reason

i hold the entire Alex Jones/Mark Dice/LukeRudkowski/NWO crowd to be a little too, um, mutually supportive and peer-pressuring. All seem to be playing from the same book and honestly not being all that effective. Over time I've seen their evolution (or lack thereof) their propensity for groupthink, the lack of depth to what passes for their analysis, etc as a drag on the movement. a sense of entitlement maybe? i'm not claiming to have convincing arguments (those are often in the eye of the beholder anyway) I just think they are too overrated and too happy with being that overrated to be genuine. And well, that whole crowd sure seems like something that COINTEL might produce... just my opinion, man.

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rt, so what is your take on

rt, so what is your take on the "flash", "pod" or letsroll911/phil jayhan????

from what i have seen over the years, thats where dylan came from...

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Im starting to drift

Im starting to drift away from Alex Jones alittle. I admit I listened to his show dailey and still think he is a good source of breaking news. But for someone that is an "investigative reporter" it would seem he would know more about the falacy of religion and government.


Im sure Alex and Mark have known and seen this video. Seems suspect they still preach some sort of religion in their message.


The 11th Day of Every Month

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Part I

"But for someone that is an "investigative reporter" it would seem he would know more about the falacy of religion and government."

Yea no shit right? Ironically I just got done watching www.zeitgeistmovie.com and was thinking the exact same thing.

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you guys are paid disinfo not

RT you are on gw rep and money man Gold shit list!!!! they hope this site does not go anywere!!! because they lose,,,,, good luck RT.. you are the real RT fuck the fakes