dz Purged from 911Blogger -- Night of the Long Knives Commences

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dz notes in a new blog at 911b that "effective immediately" he is no longer a team member. My impression is that he has been increasingly stressed by the demands of running the site, and I'm glad that he has made the decision to turn it over to Reprehensor rather than shutting it down or further limiting it. (For example, he had given consideration to eliminating comments.)

Amidst the appreciative farewell comments, however, we see several celebrating the idea of banning "infiltrators." For example, Victronix, a relatively new member who seems to exist for the sole purpose of condemning those who do not hew closely to the Jim Hoffman agenda as COINTELPRO, writes:

Banning is the antidote to a mentally ill and infiltrated movement.

I support any bans ever made on here and hope to see more in the future, and on all blogs and forums. Those who cannot behave with common decency on forums, who cannot treat others with the most simple respect, are not the people who we want as our leaders and companions.

We are not babysitters. We have a purpose, and it isn't nursing the rude, mentally ill and infiltrators.

When we spend our time agonizing over whether to bounce someone, they win. That's exactly where they want us to be. Just do it.

Life's a lot easier under a dictatorship -- just so long as YOU are the dictator, huh, Victronix?

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you beat me to it!

My title was going to be DZ Quits 911Blogger - To Spend More Time With Family :)

I'm guessing that his controllers weren't happy with his "good cop" routine--I'm expecting much more blatant groupthink, peer pressure, and rule by fear than ever before over there, not to mention Patsystan/LIHOP/Owl Worship 24/7...

Israel who?

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My title has more panache, doncha think?

He says that Rep will be instituting changes in the near future -- and that doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling. I mean, if we can go back to viewing more than 30 comments on a page, great. Community moderation of blogs, fine. Jon Gold given free rein to ceaselessly blog the money transfer, not so good. Oh wait, that wouldn't be a change...

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definitely more panache

and eerie too. I always thought Reprehensor was the perfect "bad cop" name. I believe it was also Reprehensor who was responsible for the first JonGold/RT smackdown--DZ told me that he was away when it happened... I have a theory that dz is a perfectly honest and nice guy who was made an offer he "couldn't refuse". I think his words are definitely calculated to prepare people for a significant change in tone there...

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take a look at the site now, Rep is worse than dz ever was.

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I don't doubt it!

I'm more and more leaning towards the belief that dz was a figurehead who founded the site and when it became popular was muscled into bringing these goons on board, including Jon Gold. Not overtly mind you, but just how thugs do it--by being oh so helpful and subtly manipulative. I think dz just decided that he wanted nothing more to do with these gangsters and figured he would get out while he could (while they let him!) That's the hypothesis I'm working with, anyway.

This isn't mere speculation either--Reprehensor was actually the first one to take action against me by issuing the "no commenting on Jon Gold's crap" rule, which dz told me Rep did while he was away. Thinking back, it looks like Reprehensor saw the opportunity and told Jon Gold to go ahead and violate the rule, which he did with help from DHS.

Thugs with a dark agenda is all that's left at 911blogger, and don't doubt that I will be warning people about that site when I do outreach in public!

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DHS is basically a

DHS is basically a johndoraimi/JOn Gold/Albanese clone. and as far as Reprehensor goes, ive never talked to the guy, ive never even interacted with him online but he always just came off as an emtpy suit or whatever. he seems to be quite the douchebag though. 911blogger was going downhill anyway, the DHS types were taking over and pushing out anyone like myself but Rep just murdered

Red Herring's picture

yes, exactly

I think blacklists are in bad taste, but IDing the shills over at 911blogger may be the only way to counter whatever damage they could do...

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Yep, and that is exactly what seems to be behind the

new restrictions - blocking the ability to identify High Profile Shills who have gained way too much influence and credibility at most of the 9/11 web sites. I used to tell people that 911Blogger was the best, most independent of all the 9/11 sites. No longer. It's sad how 911Blogger has been so poisened, and it looks like it's going to get worse very fast!

It's amazing, though, to think about the fact that Jonny Gold has probably thrown around the false "disinfo agent" accusation more than anybody - probably thousands of instances. And yet, nobody is allowed to point out why Jonny himself is the disinfo agent.

Interesting how John Albanese/Jon Gold/johndoraimi are all so easy to spot. It sure makes it easy that they all use the same name. I wonder if they share the same brain...

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911 Pravda

But I would say that Albanese is most guilty, with his "Disinformation in the Information Age" BS. So he will point out how the no-planers like Nico Haupt are out to sink the movement, he no doubt will include the childish attacks of theirs on Jon Gold, and the desired effect of course is that people say wow, I'm glad that Albanese and Gold are looking out for the good of the movement! Gosh are they stand-up guys! Anyone they don't like must be disinfo, and no one they like could possibly be. Then Arabesque will come in all hoity toity with his pseudo cerebral take (where he mostly seems to quote Fetzer to discredit Fetzer)about limited hangout (defined by him) straw man arguments (again as he sees them) and appeals to authority (except when they are valid like when the authorities on disinfo are him and Albanese...)

In most cases these guys are their own worst enemies, because they are a) not as smart as they like to pretend and b) not very likeable because of their self-glorification (the effect on people which they seem oblivious to!) This is why they had to chase out the independent thinkers who would not show proper deference--we were giving away the game!

Now they are the Union of Soviet Socialist Bloggers--all hail Chairman Reprehensor! Long live Comrade Goldoff! Just the Pravda, Ma'am!

Annoymouse's picture

Incredibly disingenuous

Incredibly disingenuous RT…

"In most cases these guys are their own worst enemies, because they are a) not as smart as they like to pretend and b) not very likeable because of their self-glorification (the effect on people which they seem oblivious to!) This is why they had to chase out the independent thinkers who would not show proper deference--we were giving away the game!"

Sounds like you are talking about yourself. I've seen you engage in more pointless garbage than anyone on 911blogger.

Uncle Fetzer's picture

i'll second that

it was RT after all who started calling me Uncle Fetzer. true, I decided it suited me and kept the name, but that doesn't excuse it. Jon Gold, on the other hand, invented the term "truther" and is friends with all the victims' families AND Sibel Edmonds. If he says Patsystan did it then by God, give me a rifle and a ticket to Islamabad--this old marine's still got some fight left in him!

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I'm not as smart as RT... damn you gave away the game!

Let's see...

proper deference? authority on disinfo...?

Sorry, but you are committing a major (sorry--couldn't resist) straw-man fallacy!

Where did I call myself an authority? Simply by writing a paper on the subject? I guess I should just shut up and let the disinfo creeps have their fun... well, believe it or not, real researchers waste their time answering this garbage, and real researchers have thanked me for saving their time. If you don't like that, well go do whatever it is that you... What is it you do again? Bitch at people who don't 100% agree with the views of the one and only "real truther"? Obsess over the latest activity of J. Gold? That seems like your hobby here. Ooops--did I give away your "game"? 9/11 "activism" at its best.

"b) not very likeable because of their self-glorification (the effect on people which they seem oblivious to!) This is why they had to chase out the independent thinkers who would not show proper deference--we were giving away the game!"

Oblivious? I guess that's why you had to set up shop here, because you got banned for your "oblivious" nature.

gretavo's picture

um, it's not about being smart or not

it's about presenting a limited analysis of a problem like disinfo in the 9/11 truth movement, e.g. by not trying to go beyond the basics of Fetzer's main points on the subject. The fact is that many people have come to understand that Jon Gold is a pretty good example of a subtle kind of disinfo where he makes no absurd claims, just does his best to make it seem that a) he is more trustworthy than he really is and b)he is convinced of things like that Larry Silverstein is not implicated in the events but Pakistan is.

You don't even acknowledge that some people believe in that kind of subtle disinfo, while having a paper published by the journal of 9/11 studies presumably to demonstrate how good your ideas are. i suppose i could submit a rebuttal to the journal but given that i would have to call out such a well regarded (giggle) member of the movement as jon gold to do so i doubt it would be worth the time since it would probably go unpublished...

arabesque's picture

Well, I suppose...

I don't agree with everything everyone says--so what. I'm not going to go claiming that I'm an authority--I welcome that people disagree with me. I'm willing to listen to contrary arguments, without belittling people for just disagreeing with me. Part of 9/11 truth is figuring it out ourselves, not through one person or source. I would never argue that position, as I disagree with a lot of people in this movement.

But the point is, why should we turn these disagreements into an issue? As a movement, are we interested in fighting among ourselves, or looking to a common cause? Debates or Justice? Everyone is open to criticism, and I include myself.

gretavo's picture

sure, and we can all make an effort to keep it civil

but when it comes to Jon Gold (and John Albanese), I don't think there's any question as to their agenda. You may disagree, but that means that I have to take issue with your analysis of disinfo, since in your view they are sincere. if you would post about other issues then I'm sure we will have the opportunity to agree on something, so I would encourage you (and anyone else who doesn't want to dwell on divisions) to try to find some ground where we might agree, and talk about that for a change. or if you prefer to only respond to people who criticize you then don't be surprised when that evokes disagreements--it's not you, it's the issue.

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I pointed it out...

Jon Gold refuses to aknowledge certain facts about the Pakistani ISI goose chase. Even after I've educated him and a few other 'truthers' that they are mis-representing facts they continue to repeat the same thing. For example, they use a certain presidential Executive Order that mentions Sheyike Saeed. I've shown them that this order refers to an entirely different man all together. But on they go pretending that I have not educated them.

gretavo's picture

yep, it's pretty infuriating

to see that kind of persistence in action. whatever though, they've made their bed and whoever lies in it is going to have to contend with Jon Gold's heavy breathing--good luck to them!

Red Herring's picture

I had nothing to do with DZ's departure!


casseia's picture

Keeping an eye on the comments, and their ratings.

Jon Gold has certainly been emboldened (not a good sign) as reflected in his resumption of the very bad habit of forbidding other people to "lie" about him (translation: express any criticism.)

Posts advocating banning are getting lots of upvotes, although it remains to be seen if the positive vote totals diminish over time, as more people come by. Frankly, I always raise an eyebrow when the LIHOP gang posts and WHAM! their posts are +8! It happens awfully fast. Just sayin'.

gretavo's picture

ostensible diversity

masking actual uniformity. Goebbels would be damn proud of the 911blogger putsch...

casseia's picture


Really very simple. The movement can continue to create division by using labels no better than others used throughout history (I'm sure you can think of some), or, the movement can mature, and realize that words that separate us, are not helpful.

We make such a big stink about Dubya being the divider and not the uniter. Why aren't we held to the same standards? Anyway, nice talking to everyone. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you on 7/4 in Philadelphia.

Posted by King Midas over at the blogger, in the midst of a series of comments where he preaches against the use of the two acronyms. My question: is this disingenuousness or cluelessness? I was really tempted to repeat for about the bazillionth time that the terms underline the CRUCIAL distinction among truthers: are you trying to use 9/11 truth to dismantle the myths of Islamofascism, scary brown people, and the war on terror or are you satisfied with merely pinning the blame on the Bush regime?

I didn't get into it over there, because I think contributing to a shitstorm in the middle of a thread in which most people are thanking dz is kinda mean.

gretavo's picture

well stated!

Iron Pyrite sticks to his talking points like a fly to shit, if you'll pardon the expression. "Unity" is code for "agreeing with me" in his lexicon. Why can't we just insist that we should be united in our common rejection of the OCT and all of its assertions that are not supported by evidence? Ah, but we're wrong! The alleged $100,000 transfer to the alleged ringleader by an alleged Pakistani allegedly ordered by the ISI chief as confirmed by one FBI agent to have allegedly taken place and verified by the intrepid Times of India reporters IS proof of the guilt of arab muslim hijackers who hate our freedoms! To suggest that it isn't, and that instead Larry Silverstein should be investigated for conspiracy to commit arson, murder, obstruction of justice, and insurance fraud is just an expression of irrational anti-semitism.

Besides, the families want to know about the contents of the PDB warning of al Qaeda plans to attack, so THAT must be our focus. And anyone who is as concerned as Goldmember about the health of the first responders MUST be right about everything he claims.

Oh, and the dancing Israelis? Since when is it a crime to DANCE? Move on, nothing to see there!

kate of the kiosk's picture

you are

a beautiful cynic!...such a way with words! thanks for emphasizing so well everything i have been thinking. now how to accomplish this sway to MIHOP-zionists-involved? how do you get jews to question not only our so-called christians in control but also our so-called jews in control? appeal to their sense of justice? to their sense of Americanism? i have yet to get this down, but it must be done. where is Lazlo Toth? didn't you start this blog with him?
where is Chris Bollen? i heard he was a no-show at court.

gretavo's picture

hey thanks

no Lazlo Toth here, alas--I don't know him other than through 911B. As to how we reach Jewish people? Show them the parallels between the Vatican and Israel, between Bush and the Neocons and Zionism (see Gilad Atzmon's great essay comparing the two..) and assure them that you will not tolerate bigotry, but that it is a two way street, and unquestioningly accepting the Islamofascist myth is very very bad.

Annoymouse's picture

I am with you my friends at the RT site

I have been cruising over here in the last few weeks, but have been working on a very important research project. What the hell is going on over at 9/11 Blogger? The Stalinists have seized the station. "We control the horizontal and the vertical." Is my long research article on who wired the World Trade Center freaking them out? If they make the research disappear over there. I hope I can publish it over here. Nice to see you all here along with Keenan's flag. I have some actism stories from the frozen north, but will share later. Hey thanks RT for setting up this island.

Dr. Lazlo Toth

gretavo's picture

glad to have you here, toth...

do please share your wiring of the towers post... but hey, i'm partial to the radio-controlled detonator theory--wiring implies det-cord which would have set off a chain reaction as a result of the plane crashes... and yeah, probably in wtc7. i wonder if they set off some preliminary bombs (the ones that Barry Jennings reported) in there to get people to leave them all alone... then after they do the deed (including the torching of the SEC files), protected from toxic dust in their emergency bunker with its air supply, the building is declared in danger of collapsing and people are shooed away so as to enable the perps to escape unseen... hmmm...

kate of the kiosk's picture

Hey there, Lazlo!!

nice to have you around. looking forward to reading your research!

Annoymouse's picture

Chris from 911blogger(RIP) here

im still looking forward to that paper Lazlo, not to sound like a pathetic stalker/fan or anything, but i actually saved your short summary of 9/11 to my favorites list after you posted it in Jon Gold's typically antagonistically titled thread "This Is Not The Controlled Demolition Movement":

Annoymouse's picture

Hey Chris,

I was just replying to Keenan and said that I anticipated Chris to be over here on the next boatload of 9/11 truth refugees. Nice to see you on the Real Truth island of free thinkers. I am trying to get my research paper together in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Only 150 more research articles and info pieces to analytically sift through. I am trying to be very thorough and scholarly. I am trying to reference everything to original sources as far as possible. That is why it is taking a while. When working on a controversial research topic like this, you want to make sure everything is totally tight.

Warm regards,


Annoymouse's picture

no doubt man, take all the

no doubt man, take all the time you need to sure that thing up so its as tight as possible. im sure unlike some people you're not afraid to name names and "connect the dots". i look forward to it.

gretavo's picture

what's the story with Bollyn?

i really have to run now but if anyone knows, please share!

larry horse's picture

i believe he fled to estonia

his wife is from there and his neighbors hadn't seen him in weeks before the no-show at court. i actually planned to attend the sentencing on june 25 but couldn't get out of work. anyway, here's the story as covered by a local paper.

Daily Herald
Arrest warrant issued after man skips sentencing

By Ashok Selvam
Posted Thursday, June 28, 2007

The day after Hoffman Estates police arrested Christopher Lee Bollyn in August, he posted his account of events on the Internet.

“I honestly believe this brutal treatment is connected to my 9/11 research,” Bollyn wrote. “I intend to seek asylum in Norway or Switzerland. I can read the writing on the wall.”

Whatever his current whereabouts, Bollyn is indeed now considered a fugitive. He was a no-show at Monday’s sentencing hearing and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. He remained at large late Wednesday.

On June 5, a jury convicted Bollyn, 50, with misdemeanor aggravated assault and resisting arrest in an August 2006 scuffle with three Hoffman Estates police officers.

He was facing up to a year in jail for the conviction.

Bollyn has written pieces alleging the government covered up a Sept. 11 conspiracy and has said the arrest was an attempt to suppress him.

Though motions were filed to appeal the verdict, Bollyn’s attorney, Paul Moreschi, said Monday he didn’t know his client’s whereabouts. Moreschi couldn’t be reached for comment Wednesday.

A man who answered the door at Bollyn’s home Wednesday — whom neighbors and police identified as Bollyn’s brother — declined comment. Neighbors said they haven’t seen Bollyn’s immediate family in weeks.

Bollyn’s wife, Helje Kaskel, is from Estonia and the family frequently traveled outside the country.

Judge Hyman Riebman said Bollyn wasn’t a flight risk when denying the prosecution’s request to revoke bond. Riebman noted after the verdict that Bollyn is a lifelong Hoffman Estates resident who attended his previous court dates.

“There’s frustration when we go through a jury trial and you think that the truth is heard … You want to see it finalized,” said Cook County prosecutor James Pontrelli.

Hoffman Estates police are treating Bollyn’s warrant the same as any other misdemeanor, Lt. Rich Russo said.

Police already have questioned the brother and are looking at “reasonable” leads. The department has no plans at this time to travel overseas in search of Bollyn.

“If we felt him as a danger to the public, we would have stepped up our efforts to apprehend him,” Russo said.

Bollyn’s views, which include Holocaust denial, led him to appear him regularly on former Ku Klux Klan leader and politician David Duke’s radio show. He also was interviewed by CNN’s Paula Zahn about 9/11 conspiracies, telling her he wasn’t an anti-Semite.

Bollyn has not updated his Web site or made any known postings on other Web sites since his conviction. However, several supporters have posted messages on his Web site backing the idea that he should seek overseas asylum.

kate of the kiosk's picture


although he was inflammatory and seemed to believe
so many are cryptoZ's (David Ray Griffin?)or Z's I learned a lot from his writings, and am appalled at his treatment. the unedited and edited version of CNN interview are quite amazing.

gretavo's picture

Reprehensor institutes comment approval system at 911B

Among the new stories there is one revealing that the fatty bin Laden tape is legitimate after all. Like, it really was a lucky break that our troops found it waiting for them in Afghanistan.

Get ready for the LIHOP onslaught, folks. This is the time for all real truthers to come to the aid of their movement. Note that this change at 911blogger is most likely an adjustment to the changing reality (reaching critical mass of public awareness) necessitating a change in tactics determined after their judicious study of the situation.

So what happens now? Well, let them try to sell their LIHOP and their Islamofascism--we change the reality on them AGAIN.

Annoymouse's picture

Fatty Bin Laden

"revealing that the fatty bin Laden tape is legitimate "

Erh, of course the tape is not a legitimate confession. But, Bin is most likely fat due to the PAL - NTSC conversion. Wasn't it about that aspect of the whole story ?

Red Herring's picture

and what about

Bruce Lawrence, the bin Laden specialist who says it's definitely not him? This is an expert--supposing you're an expert on someone and their face happens to be squeezed by an incorrect aspect ratio--would you be fooled? Whether or not this is true, there are many other problems with the whole idea that this video is in any way meaningful--it certainly doesn't exonerate Silverstein, disprove controlled demolition, or explain the missing planes in Pennsylvania and the Pentagon.

I find it interesting that the "Muckraker Report" had a hand both in promoting this story and now debunking it. Is the explanation now about the FBI not having any hard evidence linking bin Laden to the attacks also suspect? Was the FBI also fooled by the incorrect aspect ratio? Or was the FBI's evaluation of the video's significance (or lack thereof) based on something other than the identity of the person in the vid?

This is a perfect example of what utter bullshit the entire LIHOP faction of the movement is--this crap is distracting, pointless, and has nothing to do with who put explosives in the towers.

Annoymouse's picture


As i said, of course the video is not legit, nor does 'fatty-debunked' mean that it is the real bin laden!
i just wanted to point out that the 'fatty' argument is not a good one, and easily 'explainable', as it seems. So why even go there??
This has nothing to do with your lihop/mihop wars.
it just seem pretty stupid to me to still refer to the video as the 'fatty' one, as if that was the one and only reason for which it is fake and not legit....


Red Herring's picture

I didn't bring it up!

The muckraker people did! Do you know why I registered in the first place? Because I wanted to focus on the strongest evidence. Not fatty bin laden tapes, not wire transfers--not, in other words, poking little holes in the official story. All that poking is just distracting from the most compelling evidence, which is the controlled demolition of the twin towers and building 7, plus the missing planes at the Pentagon and Shanksville as a distant second.

One way that 911blogger sucks is that people are too scared to call out time wasting BS for what it is.

Keenan's picture

Well good. I'm so tired of having to wast so much of my time...

havng to respond to professional operatives like Arabesque, who's job is to just bog people down into endless circular debates and forcing people to re-argue the same things over and over again. I have to admit, I've become so frustated with the LIHOP disinfo crew and other ass-clowns on 911Blogger that I've already thought about abandoning 911Blogger altogether.

So comments have to be moderated now (by the LIHOP gang). Well, good. I can use my time more productively, and stick to more intelligent forums, like this one - thanks RT for keeping it real! Rock on!

gretavo's picture

can't keep it real without other real truthers

that's the idea!

Big_D's picture

My last post wasn't 'approved', surprise, surprise.

I wonder if the fact this happened the day before we celebrate our independence as a nation is lost on the more clueless at 911Blogger? This fact was not lost on me & smacks of the PTB rubbing our noses in another small victory. As for my last post - I merely asked 'them' to retire my account as I would have no part in anything that condoned the policing of thoughts.

Annoymouse's picture

Reprehensor just slit blogger's throat

Is someone really going to sit there and approve/disapprove each comment? That sounds like fun! Whateverthefuck...

Red Herring's picture

I'm sure they have plenty of volunteers

like Jonny Goldmember, who will happily spend hours on the approval queue protecting their "good" name...

Annoymouse's picture

---- reprehensor

fascist NWO c--- s-----

EDIT: Hey, guess what? Annoymice don't get to go all crazy with the obscenity. You need to be a registered user for that (so we know you're not just disrupting.) -- casseia

gretavo's picture

she is a cruel mistress

but a fair and wise one...

Annoymouse's picture

Reprehensor just slit blogger's throat

Is someone really going to sit there and approve/disapprove each comment? That sounds like fun! Whateverthefuck...

Annoymouse's picture

yes he did and yes they are.

yes he did and yes they are. ive already submitted about 4(mostly) non-confrontational, respectful comments today and none of them have appeared so far.

casseia's picture

Wow. For those not familiar with my sense of humor

the title of this blog was very tongue-in-cheek. (I leave the extreme cynicism to our gracious host.) But NOW that Reprehensor has declared unmoderated comments reprehensible, it seems much closer to a statement of fact. This is really depressing. Someone really had it in for the meme incubating function of comments over there. I'll be keeping as close an eye as ever on the comments, and if/when I see evidence of the double standard (about which I have so far maintained a decorous quiet) I'll be letting you know.

Keenan's picture

Yes, that was a very prophetic title,

even if you didn't mean it that way. Maybe you have a 6th sense :) BTW, I submitted a very uncontroversial comment to a new blog posting hours ago, and I don't see any comments for that blog posting yet. Yep, looks like 911b is dead, for all but shilling purposes anyway.

casseia's picture

First moderated post at 911blogger...

...submitted about 30 minutes ago. Still not up. Now *that* is going to screw that site up if nothing else does -- there will be no dialogue if posts take forever to show up, just static commentary.

My post was very polite and nonconfrontational, but did include a link to this site and a statement that I think ridding the comments of "wedge issues" is very misguided. We shall see...

larry horse's picture

911 blogger

is done. this place is where it's at.

Red Herring's picture

we'll we're defnitely more colorful


Killtown's picture

I think they should just close their comments section

it's nothing but haters gone wild over there.

inside's picture

yes it is,,, im pissed off

yes it is,,, im pissed off and bummed about it.. somebigguy was one of my first 911 truth net friend( ewwww, so was gold but me and him never got along). i havent talked sbg(911b mod) in over a year and would like to know what he thinks about all of this crap with 911b. :(

casseia's picture

Shock and Awe, blogger style

This is from John Doraemi (incidentally, people have figured out that if you just go back and edit a post, it doesn't go back into the moderation queue.)

Well this is how it ends. My last blog went into the ether. The highly relevant (using some sources right from here) discussion of disinfiormaiton in THIS movement has proven too "wedge"y for certain ears.

Quite fitting for the 4th of July, freedom of speech should just die here. My final post met a similar ethereal fate, as did two or three others. Can you say "stabbed in the back?"

Not here you can't.

No one's quite sure what you CAN say here anymore. That's the elegant beauty of authoritarian censorship: it's up to the whim of the great leader.

Drop me an email if you feel similarly disgusted with this situation. I'd like to discuss things with Arabesque, and even Real Truther (an early casualty before the mass shock and awe campaign).

This post probably doesn't have long to live either. What an awful stench rising up...

johndoraemi --at--

I wonder if Reprehensor is starting to get the impression that people really don't like this new policy. And if he cares.

Annoymouse's picture

This is the 21st century

everything's going faster -- even totalitarian takeovers!

On 911blogger, unidentified "disruptors" are now the terrorists, "wedge issues" are the gravest threat, and Reprehensor the reprehensible is now the decider -- it's the microscopic reflection of a macroscopic reality, and a true challenge for the revolutionary spirit. Will the plebes tolerate and accomodate with the decreed trade of liberty for security? Or will they become aware of their power, which is far greater than that of any institutional authority?

It remains to be seen...

All we can do is invite the independent thinkers over and shine the light of open, unrestrained discourse. 911blogger is merely a platform, an interchangeable infrastructure existing in an elusive realm of digital signals -- what matters are the people that innervate it, and they can't be silenced at will unless they so choose. Freedom is merely a click away.

Of course there are those that cave in to frustration, and the sudden transformation of 911blogger right into room 101 gives reason to, but at least now the gloves are off, and the chaff will be separated from the wheat. Who confronts fascist governments certainly shouldn't succumb to a slight administratorial modification on a server somewhere within the vast virtual oceans of the internets.


bruce1337's picture

^ that was me

Also...who is this Reprehensor guy, anyway?
happiness is either here or nowhere

inside's picture

i first saw him posting on

i first saw him posting on the randi rhodes board then he showed up at blogger maybe from following my links... if so, i sorry.. the guy has turned out to be a real douche.

inside's picture

yes, you can edit your post

yes, you can edit your post but the trick is to get one posted... i tried once and thats enough for me.. if i want "some dude" to tell me what to think ill go to church... haha

larry horse's picture

i'm so glad to see this day

i'm an asshole for a reason on 911b. i know this is just one hurdle.......pull it together

gretavo's picture

sorry--huh? my cognitive is dissonating!

why do i feel like unity is being imposed on me? johndoraemi coming at me with an olive branch is, well, unsettling and exhilirating all at once. part of me wants to say he helped make that bed... the other part of me says--maybe this is how things DO change.

i think i'm ready for therapy...

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i say, if we can this place

i say, if we can this place better than the old 911b then whats the problem?? 911b was made by some kid that had just learned the truth about 911(maybe even from gold).. its the people that made 911b what it was!!!

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for sure

but let's make sure that we move on and get down to business instead of dwelling on the past!